The Allman Brothers Band

Pony Boy

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Pony Boy

by Forrest Richard Betts

(c) 1972 & 1974 by No Exit Music Co.

Transcribed by Humberto Frederico Campos

Don’t worry for me

Well I’m all right

Lord knows I"m having,

A natural good time,

Pocket full of money

Gonna boogie all night;

There ain’t nobody tell me that’s crime


When morning comes and it’s time to go

Pony boy carry me home

Pony boy carry me home.


All right mama,

Let me see you do that thing now

Band is jumping and so am I.

I’m just groovin’, can’t stop movin’,

My ole man’s got that ole eagle eye

But he is just waitin’, we’re celebratin’



I feel a change coming on

Come on, mama!

Here it comes now

Papa’s with you now;

Look out the door,

There beside that tree.

Well, that’s my pony, looking after me,

Front feet doing the shuffle

Back feet, too.

Blow them good old Georgia blues.