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Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

North Carolina
August 9, 2003

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – You Don't Love Me
20 – Ain't Wastin' Time No More
30 – Statesboro Blues
40 – Rocking Horse
50 – Desdemona
60 – with Karl Denson, saxophone
70 – Trouble No More
80 – Black Hearted Woman
90 – Patchwork Quilt
100 – Melissa
110 – Midnight Rider
120 – with Paul Riddle, drums
130 – Good Morning Little School Girl
140 – The High Cost Of Low Living
150 – Mountain Jam
160 – Encore
170 – Layla

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Submitted by: Rowland on: 06/02/2003

Comments from Original ABB Site

08/09/2006 Holt

Wasn’t show. But do have the IL. Sweet. MUCH better song selection than the next night in Raleigh. Playing loud now.

10/01/2003 slowhand6

Instant Live Recording- Simply Smokin’!

08/22/2003 wearly89

Karl Denson played flute, not sax, on Desdemona.

08/17/2003 bluboy

Really hoping to get a CDR of this show. I have the Raleigh show from the next night that I could trade.

08/15/2003 andypreston

Though the multi-talented Mr. Denson plays a mean saxophone it sure looked and sounded like a flute he was playing in “Desdemona.” If you change it here be sure to tell they have it as sax, too.

08/14/2003 Mike_K_Brothers_Fan

Yes, they are. Saw them open at Holmdel, NJ 8-6 and also guest with ABB on some tunes. They were awesome. I hope some taper out there at one of these shows taped them too. Anyone?

08/14/2003 Fro-Daddy

Awesome show. My man Clem and I were in High Point for the Oak Hollow Open disc golf tournament and had nothing to do Saturday night between rounds, so we hit 85 and 1 hour later we were in the lot. Scored front section seats from the friendly local scalper for $40 a pop, and what a deal it was. Some highlights for me was hearing a “Warren” Statesboro Blues, Karl Denson totally going nuts on a flute during Desdemona, Warren doing Patchwork Quilt, the awesome new arrangement of Good Morning Lil Schoolgirl, Mountain Jam is always a treat, and I finally got to hear the boys do Layla in person. I knew it was coming too, I had a feeling. And by the way, Warren is the man, as he poured it out for his home crowd in Charlotte. Gregg, Derek, Oteil, Butch, Jaimoe, and Marc sounded great as well. Thank you guys!

08/13/2003 alanwoods

Well, according to my wife, you weren’t the only drunk guy.

08/12/2003 kypeachcats

by the way, this was close to my fortieth show. I have seen them with every guitarist except duane. I have also seen buddy guy, trey, Houser, BB King, ZZ Top, and basically anybody else you can think of, and I have never been as charged to see two guys play as Derek and Warren. Then figure in the greatest B3 player of all time, a trio of drummers, and a ball of thunder on bass…. a 40 minute mountain jam (with Liz reed teases), Karl Denson, a jerry Tribute and the smokinest cover of layla in history…. WOW.

08/12/2003 kypeachcats

08/12/2003 kypeachcats

I think I might have been “the drunk guy” in that line. I hate that guy, but he sure had fun in Charlotte Saturday. Well worth the drive from Kentucky. Can anyone tell me who played the first solo on Layla. With both Derek and Warren playing gibson’s I really can’t tell, and unfortunately there is some Coors light blocking my memory of the visual.

08/11/2003 DanB

The boys kicked ass again. Derek Trucks continues to prove that he is a force. Gregg never sounded stronger. Warren is Warren. I just love Jaimoe, Butch and Marc. I don’t know man but Jaimoe is awesome. Butch is a monster. Oteil thank you for the bottom end.

08/11/2003 jetta_babe1128

Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe opened for the Allman Brothers Sat nite in Charlotte. I was late getting to the show and missed them, but they are awesome, aren’t they?

08/11/2003 michael88

The performance was nothing short of inspirational. Incredible musicians sending out music headed for the soul.
It would be great if I could buy this performance on CD. Please contact me. Thanks.

08/11/2003 alanwoods

I haven’t had the time to listen to my CD yet. That issue with Mtn. Jam is very disappointing to hear. That was an outstanding part of an outstanding show. That deal outside where you claimed the CD was really f**ked up. I bought my voucher before the show – went early so that I could find the booth, and then all those people who didn’t have vouchers were out there in line. I’m sure that they will fine tune it.

I wish I had a recording of all the shows I have seen over the last 28 years… Some good, some not so good.

08/10/2003 burton

We were at the show in Charlotte and really liked the opening act on the main stage. Can anyone tell me who that was? Thanks

08/10/2003 LexABB

Hello Peachheads,
I was at the show last night, Derek was really hitting it. The band themselves seemed to have a good night. I get one show a year and this was a good one. I also bought the Instant Live, I recommend this anyone, it is agreat SDBD recording that is flawless as far as quality. The only part I did not like about was for those there was the line was not very well thought out. As far as the CD themselves go the band played a 40 Min Mtn. Jam that is cut in half from the 2nd to 3rd disc really messing up how good it really was, but other than it was a great show

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