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Allman Brothers Band Live at the Lonestar Roadhouse, New York City - 1992 (unplugged)

Peach Master

Allman Brothers Band live at the Lonestar Roadhouse in New York City on 03-30-1992. Lunchtime concert broadcast on WNEW 102.7 FM in New York City, with introduction by WNEW's Pat St. John. This event was one in a series of acoustic "unplugged" shows that the band performed in 1992, when An Evening With The Allman Brothers Band: First Set was released.



01. Introduction-Pat St. John, WNEW-FM

02. Seven Turns

03. Midnight Rider

04. Come On In My Kitchen

05. Melissa

06. Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad

07. Steady Rolling Man

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Peach Bud

Thanks for this!

MP3s for individual tracks and artwork are available here on

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