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Syria Mosque

January 17, 1971

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01/17/2008 RANDYGALVAN

I should have said— NO LATE SHOW—.

01/17/2007 RANDYGALVAN

No early show. Taj Mahal opened around 7:00 p.m. I’m guessing : then ABB.

01/17/2006 RANDYGALVAN

If you listen to this show you will notice that the band is frustrated by the lack of crowd support. Pittsburgh crowds at this time were all about geting high not the music. Plus I think they were not prepared for the music of this band. They knew they were good but couldn’t figure out where they were coming from. “In my opinion” They were much more responsive in October.

01/17/2005 RANDYGALVAN

Heard on a local radio show (Pittsburgh) that Little Richard was also on the show that eve.

01/17/2004 RANDYGALVAN

Wanted to go to this concert real bad. My brother was stationed in the Mayport naval yard in Jacksonville & saw them many times & he was going with a few friends but it was my first day in the local steel mill. Scheduled midnight & I could not call off-my father would have had a fit on me.

08/31/2002 mtnjam217

On YDLM, its cool, Duane plays a Voodoo Chile tease, onmy copy its almost exactly 12:00 on the clock

01/01/2002 Evansf

Usual ’71 set. Yeah, it’s a good show. I prefer shows that ends with the all time finale..Mountain Jam.

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