The Allman Brothers Band
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Allman Brothers Band
Clark Field, U. of Texas

September 12, 1970

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03/27/2016 doc540

Seven years later – still covering the Brothers

08/27/2009 doc540

This was my first time to experience the Brothers live, and my first psychedelic experience. Connect those micro dots, would ya! 😀
I’ve read this show was originally scheduled at the Civic Center but moved to the UT baseball field. Student admission was, IIRC, $7.
Here was the bill:
4-6pm Pacific Gas & Electric
6-8pm Allman Brothers Band
8-10pm Leon Russell and the Shelter People
10-12pm It’s A Beautiful Day

I had NO idea what to expect, not having heard the Brothers before. I thought “Allman Brothers” was a soul act like the “Isley Brothers”. I was wrong, but right at the same time.

They changed my life. I bought a Fender Jazz bass, dropped out of college, and have been playing professionally ever since.

Just last weekend, playing the same guitar I bought in 1970, I covered “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”. I silently give my love and respect to Berry every time I play it.

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