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Oakdale Theatre

August 22, 2004

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – You Don't Love Me
20 – Statesboro Blues
30 – Wasted Words
40 – Who's Been Talking
50 – You Don't Love Me
60 – Hot 'Lanta
70 – Old Before My Time
80 – No One To Run With
90 – Woman Across The River
100 – Set II
110 – Revival
120 – Come and Go Blues
130 – Desdemona
140 – Good Morning Little School Girl
150 – The High Cost Of Low Living
160 – Hoochie Coochie Man
170 – Dreams
180 – Instrumental Illness
190 – Encore
200 – Southbound
210 – with Yon Rico Scott, drums

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09/06/2004 bedrock

you walked out of an Allman Brothers show?
I’ve been going to see the band since 1972, & sometimes Gregg was passed out at the organ for most of the show,,,,still stayed for the whole thing,
maybe you are more “over 50” than you realize? you certainly have the grumpy old fart part down,

sorry you had such a bad time, better to stay home, & watch the “wheel” 🙂

08/30/2004 billybarool

The setlist posted is wrong.

No One To Run With closed the 1st set, NOT Woman Across The River

08/27/2004 bluechipnj

amen to all you said,bro….peace

08/24/2004 chromecity

I have to agree that the sound was pretty awful. I’ve been to about 20 Oakdale shows, and this was one of the quietest. As soon as Warren changed over in the first set from his Les Paul to that red Gibson ES335, we pretty much stopped hearing him from where I was sitting (left of center, 10th row, lower orchestra). Warren’s vocals could have used more volume as well as Gregg’s. The only thing that was way too loud was the bass. I suppose I should rephrase that. The only thing that was at an appropriate level was the bass. If everything else had been brought up on a par with that, we would have had some decent sound.

And I don’t think the Oakdale or Koplink is to blame. It’s just whoever was handling the sound mixing. I’ve been to plenty of jammin’ shows at the Oakdale, all put on by Koplink. I’ve seen Skynyrd, Sammy Hagar, and Dream Theater each at least twice there. CSN three times. Tull, Jackson Browne, Steve Earle, Kansas, Styx, Diana Krall, REO, Queensryche, the Dickey Betts band, and probably some others I can’t remember just now. Most had great sound, and the rockin’ ones all had fairly loud sound. Certainly louder than last Sunday night. If the Brothers are in charge of the sound (which I would imagine), then they should give the sound guy a kick in the butt. And if Warren has anything to say about it, the sound guy should get canned. Especially if there were already complaints. He made Warren sound poor, and that just don’t sit well.

08/23/2004 ozzypie

I can’t say the sound was terrible but I was in the 4th row in front of Oteil so my perspective may have been alot different than others. Despite the fact I was in front of him I think Oteil was louder than usual. Since they’ve turned his volume down in recent years and he was so smokin’ I didn’t mind one bit. Derek’s volume seemed down at times but that happens at alot of shows to be perfectly honest.Warren did make a couple of small mistakes but THIS WAS HIS 6th SHOW IN SIX NIGHTS!!!! All this negativity but not one word about all the mistakes Greg makes; how about coming in early and interupting the guitar solo in quite possibly the worst version of dreams this incarnation of the band has ever played (in stark contrast to the night before in Mansfield where Warrens slide solo was out of this world) AND the next time Greg gets The night they drove ole dixie down right will be the first!!! LOL, But seriously folks, are we not just Grateful that he still sounds so great and we still can hear him after 35 years !!?? It also wasn’t mentioned there was a half hour power failure right before the show which might have contributed to sound or lack thereof. Finally I was HAPPY to be able to sit the whole show, because at 41 I’m not getting any younger– yet I still drive from NJ to Mansfield the night before (where I stood the whole show) and after 4 hours sleep on to Oakdale the next night (and waiting after both shows for my instant live discs) then driving 3 hours back to Jersey. I was also glad to sit for two of the beacon shows this year because I stood for the other seven! If a particular show has its problems consider the fact that 3 of the guys are pushing 60 and derek and warren play more shows than anyone I know of.If nothing else I’m just always grateful to be there—none of us knows how long this will go on. I’d give my bottom dollar to see Albert King, Roy Buchanan or Stevie Ray just one more time….I’ll appreciate who’s here now while I can, Thank-you!!

08/23/2004 RichP

I too was at the show last night and set center stage, within spitting distance of the sound board and have to disagree. I thought the first set could have been a little louder but sounded fine.

I thought the second set was fantastic and the show as a whole was great.

I sat through the majority of the show myself but that doesn’t mean I didn’t appreciate the performance.

I’ll agree with you on one point though, Clear Channel does Suck!!

As for the show last night, I thought it they left it all on the stage, Instrumental Illness being the highlight for me.

08/23/2004 fjmetro

As an addendum to the previous post, I am not saying the band sucked, but that I can get better sound from my car and home stereo. I go to concerts all the time and I am over 50. My first show was Dylan in 1965. I saw the DEAD with Warren 3 times this summer. I am a lifelong CT resident. This show SUCKED!!!! I left at 10:15 P.M. The audience was dead and BORED !!! Again, please tell Jim Koplick that he has lost it in his old age. This show was an embarassment, regardless of the setlist etc. Peace.d

08/22/2004 fjmetro

This shoW SUCKED !!!! The Oakdale SUCKS !!! The sound was incredibly POOR !!! I filed an official complaint and asked for a refund and was REFUSED !!!! You know the sound is bad when 90% of the audience is SITTING through most of the show. My seats were right next to the soundboard. I have been a fan for over 30 years. I know what I am talking about. The guy at the soundboard walked away from me when I attempted to talk to him about the poor sound. The complaint manager of the venue stood with me behind the soundboard and blamed the band for the poor sound. Jim Koplick should be ashamed !!!! Clear Channel sucks!!! As much as I hate the Meadows and their Corporate greed, at least the sound is good in the Front Orchestra. I will never go to another show at the Oakdale ( and I used to be one of thier “Insider Club” suscribers). Please guys, never play there again. I mean, 90% of the audience was SITTING and BORED out of their minds!!!! Peace .x

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