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Allman Brothers Band
The Aragon
St. Petersburg

March 20, 1970

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows

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07/10/2014 CWMoss

Ifound the original flyer….start time was 8:00 pm and my friends “Skunk Junction” opened.

12/12/2006 CWMoss

This set list has to be wrong. I was at this show and I know for sure it is the first time I heard “Dreams” Something ain’t right.

09/23/2002 phillybob

This is the 3/13/70 a tell tale sign is listen to the end of liz reed there is an explosion like an amp or drum head poping you can here them say wooooooow.

02/27/2002 allmanbroz

id like to get a copy of this show


01/01/2002 Evansf

Listened to this tape. This one matches the 3/20/70 Petersburg show. The 3/13/70 Warehouse show included some commentaries at the beginning whereas the 3/20/70 does not, but the songs are in the same order and even the seque into Mountain

01/01/2002 finsky

Have to agree with Fred that this is the 3/13/70 show.