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Allman Brothers Band
Beacon Theatre
New York

New York
March 9, 2000

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


30 – Crazy Love
50 – Shady Streets
70 – J.J.'s Alley
90 – Set II:
100 – True Gravity
150 – High Falls
160 – Revival
170 – Encore:
180 – One Way Out
190 – Whipping Post

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03/09/2008 Holt

First time Crazy Love and Shady Streets had been played in years.

09/15/2005 BarrySmith

There was a false start from the drummers for BLACK HEARTED WOMEN, and they came in too early, earning some cheers from the audience. Jaimoe gave a bow and there was laughter. Then came the count off and the song was up and running. I remember a real cool light show during this tune. Unfortunately, the Brotherhood of Light is not doing such a great job anymore (circ. 2005), the visual effect are no longer as impressive and half the show the lights are turned off. ¡Qué lástima!

01/01/2002 awman

Have a nice copy of this show and 3/11/00 to trade for other grade A copies of Beacon 2000 shows. Not a bad show for opening night, but they can can Shady Streets…zzzz….

01/01/2002 SteveKennedy

Opening night this year (3/9/00) was my 89th show since seeing them for the first time when they re-formed in 1989. The Allman Brothers have listened to their fans. Every year they mix up their set list, taking polls from the fans. For exam

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