The Allman Brothers Band
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Allman Brothers Band
Manley Fieldhouse

New York
April 7, 1972

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


40 – One Way Out
100 – Hot 'Lanta
110 – verified 4/7/72 by ticket stub and booking info
120 – Dr. John the Nighttripper and Orphan opened
130 – WAER presented the show
140 – Tony Yoken worked at WAER and later played
150 – this show on a radio station in Long Island

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Submitted by: hsr on: 11/06/2012


04/08/2002 Stephen

Thirty years ago today…this is one of the better five man shows. As the other posters say, Berry is great in this one. So are the other four musicans.

Still I think of Brother Berry before anybody else when it comes to this show. His talent as a bass player is undeniable. Words don’t cut it though, listening does.

01/01/2002 cryptical17

Most likely this is a good reflection of the set they played at Mar Y Sol a couple of nights earlier.

01/01/2002 DCallan

We drove over from Troy, NY to see the show. We sat in the dirt (Recall Berry talking about a dirt track race after the show!) at the field house next to the soundboard. I saw the reel-to-reel recording the show. Tony Yoken worked for WA