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Atlanta Sports Arena

May 10, 1970

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10 – Not an ABB show but jammed w/Grateful Dead

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07/16/2012 lovevalleyrecorder

some one more connected and computer skilled than me may try to ask the dead community or achivist where /if a copy of this show exists

08/02/2010 Old

Well, yes, I was there. The really weird thing today is getting anyone to believe this really happened. The story given out at the time was that the Dead came in on one airplane and their equipment, on another plane, didn’t. So, they borrowed some equipment from a “local band”. After playing for a while the “local band” came up and jammed for a real long time; very cool.

It’s worth while reflecting on the Sports Arena as well. This was where wrestling events were held before wrestling was ‘cool’. It was big enough for a wrestling ring and what I recall as roll-out stands like were in my high-school gym. Only of course those were around a basketball court (rectangle) in high-school, not a wrestling ring (square). The point of this is that the Sports Arena was about 2/3 the size of your high-school gym. They disappeared the ring and rolled back the stands and let the good times roll. With the Dead. With the Allman Bros. Oh yes.

05/10/2008 Holt

Anyone who was actually there and attended this show have any memories to share with us?

05/10/2007 Holt

Anyone have a copy of this at all??? Probably not but worth asking. Tapes would probably be shedding badly anyway.

01/15/2006 pbruhn

Could someone more skilled than me track down a tape of this Jam I think it may be an important insight in to influence and other between the Dead and ABB
the dead archivist (I dont know how to contact him but have trried – he grew up 100 miles fromwhere i now live! so close -so far)
would be a good place to start

01/03/2006 pbruhn

can some one more competent and perhaps with more free time to use a computer to track this down more
perhaps the archivist for the dead would be able to find some thing- hell if I know how to contact him even though he is 100 miles from where i now live

11/26/2005 pbruhn

still looking for copy of this Jam

05/10/2005 Holt

The below is from

According to Barry Welch, who attended the concert, it was announced before the show that TWA had failed to deliver the band’s equipment and they were going to borrow the Allman Brothers Band gear, and first the Allmans would play a set, and then the Dead would play a set, and then they’d jam together. According to Chris Cole who attended this show it was an afternoon show and among the tunes played were Hard To Handle and The Other One. The Dead jammed with the Allmans during the Allmans’ set as well. DeadBase IX lists a Mama Tried and a Will The Circle Be Unbroken, the latter with the Allman Brothers Band.

02/05/2005 pbruhn

this was the JAM of the century
does anyone have a recording of this

Atlanta georgia may 1970 with the Dead

03/09/2003 bedrock

actually this show was at the Atlanta Sports Arena, according to article in The Great Speckled Bird, & Deadbase, Deadbase also says Allmans played a set plus jammed with the Dead

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