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Allman Brothers Band
Beacon Theatre
New York

New York
March 22, 2002

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Don't Want You No More
20 – It's Not My Cross To Bear
30 – Done Somebody Wrong
40 – The High Cost Of Low Living
50 – Loaded Dice
60 – Come and Go Blues
70 – End Of The Line
80 – Old Before My Time
90 – Woman Across The River
100 – Instrumental (untitled)
105 – Set II
110 – You Don't Love Me
120 – Ain't Wastin' Time No More
130 – Soulshine
140 – The Same Thing
145 – with Charley Drayton, drums
150 – Firing Line
160 – Gambler's Roll
170 – Rocking Horse
180 – Dreams
190 – Statesboro Blues
195 – Encore
200 – Jessica

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Comments from Original ABB Site

03/23/2002 weatherman

OK, I get it now…I had to actually join the family via registering with a password and all that to see the comments. Well, been a fan since 1969 and never thought it would get so “Futuristic” but I guess the future is now and who’d a thunk it back in ’69? Gonna catch the Bros in SFO in June. Any fellow iron horse riders out there? I know there are. Drop a line..

03/23/2002 jamwithDICKEY

This show was really great in my opinion. I thought Warren was on fire

for both sets and Derek was on as usual. Encore ; jessica… Gotta love it.

Dreams was an amazing version at this show and Oteil kicks ass on that thumping

bass of his. This show was better than the Beacon one’s last year. Statesboro

blues really had the slide work of Warren and Derek going. I would like ot get this show

on Cd-R is possible. If anyone has it, please email me. Thanks a lot.

By the way, it just isn’t the same without Dickey.

03/23/2002 weatherman

I’m trying to figure out how to find the comments that have been written about the shows at the Beacon. I can’t seem to find them on this new web site. Can anyone direct me to the right place to read the reviews of the shows? Thanks…The Weatherman…

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