The Allman Brothers Band

Low Down Dirty Mean

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Low Down Dirty Mean

by Dickey Betts and Johnny Neel

(c) 1990 CBS Records, Inc.


Ain’t that low down, low down dirty mean

The way you’ve been treatin’ me,

Beats all I’ve ever seen.

I loaned you my brand new car,

Said you was goin’ for a Sunday drive,

Yeah, here it is now four days later,

I don’t know if you are dead or alive,

I got on the telephone this morning,

Put the word out on the street,

And I heard you was down in Memphis,

With a big man in the driver’s seat.


Got me a hidin’ in the bushes,

Peekin’ in the window pane,

Shadow moves along the wall,

I know you’re in there with another man,

Tried to get in the front door,

Went around to the back door too,

I believe you’ve got a side track man in there,

Making my sweet love to you.


Makin’ my last proclamation,

Gonna lay it on the line,

Baby I’m runnin’ out of patience,

And you are runnin’ out of time,

Tired of all of your mean things,

And all your dirty tricks,

If I ever turn on you baby,

You’re gonna be in some kind of fix.

Chorus (twice)

Yeah so low down, I know, low down dirty mean, ahhhhhh!