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Allman Brothers Band
Memorial Auditorium

South Carolina
May 1, 1996

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


30 – Blue Sky
60 – Soulshine
100 – Dreams
140 – Jessica
150 – One Way Out
160 – Opening Act: Edwin McCain
170 – This was closing night for this venue, Memorial Auditorium

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Submitted by: Sara T. on: 10/04/2001


05/06/2012 allbrosbd

All of you guys enjoying this recording–it is my master (I shared with over 50 dubs). I went
to N Carleston on 4/30/96–that is mine as well.
This Greenville show is perhaps they best I’ve done–I was dead Center on the lower balcony.

If you occasionally hear a drunk girl screaming
early in the show–I tried to shut her down, but, she kept drinking brew. I used a Sony D-5, and Audio Technica Stero mic on 3 Maxell XL
II’s. Dickey’s “dreams solo” was awsome.