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DTB Show of the month  

Extreme Peach

I’m curious to see if this will catch on and curious how many people still listening the DTB’s Golden years.

Every month post your favorite DTb show from that month. Give a little review/what makes this show special to your ears.

At the old Carolina Theatre in Greensboro from that wonderful period where the band with Mike was really getting tight on the stuff from Joyful Noise and Soul Serenade but also road testing most of Songlines. They had been playing Crow Jane, Chevrolet and Volunteered Slavery for quite some time already but Down Don’t Bother Me and This Sky were just beginning to take shape as I recall.

Everything is Everything showcases this band so well in the head bobbing funk category as well as Freddie’s Dead which features Derek about as funky as he gets, one of my favorite DT solos there. This Sky made me feel like I was floating up out of the orchestra pit into the vaulted ceilings of the old vaudeville style theatre. Wonderful show.

Posted : 12/04/2018 11:57 am
Peach Bud