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Gorge Amphi

July 3, 2004

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – I Walk On Gilded Splinters
20 – Hot 'Lanta
30 – Midnight Rider
40 – Trouble No More
50 – Woman Across The River
60 – Melissa
70 – Statesboro Blues
80 – Rocking Horse
90 – Desdemona
100 – The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
110 – Dreams
120 – Mountain Jam
130 – Whipping Post
140 – Encore
150 – Layla

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09/15/2005 BarrySmith

The sun was going down right behind the stage so when the ABB were on, the weather was scorching and the glare was incredible. In fact most of the musicians were wearing sunglasses if I recall correctly. The set was fun, especially DREAMS and WHIPPING POST but generally standard except for the opener and DIXIE DOWN where Gregg forgot the words. All in all a great set, and the Dead followed with a great set, so it was a fun show and the venue is someplace everyone should visit one day.

07/24/2004 duncan905

My crew was moving slow from the lot & I only caught Dreams onward. Glad I got what I did, but now I see the setlist…Wow!

I paid $60 at the show to receive hopefully all bands via Munck Music, but only The Dead & Hunter arrived. There was a note that ABB show would be at their discretion & a portion would be refunded if so.

Somehow, someway I must get this show. Please email: if you have any help. Thanks!
(less _nospam_at_ of course)

07/07/2004 bedrock

Gorge setlist:
I Walk On Guilded Splinters
Midnight Rider
Trouble No More
Woman Across The River
Old Before My Time
Statesboro Blues
Rockin’ Horse
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down>
One Way Out
Mountain Jam>
Whipping Post
E: Layla

07/07/2004 jakeland

I Walk on Guilded Splendors

07/06/2004 Breck

Anybody know the name of the first song the allmans did this night? was it a new one of thiers or written by somebody else? Awsome show. Closed with layla. The night they drove old dixie down was loose. Awsome wippin’ post, etc.

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