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Salem Civic Center

September 18, 2002

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Stand Back
20 – Black Hearted Woman
30 – All Night Train
40 – Worried Down With The Blues
50 – Good Clean Fun
65 – Hot 'Lanta
70 – Soulshine
80 – Dreams
90 – Rocking Horse
100 – Statesboro Blues
110 – Come and Go Blues
120 – Firing Line
130 – Woman Across The River
140 – Instrumental (untitled)
150 – I've Been Lovin' You Too Long
160 – One Way Out
170 – Mountain Jam

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Comments from Original ABB Site

08/31/2006 Holt

Maki Madni>Kam-ma-Lay
Gonna Move
So Close So Far Away
Everything Is Everything
Pedro in D Major
Joyful Noise

With Marc Quinones on percussion for entire show!

10/29/2002 UnknownLegend

This was my first Allman Brothers concert, two days before my birthday, and to be honest, I hadn’t considered myself a fan until I went — I was convinced no live guitar playing could best the fireworks of Neil Young & Crazy Horse I witnessed in August ’96 at Virginia Beach Ampitheater (the show that started my Neil fanaticism and subsequent inspiration to learn guitar). However, as the friend I went with told me, I was about to be severely shocked. He’d seen them in Denver over the summer and from that experience, convinced me to go, for the guitar interplay, if for nothing else.

I caught Derek Trucks at my college (for free!) a couple weeks before the show, and simply from that showcase I was pumped about the concert … and after seeing his opening set, I was almost as convinced that my money was as well-spent to see him as for the entire concert.

Was I ever mistaken! As impressed as I was with the two sets’ worth of DTB I now had under my belt, the Allman Brothers’ set thoroughly bested them and blew me away. In my limited career as an Allmans’ fan, I only recognized “Soulshine” and “One Way Out” and unless my memory is tricking me, “Blue Sky” … I kept waiting for “Whipping Post” or “Jessica”, just so I’d be on familiar ground, but nevertheless I was thoroughly impressed upon the peerless musicianship of the band, and the encore of “Mountain Jam” with the drum break and Oteil’s bass talkbox tricks nearly nailed my jaw to the floor.

Despite the close quarters of my row that prevented me from fully giving my body over to the music, it was an unforgettable night, an experience stamped as just as much of a shaping experience as the Neil show in my musical life. A conversion experience, to say the least — I spent the next month downloading live shows on Furthurnet and exactly a month later bought myself a copy of THE FILLMORE CONCERTS.

09/24/2002 steelerr


09/23/2002 Fro-Daddy

The next day after the Salem show i constructed this setlist from memory, as i didn’t “keep score”, as was stated in an earlier post. Anyway here it is, and please feel free to reply ady thing i might have missed












-(new gregg song i wasnt sure of a title)









09/23/2002 reblbuddy

After Derek warmed up the crowd with his excellent opening set, I felt that this show had the potential to be a special one,and as always the Bro’s did not disappoint ! What an awesum job, thanks guys ! This band has really come together strong,and hopefully the momentum will continue to grow, until every person who wants to see,hear,& feel what real rock & roll is all about,has the chance to see at least one ABB performance. This was my fourth and final show of the summer. When the tour schedule was released I was a little disappointed to see my hometown Richmond Va didn’t make the cut,but that was no surprize because good concerts are few & far between in this city,so as usual I made plans accordingly and took a road trip to down to Charlotte,Raleigh,& Va Beach,each show was great in it’s own right,but the band really gets pumped up for Raleigh each year,and for my 10th trip there to see them,this year was one of the best. The Salem show was the first time in those past ten years that I have seen the whole band play an indoor venue,and that in itself was enough reason for me to make the 3 hour drive out there! Man I am glad I went!! This was one of the best shows I have ever seen,bar none!! Two and a half hours of the sweet sounds of Warren & Derek trading licks,Butch,Jaimoe,& Mark never missed a beat,even as Mark scrambled back to conga’s turning the kettle drums back over to Butch,nice work guys! Oteil’s solo is a great idea because many people still don’t know what a great talent he is,Berry & Alan are hard acts to follow,but he is earning everyones respect and deserves every bit of it !! Greg has never sounded better to me!! Even if he isn’t feeling 100% he can still belt out a tune in his distinctive voice that rings so pure that alot of other so called vocalist wouldn’t even be able to carry his sweat towel much less a tune!! His organ solos were crisp and blended perfectly…..all in all you would have to give this show an A+ But that is the same thing I have said about the last 50 or so shows I have seen the ABB play…another great job guys!!! Hope it was as fun for you as it was for me!!! Can’t hardly wait for next summer!!! Going to first Gov’t Mule show 10/10 should be another fun time and the hardest working man in rock&roll Warren Haynes gets better every time I hear him play…hope to see some of you other PEACH HEADS there…peace..DWT

09/23/2002 ron_e

thanks, dude. they were SO kind to this old longhair. there was a point where i was so…uhhh…mesmerized by the music (yeah, that’s it!) that i’d left my seat waaaaaaaaay up front to go dance around at the back with some other folks and the general group of kids back at the back, and…somehow…got lost. caleb and jessie were like, ‘ro-o-o-on, show’s this way dude, c’mon, follow us’ and sure enough, i got back to where i needed to be just as the band was kicking into dreams or something similarly awesome.

anyway, thanks, REALLY appreciate it, there were some extra-nice folks at that show and I can’t tell ya how glad I am I went!

09/23/2002 weez

sorry dude—–Obviously we have had an illcommunication. I’ll get word to Caleb for you. may the force be with you.

09/23/2002 ron_e

mmm…maybe I’m not understanding this, but I personally like to see people having a good time. sorry if I somehow offended you — I’m not the new puppy guy, although he’s a friend of mine and quite nice.

nevertheless, if you could be so kind as to mention to caleb and jessie to drop me a PM, i’d like to thank them for being so helpful to a typically lost old fella at the show.

09/23/2002 ron_e

hahahahahaha!! small world!!! i hope you don’t mind that kirby and i let carol ‘bluefox’ hang down there (3 people 2 seats) all night. once she got there, she wasn’t goin’ ANYwhere!

if I get a good copy of the show, I’ll drop you a PM.


09/23/2002 weez

hey fro— thanks for telling that asshole I wasn’t doing the “head bang”. He is probably the same guy who wrote the reviews about the “positive vibes and his new little puppy”, sounds really positive to make fun of someone for simply enjoying themselves. By the way I’m getting my photos developed soon. I have one with everyone except Greg. But I got Butch and Derek and myself in one. (cool). I do know Caleb and his girl. And I have some autographs for you——-love, your sister

09/23/2002 steelerr

Yeah, that truly rocked. I was probably the biker-looking dude with the ABB bandana in seat 3, right in front of Derek. What a great interaction between Warren and Derek. I’m still a big Dickey Betts fan, but I sure enjoyed this lineup. DTB was excellent, as well. Man what a slide guitarist. Warren and Derek…I just can’t say enough.

Peace, Bob Steele

09/21/2002 Fro-Daddy

My sister wasn’t the girl doing the head bang thing, she was the one seated to the inside that acted like she was suppused to at a show. The other girl won the 2 seats, so i guess it is good for my sister to have a friend like that.

09/20/2002 ron_e

There are ALWAYS tapers at ABB shows. Friend of mine was setting up to tape earlier this summer and was getting a hassle from security. Tour Mystic himself came out and straightened the situation out, and my friend got an APOLOGY from the head of security.

There’s a simple reason this band lets us tape: they realized somewhere along the way that the BEST ay to promote coming to an Allman Brothers show is truth-in-advertising: the tapes. People get a great show, they say, hey, those Alman Brothers are rockin’, think I’ll go! That’s how I got the fever!

09/20/2002 ron_e

hey, was that your sister up there waving her arms and shaking her hair around, seated stage front? cool!

if you know a couple of young kids named jessie and caleb, have ’em drop me an email, OK?


09/20/2002 ron_e

hey, man, i’ll bet we were right there with ya! we were the two blonde longhairs directly in front of warren & derek next to the little blonde lady and the biker-lookin’ guy with the bandana. did that rock or what!?

09/19/2002 Fro-Daddy

Finally, after a near 11 year wait, the ABB finally graced the Salem/Roanoke VA area with a show that was worth the wait. I haven’t had any trouble making the 3 hour drives to either Raleigh, Charlotte, or Northern Virginia over the past decade, so the 20 minute trip into Salem from my Blue Ridge Mountain home. My younger sister and a friend of hers had the pleasure sitting on the stage beside Oteil thanks to a local radio contest, not to mention getting to meet all the guys backstage after the show and getting to hang out for nearly an hour. She reported nothing but an excellent scene, big surprise there, AND she managed to get her brother (yours truly) one of Warren’s guitar pics, to go with the picture of me and Warren taken after the Govt Mule show in Salem in 2000. As usual the music was right on time. Gregg’s organ hasn’t ever sounded better to me than in Salem. His solos were excellent and vocals were clear and full of soul as always, although it surprised me to hear my sister tell me that he quickly retired to the bus after the show ended complaining he didn’t feel too well. Thanks alot Gregg for being a “trooper” and giving the fans their money’s worthand thanks alot to all the guys for making your true fans in the Southwest Virginia happy. Until the next time…

09/19/2002 steelerr

Shows how much they know. I think they’re lying, actually, to keep the number down. I was surprised a few weeks ago when a promoter for this show told me “No taping.” I questioned him on this, knowing ABB’s taper-friendly status, thinking that he’d say it was the venue’s decision. Instead, he told me it was band request. He either doesn’t know, or was lied to himself, but there were at least eight tapers there last night, and that was the count before DTB started. More may have filed in later, I don’t know.

Morale of the story: show up to tape every show. All they can do is turn you away at the door.

09/19/2002 al-d

Just got back from the show, registered on the site and am definitely looking for a hook-up on a recording of both the Derek Trucks band and Allman shows!! What a solid performance by both–Great sights, great sounds, One or many of you tapers that were there, please get in touch with me for a pow-wow…and to all who attended, thanks for the positive vibes —–

09/18/2002 treon

Salem Civic Senter is strictly anti-taping. From what they said today, there will be no taping this evening.

09/18/2002 steelerr

Yeah, we’ll be there. Front row at that!

3 on Row 1, 4 on Row 10, a party beforehand…Whoo-hoo!


aka steelerr

09/05/2002 coldrainandsnow

Anybody planning on taping the show in Salem? If so let me know. I plan on taping and im trying to figure out if ill be able to patch or bring my own mics. email me at

08/31/2002 Benjamin

This is the one I’m bringing my wife to…it’s gonna be good, plus we’ve got the bonus of a Derek Trucks opener!

See ya there ron_e, and the rest of you too!!

08/26/2002 ron_e

A friend of mine and I are coming up for this one. Wouldn’t miss it for the world. A mountain town show an easy drive from Warren’s hometown in an old hockey arena on a Wednesday night, after a previous night’s show on the SC coast? Shades of Greenville ’96! See ya there!!!!


does any one have plans to go to this show? I havn”t been to one before, September is my birthday and I’m going.

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