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Short Duane footage from Piedmont Park, 1970

Extreme Peach

Better than nothing, I suppose.

Disclaimer from YT: "The audio is not from the same show as the video. This [isolated] footage was used in Gregg's last music video here:


It's endlessly frustrating to see little bits dribbled out from time to time. 


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Topic starter Posted : April 1, 2021 6:08 pm
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Agreed Bill, & as someone said, all we can do is take what we can get, just too bad it has to come out in bits & pieces - 🤙thx for this, yours & steved’s post in the other thread show the footage is out there

Posted : April 1, 2021 7:19 pm
A Peach Supreme

Well I try to look for little tell tale signs. Gregg's coat is on then off then on again so it may be two different songs. Duane looks to be using his Goldtop and to narrow it down more Dickey is using a Strat which is late 1969 through late spring of 1970. But occasionally during this period Dickey too is playing a Goldtop in some pictures. 

Dickey recalls in some interviews he was playing an ES-335 when the ABB formed then went to a Strat then an SG then to a Les Paul. Actually Dickey went through several Les Pauls before staying put with a 57 Goldtop dubbed Goldie.  Supposedly he got his first Les Paul in Detroit but didn't like it. He liked what Duane was getting so kept trying different ones and supposedly according to Red Dog was so irritated at one Les Paul he smashed it. And it wasn't a Hendrix copycat thing. But the 57 he found at a Pawn Shop in Manhattan was a keeper and his number one of years. It is red now. 

Posted : April 1, 2021 8:27 pm