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Boston Tea Party

November 20, 1970

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07/12/2014 neilford

I wish I could remember every song. I remember Whipping Post and Trouble No More. I think they also played Dreams. But, I was er… not in my right state of mind;-)

07/12/2014 neilford

I was at this show. The best Allman Brothers Show I ever saw. They were late to the show because of the interview at WBCN. They played till about 1 am. The the Tea Party played the exit music. Most of the people left. I hung around and spoke to Berry. Then the MC got up on stage and said they were going to do another set. Call everyone back …but most everyone left. There couldn’t have been a hundred people left. The jammed till about 3 AM. Some guys got up and jammed. I have no idea who they were, but it was awesome. I was right in from of Duane and Dickie.:-)

02/23/2010 neilford

I was at the concert. What I remember was mostly work from the first album, Whipping Post, Dreams, Every Hungry Woman, Trouble No More. They were very late to the concert because of the WBCN interview. They played to about midnight or 1 am. They started to close the club, but at the last minute, they announced another set. Most everyone had left by then. There couldn’t have been 100 people left in the club. They jammed till 3AM. Someone got up on stage and jammed with them. Don’t know who he was. Shook hands with Berry Oakley after the gig was over:-)

11/24/2008 BarrySmith

I have that WBCN radio show segment. Duane apparently showed up without his guitar so he plays “ANJI” (popularized by Simon & Garfunkel) on a borrowed acoustic. Also, Duane is summoned away from the broadcast in order to receive a long distance call. When he comes back from his call, he explains that he had to rectify a problem regarding a cancelled gig.

11/20/2007 Holt

I wonder just what the ABB performed onstage this night and also Duane’s Birthday ?

11/20/2007 Holt

The Allman Brothers love Boston.

11/20/2002 Stephen

I wish there was a comment about this show. I do know that during this stop in Boston Duane sat in on a WBCN interview with Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir. It’s available in most trading circles I believe; my copy is not all the best, understandable given the age.