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Allman Brothers Band
Georgia Southern Gym

January 7, 1971

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


30 – Encore:
60 – Setlist from newspaper article
70 – Referred to Statesboro Blues opener, 40 minute (!) Whipping Post closer
80 – Encore of Don't Want/Not My Cross
90 – Venue was also called Hanner Field House

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08/02/2009 pameladale

I was at this concert. Sat right down front not 5 feet from Duane and Dickey. What a show. Played Stormy Monday and if you were there you would never forget the roar when they opened with Statesboro Blues! ALso played Don’t Keep me Wonderin. Came out and played Don’t Want you No More and Cross To Bear for an encore. Talked With Gregg and he sent me backstage to meet Duane and Dickey. DIckey told me Statesboro would probably be on their next album which would be live. He was talking about the Fillmore East album. This is a night I will never forget. They taped the show because as I was leaving the Hanner Field House they were playing it back thru the PA system. Sounded great what I can remember. This is one event I will always cherish. Long Live the Allman Brothers Band! ANyone out there with a copy of this show please let me know. Would love to have one!

02/08/2004 WillieHoward

I was a student at Georgia Southern College as it was called then. The band also did a monstrous “Hoochie Coochie Man”, dueled on “Black Hearted Woman”, and I will never ever forget Duane’s introduction to the first song that night – “Well, I think this one is a bit appropos…” and they kicked into “Statesboro Blues” with a passion! Got to also speak with Gregg after the show, who told us about a new song they were working on, which turned out to be Hot ‘Lanta, heard a few days later in Atlanta on the 16th of January. This was also the first night the ABB and Carlo Sound ever hooked up! Quite a night, y’all!