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Gaelic Park

New York
July 13, 1972

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


40 – One Way Out
80 – Mountain Jam
90 – w/Garcia & Weir
100 – Sometimes circulated as 11/24/71 Carnegie Hall, an error
110 – 7/13/72 verified by band contract

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04/03/2011 davmar77

here’s the info i now have on this showing it took place on 7/17/72, not 7/13/72.

ok, here’s another interesting one. i have the allmans from gaelic park july 72 on
reel from an aud cassette master. according to the abb site, they played there on 7/13.
my tape says 7/17.

here’s my theory.

after some research i found that on 7/13/72 it rained
in the bronx which probably postponed the show.

On 7/16/72 the Dead played Dillon Stadium in Hartford which I attended.
Members of the ABB sat in. This and the Roosevelt Stadium gig in NJ on
7/18 were the only northeast Dead dates at the time. Garcia and Weir,
I heard possibly Kreutzman too, all sat in with the Allmans at Gaelic Park.
I believe this took place the day after Hartford, on 7/17.
There would have been no reason the Dead would have come into the area 3 days early for their own show.

Also, I saw a number of references on line to folks who specifically said that
7/17 was the date they saw. At the time I remember hearing Garcia and Weir played
with them and I’m pretty sure it was after the Hartford show, not before.

“Garcia: An American Life” by Blair Jackson states: “In July 1972 Dickey Betts,
bassist Berry Oakley and drummer Jaimoe joined the Dead for a few songs at
Dillon Stadium in Hartford, Connecticut, and the following night Garcia,
Weir and Kreutzmann returned the favor by jamming with the Allmans at Gaelic Park in the Bronx.”

See also: (tagged “July 17”);

07/12/2010 jeslizsky73

My very first ABB concert. My friend who turned my on to the ABB and a few friends drove down in my vw beetle, got there early and picked up some cold Buds from the store down the street. While we were in line to get in I thought I saw Jerry Garcia looking down from atop the wall above the doors. I was a Grateful Dead fan til that day but got so tuned in to the ABB at that concert and have not stopped since that day. I think I remember a power failure at some point in the concerrt. When Jerry and a few members of the Dead came on I went nuts. What a show.

03/10/2007 Theotherm

I was at this concert too and it was great, to see the Dead take the stage was unbelievable. Unfortunately I also remember standing near the front with my boyfriend, now husband, and having beer bottles thrown from the crowd behind us. The music was fantastic, diving for cover, not too cool!

01/15/2007 Holt


Berry Oakley on bass guitar and Dickey Betts on electric guitar on the following numbers with the Grateful Dead:

Venue Dillon Stadium
Location Hartford, CT
Date 7/16/72 – Sunday

Not Fade Away[12:21]>
Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad[7:32]>
Hey Bo Diddley[4:42](5)

11/16/2006 uncledenny

I would love a copy of this show last concert I went to with my high school crew until the Beacon many moons later I would love to share it at the next gathering.I have shows to trade or blanks or whatever we can work out.

07/24/2002 Vinny

This was a great show,with Captain Beyond opening the show…..Everyone has the wrong date on this….It was 7/17/72 not 7/13/72…I have my ticket stub and it is 7/17/72…….

07/13/2002 PeachNutt

A really fun show…although it took place Monday July 17th….not Thursday the 13th.

Addtionally,it was after the Dead show of the 16th….which had Dickey,Berry & JJ with the Dead. We flipped when Jerry Garcia & Bob Weir showed up the next day in the Bronx.

The tape is a really poor audience tape with

lots of speed problems but it’s still a great treasure. Seeing Dickey & Berry with the Dead on Sunday and then Jerry & Bob with the Brothers on Monday was just a tremendous treat…..wish everyone had been there.

PeachNutt 🙂

05/07/2002 BigG

We arrived early enough to work our way through heavy crowds at this small soccor stadium and get to “Front Row” seating. They opened with Statesboro Blues and the crowd went wild. The air was filled with the aroma of dooby and it was a warm summer night. At some point I noticed some people sitting on the hill behind the stage they had on cowboy hats and two of them had black beards, the rumors started and everyone had spotted the Grateful Dead! We just knew they had to jam together and don’t you that that an annoucement was made and they set up two more sets of drums for Bill K and Mickey Hart, More Amps for Garcia, Weir and Lesh-We were all stupefied – The Dead and the Allman Bros. on stage ( Berry was still alive & so was Pigpen), they did Mountain Jam forever, we danced into the night and I’ll never forget it. I consider this the best ABB show I have ever seen.And I’ve seen many ie( Fillmore East and Watkins ) it was a combination of the band peaking, the dead and some really good chemistry in the air.

01/01/2002 Mitch

Gaelic Park,Bronx,NY was the first ABB show I ever saw. Duane was gone but Berry was there. All night we were told the show had to end by midnight(some local law). The music was great. Everyone knew the Dead were playing in NJ the next nigh

01/01/2002 TDBear

My 2nd ABB concert. Took a bus 100 miles from Woodstock, NY for this show @ Gaelic Park in the Bronx — nuthin’ fancy just a stage and a field surrounded by a fence right near the elevated subway. I remember being about 20 feet from the sta