The Allman Brothers Band

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  1. Incredible !! I’ve been a fan since the start and will be til my number is up. I wish I could have seen the founding six but I started seeing them when Lamar Williams stepped in on bass and all the way up till August 7, 2012 in Boston. Please keep their legacy alive. I’ve been playing the drums since second grade and will play til I drop. They gave me the drive and they had a drive like no other band. It’s on my bucket list to visit the Museum house and Rose Hill Cemetary to Thank them for 46 years of incredible music as well as their solo work before the Allman Brothers Band and after.

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  2. I have a cut out wall from Burt Reynolds studio that was tagged with autographs . It came from his ranch he owned in Jupiter Florida. It has everyone from the band 1994.I assume you would visit and do some jams back then. Would like to see it get a good home .

  3. I love seeing things released and come to us but this you can still get on Amazon we would love new unheard shows like “the final note “ or an official release of anything new to us THANKS FOR IT ALL REGARDLESS

  4. I have to wonder if any enhancements at all have been applied here, either in terms of remastering the sound or adding additional text/graphics to the package itself. It is a pretty handsome set all around in its previously-released 2003 form…

  5. A man both Duane and Gregg had a connection with. Gregg highly praises his friendship with Chank. My guess he was an unassuming man and simply got into a groove with both brothers, but especially Gregg subsequent to Duane’s death. It’s somewhat odd how friendships develop, some many factors involved. We can be eternally grateful for those that do, when the connection is established that lasts a lifetime.

  6. I was at this show. Not sure why I thought about the Slip opening for the ABB. But I do remember that one of the guys in the Slip commented how surreal it was to be opening, and that years earlier he and his brother had hopped the rear wall at (then) Greatwoods to sneak into an ABB show. So awesome.

  7. Comment from Rudy386:

    I was at that show, but it wasn’t a show. My high school, Nova, was right next door. I don’t remember the date, but it wasn’t a school day. I heard a rumor that the Brothers were going to jam at BCC. I had never seen them before, and I drove around trying to find some friends but couldn’t connect with any of them. No cell phones back then! So, I drove out there and sure enough, in the college field, a panel truck, a few vans and cars were lined up and equipment was being unloaded. It was them, gearing up with generators, some plywood, speakers, instruments, coolers, and drinks. There they were Duane, Dickey, Gregg, and the gang. There were maybe thirty onlookers like me. Didn’t take long and out came Whipping Post, Elizabeth Reed, and Statesboro I think, and other tunes I don’t remember. They played for a little over an hour, maybe more, with some of it being a rehearsal. When it was over there were several hundred spectators. Previously, it was the Beach Boys, Beatles, and Stones. Then Jimi, Cream, Doors, Ten Years After, Jeff Beck, Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, and the Grateful Airplane took me. And that day at BCC the Brothers chiseled their way in too, but before the year ended, the band lost Duane. Duane’s loss was huge. I graduated from high school that year. I’ve forgotten most of what they played on that field, but I’ll never forget the feeling and admiration I had for their music that day.