The Allman Brothers Band
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Allman Brothers Band
RFK Stadium

District of Columbia
June 9, 1973

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Wasted Words
30 – One Way Out
60 – Ramblin' Man
90 – Jessica
110 – Southbound
130 – Whipping Post
140 – Mountain Jam
150 – w/Bob Weir and Ronnie Montrose
160 – Performers this night were Doug Sahm, Dead, ABB

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Submitted by: Chris Kane on: 08/22/2004

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07/09/2004 Opentuned

It was a stifling HOT HOT day in RFK. At one point I remember fire hoses being sprayed over the crowd to cool things down. I had driven down from Philly with 2 friends and we’d been up all night. Those were the days my friends. I have some pictures of the June 9, 1973 scene that day, which I’ll post here at some point. All in all, it was a trippy marathon that I (somehow) still remember, although there are vast sections of the day that are not in my memory bank.

01/01/2002 ChrisR

I got tired of the whole sardine can Rock and Roll
show thing during Doug Sahm’s set. Everyone was just climbing all over each other. So I went up into the stands, just off of stage left and behind a bit for the ‘Dead’s set. Sunny afternoo

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