The Allman Brothers Band
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Allman Brothers Band
KC Royals Stadium
Kansas City

June 14, 1974

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10 – Marshall Tucker Band opened

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05/27/2014 texasdragonfly

The Marshall Tucker Band was scheduled to open the show but were unable to because of a serious injury by one of the band members. That left the whole evening to the Allman Brothers so they played a set before the sun went down and man did they play a powerful show that evening. They were able to use the existing amazing ( for 1974) lights and water show which was used quite effectively, especially during Les Brers as the fountains became a 3 tiered waterfall, flowing with the intensity of the music. Just one example of many throughout the night. Forty years later and still the best show I’ve ever seen with one possible exception… Roger Waters “The Wall”.

06/30/2007 Haisija

Marshall Tucker Band did not open this show.
John Hammond played a solo set.