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Post-Gazette Pavilion

August 16, 2002

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – One Way Out
20 – Done Somebody Wrong
30 – Come and Go Blues
40 – Woman Across The River
50 – No One To Run With
60 – End Of The Line
70 – Desdemona
80 – Firing Line
90 – Rocking Horse
100 – Dreams
110 – Soulshine
120 – Instrumental (untitled)
130 – Statesboro Blues
135 – with Cody Dickinson on drums
140 – I've Been Lovin' You Too Long
150 – with Ben Ellman on Sax
160 – Southbound
175 – with Ben Ellman on sax, Luther Dickinson, guitar & Stantin
180 – Encore
190 – Mountain Jam
200 – with Cody Dickinson on drums

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Submitted by: lana on: 05/14/2002


03/27/2006 TRMGDEAD

I don’t understand why the other person responded the way he did but this show is definitely near the top of my all time ABB shows. The Dreams alone is incredible but then you get Mountain Jam later on too, that is sweet!!!! The Woman Across the River is well done and each song is Beaconesque in my opinion….not going through the motions in the least bit!

09/16/2002 RANDYGALVAN

didnt think this show was all that good. six of us went and all said they seemed to be walking through the evening. i think that last year was so good that we expected too much.