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Allman Brothers Band
Ohio Center

May 19, 1973

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11/06/2009 1969abb

Yes , it was at OSU. Charlie Daniels sat in with Marshall Tucker. ABB was amazing, went back to high school on Monday and very few knew who I was talking about. Too bad, there is always more room on the peach truck.

03/28/2009 skypup

I was at this show also and you are correct it was at St John’s Arena. Both MTB and ABB had stellar nights. They kept turning on the lights during the ABB set because they had put a no smoking rule on because of a fire a week or so prior to this show. Reason was they had a fire at the King Crimson show before this. Gregg at one point yelled out I wish you’d turn off these GD lights! classic.

06/06/2007 ojlima

I was at this show with my good friend John Reed. I was 16 years old. I was growing interested in new music (was a Beatles fan until then but not much else) We heard the Allman Brothers were coming to Columbus (they played St. John Arena at OSU not the Ohio Center as is posted) so we thought we would give it a shot. That is back when you could get a seat for $6.00. Marshall Tucker opened and we were blown away by them. Nobody had heard of them and really we all just wanted them to get their set over so we could get onto the ABB. They played their first album and blew the place away (Can’t you See) The Allmans were great that nite and played their new album Brothers and Sisters which I don t think had been relased at that poimnt… not 100% sure of that. I have been huge fan ever since!