The Allman Brothers Band
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Allman Brothers Band
Hershey Park Arena

November 23, 1975

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Blue Sky
20 – Encore:
40 – partial

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10/04/2013 PaBasser

I was there with my best friend Brian. We were both crazy about the ABB. Funny, this is the first concert I went to on a Sunday night. It also was the last concert I attended with my long hair. I joined the Army a month later and shipped out for Basic Training a month after that. Great show and have some really good pics. I have one with Greg sipping on a Budweiser long neck I think) and looked like having a toke. Grinderswitch opened for them. What a great show!!!

12/13/2003 revonah

the band was at it’s pinnacle of popularity and the crowd treated them like the rock stars(bad title for the abb)that they were. i remember dickey sitting on an amp backstage watching grinderswitch. grinderswitch was killer. between bands it took forever, it seemed, to get chuck’s piano tuned. some guy worked on it for what felt like half an hour. when the band came on it was like the crowd noise at a super bowl. once the band started i was too into the music to be concerned with anything else. i do recall dickey getting down on his knees and playing the solo on ramblin’ man. which didn’t fit the bands image, i don’t know? just looked weird. we tried to get backstage, with no luck. however we saw gregg come off stage greeted by, what at the time looked like, half a dozen beautiful blonde women. in reality i believe it was at least two, maybe three?? if it wasn’t sold out it was damn close.

01/01/2002 revonah

i wish we could get a complete set list for this show. i remember wasted words, e-reed, ramblin’ man, jessica and that’s it. it was a great show and the first in many years for folks in central pa. the place was packed. as noted in a previo

01/01/2002 bleedinggumsmurphy

I was 16 when I arrived with my girlfriend at 8:00am for an 8:00pm show. To experience the whole aspect of preparation is almost as exhilerating as the show itself. It was the first time I had met “Red Dog” when he had given us back stage