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Allman Brothers Band
Civic Center

April 30, 2000

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


60 – Seven Turns
70 – One Way Out
80 – Set II:
90 – Feel So Bad
100 – Stand Back
110 – Rave On
120 – Blue Sky
150 – Encore:
170 – Susan Tedeschi opened

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Submitted by: Jason Carter on: 10/03/2001


03/02/2003 slidejules

Also check out the Every Hungry Woman, where Dickey forgets the main riff and plays Leave My Blues at Home during the solo, and then starts playing random lead passages over the last verse… such a shame! Very difficult to listen to this. Because in the same song he plays some nice stuff. Same with Back Where It All Begins, what on earth happens at the end of Derek’s solo?!? Shame.

03/25/2002 kavoNekiM

Had a good time at this show but…

Definately wasn’t classic ABB material. Dickey sounded horrible and although I wish he still was a member of the band (it just ain’t the same without him), I can see where Gregg was coming from when he kicked him out 2 or 3 days later. Dickey actually sang the same verse twice in Blue Sky.

01/01/2002 aiq

great show heavily tilted toward older blues-based ABB material. Dicky played well but sang little. is this the controversy – blusier material vs. country material? i must sat i prefer the blusier stuff. yes the concert was underattende

01/01/2002 GreatScott

A truly marvelous show! My friend Kelly and I made the trip from Atlanta, and Mobile was quite a refreshing scene–where else can you hear The Brothers in such a small venue, in front of such a small crowd (fewer than 3,000, according to t