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Fujirich - 5/9/2020 at 02:00 AM

Far worse than the corona virus, and worse than the recent awful unemployment numbers, is what's happening now in our nation's capital. Recently released transcripts show that numerous officials have engaged in massive and continued lying about the investigations over the past 3+ years. Their public pronouncements vs their official testimony vary so widely that the lies are laid bare regardless of party affiliation.

Strong partisanship has always been factor of American life when we're not facing external threats. We've survived that for a long time. But officials using their power for political ends will unravel our entire society if we don't assign consequences and correct the course.

Watch till the end, as Tucker rightly blasts both sides of the aisle for their uselessness...

nebish - 5/9/2020 at 02:28 AM

It used to be you could make statistics say anything. Now you can literally make high or low, black or white, right or wrong, you can make anything say and be anything you want.

One side protects themselves at all costs and attempts to tear down the other, rinse, wash and repeat.

Who do you listen to, who do you trust? No one?

Most of the people who care, are already subscribed to one narrative or the other. The people in the middle either don't care, or don't know what is true so they tune it out.

I've thought we have been unraveling for a while now. At this point it is just accelerating.

I did watch the video. Tucker occasionally makes some good points, he will take positions and arguments that are not as easily labeled as "Faux" right wing BS as many would assume.

But at the same time, he, or any talented journalist or opinion editorial writer or TV personality and their support staff can spin whatever they want to make it appear like whatever they want.

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