The Allman Brothers Band
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Allman Brothers Band
Roosevelt Stadium
Jersey City

New Jersey
September 13, 1975

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Submitted by: Rob Berger on: 10/04/2004
Submitted by: Rob Berger on: 10/04/2004


03/09/2014 Stormy

We got there about 11am. the Hells Angels were security. about noon it got ugly with fans wanting to get in. fights breakin out.. they opened the gates and let everyone in. we were sitting up in the stand behind what would have been home plate. about 20 guys were having a football game in left field and thru the infield.
they lined up for a kick-off and two cats playing Frisbee lofted a Frisbee into the middle of the make shift football game. and the one kid looking high in the air for the Frisbee wasn’t paying attention as the kickoff ensued. the dirt field became a cloud of dust as the two lines converged on the kick-off. as the scrum moved away, the Frisbee kid was left laying in the dirt.

warm day, cold night.. Gregg got hit in the hit by an object thrown. Roosevelt was always a crazy f-ing place. Remember a bonfire in the stands at a show in a previous year. Saw some good Dead shows there also.

02/02/2013 mojo313

I was there too, while only 15 years old, I do remember Jessica, High Falls, Ramblin man and Les Bres. yes CDB did end with Soths Gonna Do It Again. I also remember Mudy doing I’m a Man and of course Got my Mojo working.
Thanks for bringing up great memories. It was the 1st of over 60 times I’ve seen ABB

05/28/2007 MILESSONGS

It indeed was a Saturday night. Iconic bluesman, Muddy Waters opened the set followed by CDB. A weary and clearly “influenced” Gregg, struggled throughout the first set, this was not a good night.

The second set opened poorly with Gregg exhaulting, “we’re gonna try to mainain a groove here”{.

It never got going, I actually left early, the only ABB that I ever bailed on!

03/24/2007 ChrisDutch86

I was at the concert. I remember getting there at 1:00 PM and the place was already 1/2 full. Twiggy Lyndon lead his group out and played a great warm up blues set at about 3:00 in the afternoon. The show was scheduled to start at 8:00 PM but Muddy Waters came out at 7:15 and said “let’s get going.” He played until after 8:00 PM and then the Charley Daniels Band came out and played until about 10:15 PM. They closed with “The South’s Gonna do it again.” The Brothers came out at about 10:45 and went through until 2:15 AM. I recall the following:

1. Don’t want you no more
2. It’s not my cross to bear
3. Must have done somebody wrong

Along the way “High Falls”, “Ramblin man”, “Southbound” worked their way in and I think they did “Midnight Rider.” They played the entire “Win, Lose, or Draw” album and then closed with “Les Brers.” The encore was “Whipping Post.”

That’s the best I could do. Oh, and Cher was watching from the side. What a difference 30 years makes.