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Allman Brothers Band
Blockbuster Pavilion

North Carolina
June 18, 2000

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


40 – Mountain Jam
100 – Jessica
110 – w/Paul Riddle on drums
120 – Stand Back
160 – Encore:
170 – Revival
180 – Whipping Post
190 – Kenny Wayne Shepherd opened
200 – Jimmy Herring subbed for Dickey

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Submitted by: Holt Pearce on: 10/04/2001


06/18/2009 Holt

Fathers Day 2000. Ron E’s preshow at Thomas St Tavern. Smoking show. 11 of 14 from the first 2. Thats the way to do it.

06/18/2007 Holt

what a great show!

06/18/2004 Holt

Gonna play it loud today!

08/03/2002 Holt

Highlights: the whole damned thing!

01/01/2002 GreatScott

This show was noteworthy for me for a couple of reasons. First of all, it was the first time (after almost 40 shows) that I had seen the band perform without Dickey Betts. Alas, I missed him more than I thought I would. I had tried to re

01/01/2002 mcdonald

Maybe if it was my FIRST show,I would’nt know no better, but as this show probably is nearing the triple digits for me,I have to say, this was the worse ABB show I’ve ever been to. And please, if you don’t plan on getting your butt out of t

01/01/2002 RyanBelair

Made the drive from Athens, Ga, highlights were Mountain Jam(during a thunderstorm), Standback(Derek took two solos), and Whipping Post(intense). There were a lot less people there this year than there were last year but then again it was