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Allman Brothers Band
Morris Performing Arts Center
South Bend

July 7, 2003

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10 – Don't Want You No More
20 – It's Not My Cross To Bear
30 – Stand Back
40 – Come and Go Blues
50 – Woman Across The River
60 – Old Before My Time
70 – Statesboro Blues
80 – Hot 'Lanta
90 – The Same Thing
95 – w/Karl Denson, saxophone
100 – Trouble No More
110 – Melissa
120 – Who to Believe
130 – I've Been Lovin' You Too Long
140 – Southbound
145 – w/John Staten, drums; Chris Littlefield, trumpet; Brian Jordan, guitar (KDTU)
150 – Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
160 – Dreams
170 – In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
180 – Midnight Rider
190 – Revival

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07/11/2003 whataband

The show was GREAT! I first saw the Brothers in 1980 at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island NY, and this show was every bit as good as that one was! The band was tight, and the sound was even better. My local band has been covering ABB tunes for a number of years now, and now I am re-inspired to add some more “JAMs”!

07/11/2003 alanwoods

Difference of opinion, bro. And that’s cool.

I have just always liked C&G – from the Brothers and Sisters version to the way that Gregg does it solo.

Seems to me that I once heard
Everything is finally cured by time

Went to Bonnaroo, going to Charlotte.

07/11/2003 paulzavodnyik

You got me there. Dreams is not an instrumental. But Come and Go Blues is not one of Gregg’s better tunes. Whipping Post would have been sweet. DWYNM/Cross to Bear are ok songs but I like it when they open a show with a fury.

07/10/2003 alanwoods

I certainly don’t consider Come and Go Blues ultimately forgetable. That is a classic Gregg Allman piece. And, DWYNM/Cross to Bear is just a smokin way to open a show.

Dreams an instrumental? Was that when you were in the beer line?

07/09/2003 paulzavodnyik

This was the first time the Brothers had ever been to South Bend. The Morris Center is an great place to see a show. Very small, friendly people, easy in and out, great accoustics. However, the beer lines were too long and they don’t allow any drinks in the auditorium. So that is the deal with the venue. The show was pretty interesting. The first couple of songs were ordinary. Dont Want You No More, Not My Cross to Bear, and Come and Go Blues are nice but, ultimately forgetable songs. The show really picked up after that. Same Thing was awesome. With Karl Denson sitting in, I don’t know if they have ever done a better job. Who to Believe and Woman Across the River sizzled. Dreams and Liz Reed were nice instrumentals. Even Melissa was welcome. (I have heard this song a little too much over the years.) All in all a good show. I wish they could have played after a Notre Dame football game.

07/08/2003 RANDYGALVAN

that’s some set list!!! anyone who was there tell us how it was.

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