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Dickeys fenders

Peach Pro

Dickey I know is well known for playing a Gibson Les-Paul, mostly a goldtop, heck that's my main
Instrument. But what about his Fenders? He has a tobacco Burst, and some kind of blond one.
What did he have in the 70s, that Dan used on Rockplasta Germany 1978, then he showed up at
the Beacon Theatre in 1997 with a Tobacco Burst. Very nice one. Does he still have that one, I herd he
May have gotten rid of it for the tobacco Burst he has today, true? Are they both Hardtails (the Tobacco
Burst, are they Aldar or Ash, and what years are they? Did Duane own one of them?

That it.
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Topic starter Posted : May 27, 2019 7:07 pm