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Chicago Theatre

August 7, 2001

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60 – Who To Believe
80 – Rockin' Horse
90 – Jessica
100 – Set II:
130 – I've Been Lovin' You Too Long
150 – Dreams
160 – Soulshine
180 – Encore:
190 – One Way Out
200 – No opening act

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01/01/2002 jedhead

This was my 17th ABB show! I managed to get to NYC last March and those were the best shows I had seen since 96. Last night was really special as well. I found myself giggling out loud as Derek just took us all to church with his spiritu

01/01/2002 WiscoMuler

Have been waiting fortheese two shows for two months..CAN’T WAIT!!!..Have never been to chicago theater before, can anyone offer any insights into this venue? Fan friendly,or no? Either way it’s gonna be two nights of killer jams in Chi-To

01/01/2002 WiscoMuler

Beautiful venue, lots of positive vibes, and the ABB in to form kickin’ *****…what more could you possibly ask for?! Am I crazy, or did anyone else notic Warren slip in a Norweigan Wood quote in the Jessica jam? Sure thought I heard that in

01/01/2002 redman311

That was incredible. Warren and Derek kicked *****!!! I NEED CD-R/tapes of the Chicago shows. I’ll do anything.

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