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So glad we went to Macon to pay our respects...

Peach Pit

My wife and I originally had tickets to Gregg's 6/3 concert in Macon. After he passed we decided to go ahead and make the trip down to pay our respects. Tons of great music at Grant's (Derek and Susan were there), a wonderful stay and the 1842 Inn. Also got to talk with Kirk West for 20 minutes or so in his gallery prior to him leaving to attend the service. We even had dinner at the Downtown Grill/Le Bistro. Of course we hit the Big House twice, found a shady and peaceful place to watch the funeral procession as it passed and we visited the gravesite Sunday prior to heading home. Very sad...but at the same time joyful weekend with thousands of other ABB fans.

And the road goes on...Forever

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