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Allman Brothers Band
Bonnaroo Music Festival

June 14, 2003

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Ain't Wastin' Time No More
20 – Statesboro Blues
30 – Woman Across The River
40 – No One To Run With
50 – The High Cost Of Low Living
60 – Rocking Horse
70 – Desdemona
80 – Midnight Rider
90 – Soulshine
100 – Instrumental Illness
110 – Dreams
120 – One Way Out
130 – Whipping Post
140 – Encore
150 – Layla

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07/08/2003 alanwoods

This was jus a great event all the way around. The vibe was tremendous all three days. I was on the left side down in front of the soundboard for the ABB. Just a perfect setting for the guys. I just wish they could have had the closing show that night. I went walking around in the crowd (refreshments were needed) during Dreams and it was almost an out of body experience with the people dancing, smiling, and that 3/4 groove just rolling along. Bonnaroo is a great event – and one of the best atmospheres that I have seen the ABB in 27 years of going to their shows.

06/22/2003 lfr88

How about some help getting a copy of this show? I envy all who were there! LFR88

06/19/2003 nappyearl

Anyone got a tape of the show?? It was great and Bonaroo was amazing. Would love to get the show. have trades!!!

Peace brothers and sisters!

06/19/2003 RyanBelair

Just got back from the ‘Roo and wanted to give a real quick post about the Allmans set. Working off of JNB’s setlist, and all the setlist I have seen, all have been missing Instrumental Illness.

Setlist and order (which I still don’t think is correct) from my memory is as follows:

Ain’t Wastin’ Time, Statesboro Blues, Woman Across the River, High Cost of Low Living (Didn’t think you could get chills in 90 degree weather in the intense sun but was proven wrong, thank you Derek), No One to Run With, Soulshine, Rocking Horse, Desdemona (Gregg sounded amazing all day, really sold this song to the crowd with his patient, heartful delivery), Midnight Rider, Instrumental Illness, Dreams (Derek), One Way Out, Whippin’ Post, and Layla (chills again courtesy of Mr. Trucks) for the encore.

Everyone looked great and was having a good time. Gregg sweated through 3 shirts. We were next to the soundboard and right next to the tapers and the sound was amazing. Derek was a little low in the mix but it got better as the day went on, should make for some nice sounding tapes. Gregg’s vocals were jumping through the mix and sounded perfect, he was singing his ass off! The crowd was loving it and hanging on and reacting to every note of the guitar solos. My favorite couple of moments were the crowds reaction to the beginning of Layla and right before Gregg started the piano part of the coda to Layla; you could of heard a pin drop as the crowd was waiting, with dropped jaws, for him to play the signature line , Gregg took his time and played it beautifully and perfectly! What an excellent show just as good, if not better than the one I saw in Atlanta in Sept. 02. Get the tapes you are going to need them, great setlist, performance, and crowd!