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Allman Brothers Band
Pine Knob Music Theatre

June 25, 1980

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


40 – Blue Sky
60 – Angeline
80 – JAMY
120 – Southbound
130 – One Way Out
140 – Jessica
150 – Whipping Post
160 – Encore 1:
170 – Pegasus
180 – Encore 2:
200 – Ramblin' Man
210 – Encore 3:

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11/19/2012 dillligaf

Wanting information of the driver “Buford Smith” that fell from a Hotel Balcony June 1980 in the Clarkston MI? just wanting to see the article. If anyone has that information it would be awesome/

Thank you, Lady DI

02/27/2002 massinversion

The band played on consecutive nights, so one show is not listed. I don’t recall whether this one was the first or second night.

02/26/2002 massinversion

At this show Betts guitar strap broke several times and the roadie had to fix it while he kept playing. Also, Jaimo was having severe back problems and was not able to play the final encore.