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Allman Brothers Band
Fillmore East
New York

New York
June 26, 1971

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


50 – One Way Out
80 – Hot 'Lanta
100 – Revival
130 – Dreams
150 – Whipping Post
160 – Mountain Jam
170 – two hour jam!
180 – partial and out of order
190 – Albert King, J. Geils Band, ABB

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03/11/2009 billyprimo1

I was at this show and what I remember him saying that after the jam “that we have played everything we know and we have jammed for a long time” Someone then opened one of the side exits and daylight poured in. Had no idea it was morning until then. I was 15 yrs old, had gone downtown to the Fillmore without a ticket and ended up buying one from an usher Row M, I remember. Had been hanging outside the theater for an hour trying to get a ticket,someone gave me some acid which I thought well if I cant get in I’ll at least have fun trying. If anyone has a tape of this please, please let me have a copy. I dont remember much else from that night, other than they played the end of King Kong between J.Geils and The Allmans set.

04/18/2006 Evansf

THE HOLY GRAIL OF ABB SHOWS!! Let me know if it does surface!!! E-mail me at or by pager

11/10/2002 southerncdman

I still find it amazing that this show, which the badn considers the best show they ever played, did not get recorded. The worst part is, recording equipment was there and supposedly, no one bothered to turn it on. In the back of my mind I just cannot believe this isn’t on tape somewhere. What a great release this would be for the ABB’s new “vault” series. In Bill Graham’s introduction of the ABB on 6/27/71, he states, “Last night, we had the good fortune of having them get onstage about 2:30 or 3:00 and they walked out of here at 7:00 in the morning; and it’s not just that they played quantity…” This must have been quite a show. Maybe one day a tape will surface, who knows.

01/01/2002 Marley

Legend has it that after the Mountain Jam, Duane walked to the mic and said something like “we’ve played everything we know, we’re just gonna jam for a while,” which was followed by a two-hour jam that (I think) included My Favorite Things.