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Oak Mountain

September 21, 2002

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Leave My Blues at Home
20 – No One To Run With
30 – Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
40 – Worried Down With The Blues
50 – Firing Line
60 – Done Somebody Wrong
70 – Old Before My Time
80 – Woman Across The River
90 – Come and Go Blues
100 – You Don't Love Me
110 – with Vaylor Trucks, guitar
120 – Soulshine
130 – Hoochie Coochie Man
140 – Instrumental (untitled)
150 – Who to Believe
160 – Midnight Rider
170 – Statesboro Blues
180 – Rocking Horse
190 – Mountain Jam
200 – Encore
210 – One Way Out

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Comments from Original ABB Site

08/31/2006 Holt

Afro Blue
Joyful Noise
Rasta Man Chant
Gonna Move
Pedro in D Major

09/22/2002 Toemoss

Just got back from the show, they were outstanding. Best Allmans show I ever seen and it was the 21st. What an outstanding group of musicians, Duane is proud.

08/14/2002 pappacraigba

hey folks,i’m new to the site but not new to the brothers.i am also new though to taping.

i know that the ABB allows taping.what i wanna know is ,is there a tapers section?or do you have to hope to get seats infront of or behind the board?since i have been taping for about four months i pay alot more attention to the mics in the air.but i have never really noticed a tapers section at an ABB show.but i wasn’t looknig for them either.any help would be appreciated.

peace and good tapes,

pappacraigba in bham.

07/16/2002 Danielle

Does anyone know when the tickets for this show go on sale? They don’t show them on Ticketmaster.


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