The Allman Brothers Band

Worried Down With The Blues

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by Haynes/Woody/Jaworowicz

Buzzard Rock Music/Woody Music/Cry Blue Music

Been lying here for hours

Can’t get my eyes to close

Can’t get one moments peace

To save my doggone soul

I’ve been doing more than drinking

Trying to easy my pain

But everywhere I go, somebody speaks your name

All my friends keep asking

“Boy, what’s wrong with you?”

I say, “I’m worried, worried down with the blues”

Tried to be a good man

Worked my fingers to the bone

And you return the favor

By wreckin’ my happy home

You played so many dirty tricks

‘Til I lost my faith in you

Now you want me to take you back

What’s a poor man supposed to do


Worried down with the blues

Oh, yes I am

Worried down with the blues

Feel like I was born to lose

I used to walk with pride

With my head held high

Now I’m staring down at my shoes

Yes, I’m worried down with the blues

You made me turn my back

On my very best friends

And when my back was turned

You were messin’ around with them

Still I’d give up everything

To have you back by my side

Cuz in the cold cold night

When I reach for you

All I’m holdin’ is my foolish pride


notes: from Govt Mule’s “The Deep End Volume 1.” Gregg, Oteil, and Derek were guests on the song.