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December 27, 1972

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Submitted by: faceman on: 05/09/2009


02/18/2009 dkarlin

I was also in FLA for Christmas break that year, think I was 15 and was blown away that I could be attending an all day/night jam like this. I also remember it being 9 bands and have racked my brain to remember them all. Can anybody else add to the list of bands?

07/29/2008 lbouffar

I too was visiting relatives over Christmas and attended the show, took my younger sister to her first major event. As I recall it was dubbed the Rock and Roll Nine. First trip to Florida. Man it got creally cold that night. Also first time I got to see the ABB. Saw them again in early 73 and late 75. I’m still digging the Brothers.

01/09/2008 Cookee

My older brother and I were visiting relatives over Christmas and I got to tag along with him to this show. I was 13 at the time and this was my first rock concert. As I recall, it started about noon and ended with AB closing the show about 2:30 am. By sundown, it was freezing and I remember the cops having a cow because there were several “campfires” being lit. Wet Willie and John Hammond also performed. John McLaughlin was amazing and Edgar/Johnny had everyone rocking. Truly an awesome first concert – became hooked on blues and fusion everafter.