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Peach Pit

As an Allman Brothers Band enthusiast, I enjoy the many instrumental pieces in the group's repertoire. However, I'm not aware of a CD set of instrumentals. So I put one together that I've been enjoying over the past year. Since I made my own "mix tape" the level from song to song is variable, but with professional remastering, that could easily be overcome. I find the sequencing of songs I came up with flows very well and makes for a great program. So I have to share this with you!

I call the 2-CD set "Instrumental Illness":

CD 1--
1. Don't Want You No More
2. Kind of Bird
3. Hot 'Lanta
4. New Instrumental (from the Beacon Box)
5. High Falls
6. Les Brers
7. One More Road
8. Jessica
9. Little Martha

CD 2--
1. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (Live)
2. Mountain Jam
3. Instrumental Illness
4. Pegasus
5. True Gravity

I especially like how "Don’t Want You No More" and "Kind of Bird" stack up back to back; my crude ripping leaves a noticeable level difference between the two, but with full mastering capabilities, that could easily be overcome.

I hope you find this tip useful. I'd relish seeing an official release of something like this (of course, I'm quite partial to the sequencing I came up with). I think it would sell well and could be cross-marketed to the fusion jazz market!

Posted : May 5, 2016 1:11 pm
Peach Pit

Do you know if this is actually a AB song and if so, is Slide guitar blues the name of it?
I have not been able to find it on any AB album.

Posted : May 11, 2016 7:51 am