The Allman Brothers Band
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Allman Brothers Band
Beacon Theatre
New York

New York
March 18, 2000

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60 – Seven Turns
80 – Set II:
90 – Feel So Bad
100 – Stand Back
110 – Rave On
120 – Blue Sky
140 – One Way Out
160 – Encore:
170 – Nobody Knows

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01/01/2002 chsblr

Hi Everyone…….I went with my 2 daughters(Stacey her 23rd birthday was celebrated at the show) and Melissa(23) …not twins… It was Stacey’s 4th ABB show and Melissa’s 1st. Let’s put it this way…..Melissa will now be coming with u

01/01/2002 EatAPeach3

Great Show…Bout my 5th or so time at the Beacon…First set was great…have seen a better second set list but all in all a great show…Gregg’s voice sounded unbelieveable and Derek was a great addition…overall sound was great, clear a

01/01/2002 BadLittleDoggie

Would love a copy (tape/CD) of this killer show. Can B/P. Thank you