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July 13, 2003

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Layla
20 – Trouble No More
30 – Ain't Wastin' Time No More
40 – Firing Line
50 – Woman Across The River
60 – Melissa
70 – Black Hearted Woman
80 – Statesboro Blues
90 – Into The Mystic
100 – Stand Back
110 – Midnight Rider
120 – Desdemona
130 – Good Morning Little School Girl
140 – Every Hungry Woman
150 – Dreams
160 – Instrumental Illness
165 – Encore
170 – Whipping Post

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Submitted by: kevin doherty on: 07/15/2003

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07/16/2003 isitinu590

I was at the show, I was the kid on the front middle of the lawn with the crazy haircut, just wanted to say it was awesome, loved the bass solo, it was inspirational for me, but me and the people around me felt it wasn’t loud enough. People who had seen the Brothers previous years at the Tweeter Center said it was louder before. Overall, great show, loved Whipping Post, but it could have been louder on the lawn.

07/14/2003 peechhedduane

Last night’s show was amazing! From the second I heard that famous Layla riff that Duane wrote so many years ago to kick off teh show, I knew it was going to be a special night. The jams were tight, the singing soulful, and the vibes I got from the band never felt so good. I think the band was feeding off the audiences good vibes as well. Did anyone at the show happen to notice that beautiful, full moon that was shining overheard while the boys jammed? I thought it looked especially beautiful during “Dreams.” All in all, it was one of the best shows Boston has seen from the boys in a long time. Thanks Allman Brothers Band!

07/14/2003 mikestar

I was at the show and would love to provide B&P for a HQ CD recording. Thanks for your help.

07/13/2003 soul04

I’ve always wanted to hear Bougainvillea…

07/12/2003 SweetMel172

Living in Boston I’ll of course be going on Sunday. I’m really hoping they play Melissa. On the day I was born on the way to the hospital my parents heard that song on the radio and thus I was named Melissa. It’s been my dream to hear it live in concert, and since they didn’t play it at last summers concert in Boston I’m excited to get my second chance to hear it!

07/10/2003 JBR

Pretty pumped up. Every year I come down from Portland and look forward to an evening of jamming and sweet tunes. Any pre-partying going on let me know.

07/07/2003 fox99

should be a good show sunday, looking at the most recent setlists…july 1 looked pretty damn good. i’d love to hear in memory of liz reed, revival, and many more…

04/20/2003 scwski

I think that the allman brothers should make a trip up to NH to Meadowbrook, they did a great concert last august. they place was packed. Theres not a reason i can think of that would prevent them from coming back up here.

04/15/2003 dansoxfan

As a Boston resident, it is disappointing that the only trip to greater Boston the Brothers make this summer will be on the Sunday when many Boston area Allman Brother’s fans, including myself, will still be on our way back from GOTV.

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