The Allman Brothers Band
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Allman Brothers Band
Jones Beach Music Theater

New York
August 21, 2001

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Revival
60 – Stand Back
70 – The High Cost Of Low Living
80 – Rockin' Horse
110 – Hot 'Lanta
120 – Soulshine
140 – I've Been Lovin' You Too Long
150 – w/Deep Banana Blackout horn section
160 – Southbound
170 – w/DBB horns and Eric Kalb, drums
180 – Johnny Durkin, percussion
190 – Rob Baraca, keyboards
200 – Whipping Post
210 – Encore:
220 – Mountain Jam
230 – Susan Tedeschi opened

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01/01/2002 bgfirstgen

Great show last night! I caught several at the Beacon in March and with taping gear all set to go, we had great weather conditions at the Beach as well. Light breezes and no chance of rain. I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of one lo

01/01/2002 cryptical17

Did you see the young guy run onstage during ‘Soulshine’?? I’ve never seen this happen at an Allmans show before… some punk climbs onstage, goes to the center and waves his hands in victory as the security closes in on him. I think they d

01/01/2002 Gratfulzep

I am a guitarist of more than 3 years and I am considering quitting. During this show, Derek Trucks had my jaw on the floor and tears in my eyes. I know i can never even ‘Dream’ of doing a lot of the things he did with that guitar, and th