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June 28, 2002

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10 – Don't Want You No More
20 – It's Not My Cross To Bear
30 – Trouble No More
40 – All Night Train
50 – Rocking Horse
60 – Good Clean Fun
70 – Midnight Rider
80 – No One To Run With
90 – Worried Down With The Blues
100 – You Don't Love Me
110 – The High Cost Of Low Living
120 – Black Hearted Woman
130 – The Same Thing
135 – with Danny Lewis, keyboards
140 – Instrumental (untitled)
150 – Southbound
155 – with Jimmy Herring, guitar; Rob Barraco, keyboards; John Molo,
155 – with Jimmy Herring, guitar; Rob Barraco, keyboards; John Molo, drums
160 – Mountain Jam
165 – Encore
170 – One Way Out

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08/23/2007 Holt

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Turn on Your Lovelight

07/01/2002 Gringo

This was my first big outdoors ABB show. They were tight from the first till the last note played! Better than last year. Derek is getting more and more into the Duane feeling but still has his own style. Warren was just amazing ! Gregg’s voice was in very good shape – he’s still one of the greatest blues singers in the world! The drum section was hard working as usual and Oteil put on his very special scat-tease. Jimmy Herring and Danny Lewis sat in for a smoking Southbound ! We heard 17 songs all in all ! wow ! – but I missed the new material they played at the Beacon this year !

Eat a peach for peace !