The Allman Brothers Band

The High Cost Of Low Living

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The High Cost of Low Living

by Gregg Allman, Warren Haynes, Jeff Anders, and Ron Burgin

You’re the life of the party, everybody’s host

Until you need somewhere you can hide

All your good-time friends, and your fair-weather has-beens

All those were just along for the ride

Well you think you’ll survive

Lord, you better think twice

Nobody rides for nothing

You gotta step up and pay the price


It’s the high cost of low living

It’s high time to turn yourself around

The high cost of low living

It’s bound to put you six feet in the ground

So many years they loved you, still you just can’t tell

The real ones from those who drop your name

And all the while behind your back they rip the flesh right from your bones

You should know by now: we’re all fair game

You’ve been chasin’ each dream with whiskey

From here to Tokyo

Usin’ up all your real friends

There’s no place left to go



Don’t look behind you

Don’t look back

Don’t try to find reasons

For the past

The past is gone

Gone at last