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  1. Incredible !! I’ve been a fan since the start and will be til my number is up. I wish I could have seen the founding six but I started seeing them when Lamar Williams stepped in on bass and all the way up till August 7, 2012 in Boston. Please keep their legacy alive. I’ve been playing the drums since second grade and will play til I drop. They gave me the drive and they had a drive like no other band. It’s on my bucket list to visit the Museum house and Rose Hill Cemetary to Thank them for 46 years of incredible music as well as their solo work before the Allman Brothers Band and after.

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  2. I have a cut out wall from Burt Reynolds studio that was tagged with autographs . It came from his ranch he owned in Jupiter Florida. It has everyone from the band 1994.I assume you would visit and do some jams back then. Would like to see it get a good home .