The Allman Brothers Band
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Allman Brothers Band
Steel Pier
Atlantic City

New Jersey
July 7, 1971

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12/20/2003 revonah

it was big deal to play the steel pier back in those days. they booked mostly top 40 bands such as the osmonds, dino desi and billy(remember them?), hermans hermit, paul rever and raiders, etc…… i had no idea who the abb were at the time but assumed the were an osmond-type, partridge familyisk band and i was seriously disappointed by the thought of another bubble gum pop band playing the pier. well i was dead wrong. the most vivid memory i have of the show is how impressed i was that 6 guys were producing that much sound and music all in synch?? it sounded like a full orchestra, rock orchestra. almost everything else musically was totally over my head. but i knew i liked it, very much. oddly, the only band member focused on was butch? not sure why. i do remember him wearing a “bull shirt” tee which was popular at the time and i ran out to find one immediately after the show. i was 12 or 13 in 8th grade and sitting next to a beautiful hippie chick that i was sure was checking me out, NOT! this show and day changed my life. they played afternoon shows not 7pm shows as listed. anyone feel free to e-mail me to ask questions

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