The Allman Brothers Band
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Allman Brothers Band
Nassau Coliseum

New York
May 1, 1973

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No setlist for this show

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Submitted by: davmar77 on: 11/10/2002

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11/29/2007 Holt

Get it here>

02/27/2007 Holt

What a hot performance by the band at the time. This came out in 2006. A two disc set. Liner notes by John Lynskey of HTN magazine. Minimal artwork on the insert with only a poster from the show.

05/01/2002 PeachNutt

I was there!! Too bad no tapes.

Gregg played guitar on the first 2-3 songs.

I know they did Wasted Words, and

Done Somebody Wrong.

I also remember they did In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed and Whipping post.

I think there was a mirror ball too.

I had seen the Grateful Dead here to in March with the mirror ball too.

The rest is too fuzzy.

Who was the opening act??? Frank Zappa maybe??

Even found my ticket stub last year so I know this is the show I saw.

Sure wish there were tapes.

At least there are from the 4/30/73 show.

PeachNutt 🙂

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