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gina - 1/27/2020 at 10:31 PM

Officials keep saying they are not worried but now the US has 110 people in 26 states they are monitoring who have been screened at 5 airports for coronavirus. Just yesterday someone in Hartford was a confirmed case. They are confirmed cases in Wasington state [Seattle], Phoenix, Chicago, Texas.

In Wuhan in China they are putting together a prefab hospital with 1,000 beds opens in one week by Feb 3. They are also building three more because of what is going on there.

They have no drugs for it.

On top of that the flu this year is type B. The vaccines are only 58% effective. People are dieing from it in a couple of days. One 8 yr. Old in Atlanta had his kidneys shut down by day 2 after symptoms appeared.

We cannot afford a pandemic here on top of the flu. Trump must stop admitting anyone coming from China until the danger passes. Why isn't he doing it?

Edit: Thread title changed out of respect for Xi Jinping, the Chinese President, who does not want panic and for the exemplary job he is doing in epidemic management.

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BrerRabbit - 1/27/2020 at 10:51 PM

"If the thunder don't get you
Then the lightning will"

gina - 1/27/2020 at 11:06 PM

These are things from the Apocalyptic times we are living in.

There are swarms of locusts in Africa. Etc.

gina - 1/27/2020 at 11:17 PM

Five million people left Wuhan before the quarantine.
They left China and went other places. [Business Insider reports]. How many are carriers of the virus which can take up to two weeks to show symptoms.

13 countries have infected people.

2700 infected in China, 81 dead.

Others mentioned the 2011 movie Contagion, and say this is what it is like.

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gina - 1/27/2020 at 11:40 PM

Tomorrow, Tuesday

Charter flight FROM Wuhan, Boeing 737,

230 people coming to San Francisco. The US has 1,000 people it wants to evacuate from the US consulate and bring back here.

There are already people infected in Los Angeles.

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gina - 1/29/2020 at 12:11 AM

China has 4515 cases nationwide, of those 1300 new cases. 106 deaths.

The first 1,000 bed prefab hospital opens today.

The second one in Lienshenshen with 1300 to 1500 beds opens Feb 5th.

A 121 member medical team from their National Health Commission left Beijing to go to Wuhan among them is nurse Hu Jing.
[From Tianshannet news].

Tongi Medical Lab is working 24 hrs. A day for the 6 hour blood test to confirm the virus using Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction [RT-PCR]. They can test 200 samples per day.

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gina - 1/30/2020 at 01:05 PM

7711 infected in China,

81,000 being monitored.

3 US drug companies want to work on a vaccine.

Those evacuated from Wuhan that came back to US were taken to military facility in California to be held for 14 days.

The virus replicates every six days.

BrerRabbit - 1/30/2020 at 03:33 PM

Symptoms are generally mild on this one.

BrerRabbit - 1/30/2020 at 03:43 PM

These are things from the Apocalyptic times we are living in.

There are swarms of locusts in Africa. Etc.

Viruses, insect population spikes, have been happening for all of history. How do you think they knew what a plague was thousands of years ago? Because they happened occasionally.


BIGV - 1/30/2020 at 04:49 PM

Viruses, insect population spikes, have been happening for all of history.

Kind of similar to the heating and cooling cycles the Earth goes through?

BrerRabbit - 1/30/2020 at 05:16 PM

Kind of similar to the heating and cooling cycles the Earth goes through?

Sure. Maybe you are trying that strawman trick again to pin me on global warming, aint gonna happen, said it here many times, I think Al Gore is a hypocritical idiot. So yeah, good analogy. And speeded up due to international commerce. Same with global warming, maybe amped by emissions - I dont give a sh!t why its hapening. I dont need global warming to make me want clean air, water, and a healthy ecology. I was an environmentalist long before I was aware of global warming.

And I dont need to think a corona virus is the apocalypse to take a few precautions. Just glad it isnt Swine Flu 1918, smallpox, yellow fever - The Black Death took out a third of Europe. Everyone was sure it was the End Times back then.

gina - 1/30/2020 at 09:52 PM

Symptoms are generally mild on this one.

3 out of 10 who get it die. Mild symptoms? Their lungs do not function, they need to be ventilated to live.
At least 10% die
As of 25 January, of the 99 patients:

57 were still in hospital
31 had been discharged
11 had died

Lung assault
All of the 99 patients taken to the hospital had pneumonia - their lungs were inflamed and the tiny sacs where oxygen moves from the air to the blood were filling with water.

Other symptoms were:

82 had fever
81 had a cough
31 had shortness of breath
11 had muscle ache
nine had confusion
eight had a headache
five had a sore throat

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gina - 1/30/2020 at 09:54 PM

The UN declared a "global emergency" s-instructions-for-the-post-apocalypse/

gina - 1/30/2020 at 10:06 PM

Some sources for news:

The first patient was cured. son-to-person-transmission

gina - 1/30/2020 at 10:09 PM

Confirmed Cases By Country s-200125070959786.html

gina - 1/30/2020 at 10:11 PM

Vaccines NOT READY in time for the Olympics in Tokyo.

Vaccines likely will not be ready in time for Tokyo 2020: Professor
Vaccines against the coronavirus probably will not be ready by the start of the Tokyo Summer Olympics, a professor who looked at health risks ahead of the Games said, adding that he hopes there was enough time to build defences.

Koji Wada, a professor of public health at the International University of Health and Welfare in Tokyo, co-authored a paper in 2018 that looked at health risks from the influx of visitors to the 2020 Games in July.

"We may have more information about the risk of infection and the risk of severity of getting the virus, so we can [be] prepared," Wada told Reuters news agency. "So we can have some precautions for infection control ... but I hope we can conduct the Tokyo Olympics as scheduled." oronavirus-o-200129233906291.html

BrerRabbit - 1/30/2020 at 10:17 PM

Bummer. Overhyped cold/flu. Whaddyagonnado?

gina - 1/30/2020 at 10:22 PM

This British man was a tourist. He got very sick in Phuket. He called his Mother and said he felt like he was going to die in the hospital. The Mother was vacationing in Spain and called the insurance company to get him transferred to Bangkok.

In his case the ventilator they put him on was reportedly too small for his lungs, causing fluid to build and abcesses. When he got to Bangkok, they reportedly put him on the correct ventilator size. Now they say he did not have the corona virus but has the flu. He is in the ICU. firmed-not-to-have-the-virus deaths-british-tourist-case-thailand-a9292026.html ritish-tourist-sick-160422376.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6L y9zZWFyY2gueWFob28uY29tL3NlYXJjaDtfeWx0PUEyS0xmU3ZlVnpOZUw4d0FWRmRYTnlvQTtf eWxjPVgxTURNamMyTmpZM09RUmZjZ015QkdaeUEzbG1jQzEwQkdaeU1nTnpZaTEwYjNBRVozQnl hV1FEVjNSak0wSkljWEJUWXpKd1VFaFRkak5WWWxOMlFRUnVYM0p6YkhRRE1BUnVYM04xWjJjRE 5BUnZjbWxuYVc0RGMyVmhjbU5vTG5saGFHOXZMbU52YlFSd2IzTURNQVJ3Y1hOMGNnTUVjSEZ6Z EhKc0F6QUVjWE4wY213RE16SUVjWFZsY25rRFlYTm9iR1Y1SlRJd2MyaHZjblI1SlRJd1luSnBk R2x6YUNVeU1IWmxiblJwYkdGMGIzSUVkRjl6ZEcxd0F6RTFPREEwTWpNeE5USS0_cD1hc2hsZXk rc2hvcnR5K2JyaXRpc2grdmVudGlsYXRvciZmcjI9c2ItdG9wJmZyPXlmcC10JmZwPTE&gu ce_referrer_sig=AQAAAED-G-9ZlRUpJ

“The drains in Phuket into his lungs were too small and did not drain fluid hence the infection.”
Mr Shorley added his son was still very ill after undergoing a five-hour operation at Bumrungrad Hospital to remove abscesses and puss from his lungs.

He said Ashley, who is being treated with antibiotics and other drugs, would not be allowed to travel home until the grade A influenza virus had gone.

He currently has a hole in his lung and needs oxygen to breathe.

Mr Shorley said: “His lungs were covered with a thick plasma, his outer sack filled with poison puss so his lungs could not expand hence he had urgent seaplane transfer to Bangkok.

“He may undergo an operation when his fever from pneumonia drops to the correct level.”

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BrerRabbit - 1/30/2020 at 10:50 PM

Not near as bad as SARS was in 2003 so far. Your numbers are inflated and alarmist. Most fatalities elderly and already sick types.

From Business Insider: "The pneumonialike virus, which originated in Wuhan, China, has infected more than 8,100 people and killed 170.

So far, the virus does not seem to be as deadly as SARS, which killed 774 people from 2002 to 2003. SARS had a mortality rate of 9.6%, whereas about 2% of people infected with the new coronavirus have died. But the number of people infected after one month has already surpassed the SARS outbreak's eight-month total.

Many patients with coronavirus have already made full recoveries. According to Chinese officials, most of those who've died were elderly or had other ailments that compromised their immune systems."

Link, Business Insider, article has a good angle on the panic, which is worse than the disease itself: -say-2020-1

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PhotoRon286 - 1/30/2020 at 11:09 PM

Well gina did say one thing I agree with on this latest "sign of the apocalypse" :

Phuk et

gina - 1/31/2020 at 12:45 AM

Other news sources:









gina - 1/31/2020 at 12:48 AM

Well gina did say one thing I agree with on this latest "sign of the apocalypse" :

Phuk et

Easy for you to say!

Stephen - 1/31/2020 at 05:17 AM

Vaccines NOT READY in time for the Olympics in Tokyo.

Vaccines likely will not be ready in time for Tokyo 2020: Professor
Vaccines against the coronavirus probably will not be ready by the start of the Tokyo Summer Olympics, a professor who looked at health risks ahead of the Games said, adding that he hopes there was enough time to build defences.

Yes, “two World Cup ski races that were cancelled in China b/c of the ongoing virus outbreak have been moved to Austria. The downhill & Super G were originally scheduled next month at Yanqing, site of the 2022 Beijing Olympics”

Yep it’s got people scared alright - gotta catch up on the links, esp that one Brer about the overpanic alarmist reaction being worse than any disease - chilling is the best medicine for them

We’re building de fences on the border, now time for virus defences Corona didn’t have a lemon slice, that’s why I got a virus

Has coronavirus been passed down from malaria>yellow fever>TB>West Nile>Ebola & On - contagious viruses are nothing new really - stay well

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gina - 1/31/2020 at 10:03 PM

1-30-20 Friday

10,000 infected.
213 dead in China.

Some have said the death toll is higher. Everyone who is sick was not tested for the coronavirus. Those who were not tested and died are not recorded or reported in the official death toll numbers. Their death certificates list the cause of death as pneumonia. There are so many fatalities bodies are going from the hospital to the funeral homes and are being cremated. The second hospital in Lienshenshen opens 2-3, and the third hospital opens 2-5. The medical journal the Lancet says there may be 75,000 cases.

gina - 1/31/2020 at 10:09 PM

Remdesivir, an anti retroviral drug has been provided to China by Gilead pharmaceuticals. The drug treats Ebola, MERS, and Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Reported by Reuters.

Description: Remdesivir, also known as GS-5734, is an antiviral drug, and a novel nucleotide analog prodrug. Remdesivir inhibits murine hepatitis virus (MHV) with an EC50 of 30 nM, and blocks SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV in HAE cells with EC50s of both 74 nM in HAE cells after treatment for 24 h. GS-5734 inhibits both epidemic and zoonotic coronaviruses. It was developed by Gilead Sciences as a treatment for filovirus infections such as Ebola virus disease and Marburg virus. Remdesivir share the same core structure with that of GS-441524. Remdesivir may consider as a prodrug of GS-441524.

Remdesivir has been found to show reasonable antiviral activity against more distantly related viruses such as respiratory syncytial virus, Junin virus, Lassa fever virus, and MERS-coronavirus. GS-5734 was rapidly pushed through clinical trials due to the 2013–2016 West African Ebola virus epidemic crisis, eventually being used in at least one human patient despite its early development stage at the time. Preliminary results have been promising, and further clinical trials are planned.

Appearance:Solid powder
Purity:>98% (or refer to the Certificate of Analysis)
Shipping Condition:Shipped under ambient temperature as non-hazardous chemical. This product is stable enough for a few weeks during ordinary shipping and time spent in Customs.

Storage Condition: Dry, dark and at 0 - 4 C for short term (days to weeks) or -20 C for long term (months to years).
Solubility:Soluble in DMSO
Shelf Life:>2 years if stored properly
Drug Formulation:This drug may be formulated in DMSO
Stock Solution Storage:0 - 4 C for short term (days to weeks), or -20 C for long term (months).
Harmonized System Code:2934.99.90.01 ep.pdf?ua=1

High Risk Exposure Events
 For persons that have experienced a high-risk exposure event, the prompt administration (at the
earliest possible time within 48-72 hours after the exposure) of one of the four injectable products
(ZMapp, Remdesivir, REGN3470-3471-3479, or mAb114) should be strongly considered. ug-trials-and-asymptomatic-spread/

The first I heard about was a team at Imperial College London led by Professor Neil Ferguson. As of writing, they’ve published three reports, the first on the 17th January and the most recent on the 25th January.

They’ve been working back from the number of cases being seen outside of China and the probability a case would appear based on the number of people who were leaving from Wuhan International Airport. Given this is a new outbreak with a virus not ever seen before, they had to make some guestimates as to how infectious it is and the incubation period.

[Check Grant Jacobs’ explainer of how infectivity is measured, aka R0, and this fantastic graphic that has the R0’s of lots of different infectious microbes.]

Ferguson and colleagues’ estimates ranged from 190 – 5,341 cases by the 12th January in their first report, to between 1,000 – 9,700 by the 18th January in their second report. Prof Ferguson was then quoted in the Guardian last week as saying his best guest was there were 100,000 people infected with the virus.

A few days ago a paper appeared in the Lancet that describes pretty much the same analysis. Professor Joseph Wu and colleagues estimate that between 37,304 and 130,330 people have been infected in Wuhan as of 25th January. lowships/2019-nCoV-outbreak-report-17-01-2020.pdf fulltext#seccestitle80

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gina - 1/31/2020 at 10:28 PM

Scientists in Hong Kong wrote in the Lancet medical journal they think 75 000 people in China are infected and each of those people would statistically come in contact with 2.6 other people potentially infecting them. There are 400 cases exported from Wuhan to Chonqing, 422 miles away, Beijing got 113 cases, Shanghai 98 cases. This is the time of New Years celebrations over there for 40 days you have a lot of people in the air and on the trains travelling. Originally it was two weeks before people got sick.

Reported in Yahoo/uk/style section

gina - 1/31/2020 at 11:18 PM

Has reported a quick screening test gives results in 30 minutes for nucleic acid reagent test kits. They were approved by China's NMPA to test for the corona virus. [2019-nCov].

Very good news.

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gina - 1/31/2020 at 11:28 PM

Many wonder how are the people in Wuhan handling this, being on lockdown in their homes? The BBC and Guardian from the UK reported people having a great solidarity with each other. They come out on their balconies and chant Wuhan-jiyou which means Wuhan stay strong.

They also sing and their neighbors join them in the evening. They are on lockdown during what should be their New Year's festivities. They are not down or despairing. They order food it gets delivered. They play ping pong and games in their apartments.

Their government built hospitals to help them. They want them to get well and get home. Amidst a serious problem they took the actions needed to care for their people.

We should try to be supportive of these people, because this could have happened anywhere.

gina - 2/1/2020 at 12:06 AM

Business Wire has reported 1-23-20 that Moderna Inc. Has received a funding award to develop a vaccine for the corona virus.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Moderna, Inc., (Nasdaq: MRNA) a clinical stage biotechnology company pioneering messenger RNA (mRNA) therapeutics and vaccines to create a new generation of transformative medicines for patients, and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), today announced a new collaboration to develop an mRNA vaccine against the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

Moderna has strategic alliances with these pharmaceutical companies to work with them on vaccine development.

Merck Inc,
Defense Advanced Research Projects (DARPA)
US Department of Defense and Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BADA)

Under the terms of the agreement, Moderna will manufacture an mRNA vaccine against 2019-nCoV, which will be funded by CEPI. The Vaccine Research Center (VRC) of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of NIH, collaborated with Moderna to design the vaccine. NIAID will conduct IND-enabling studies and a Phase 1 clinical study in the U.S. 79.html

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gina - 2/2/2020 at 08:50 PM

Nucleic acid reagent test kits for [2019-nCov] Corona virus approved by China NMPA. Generates results in 30 minutes.

So they can determine if someone has the virus quicker to start treatment.

gina - 2/2/2020 at 09:13 PM

The Shanghai Institute of Materia Medical and Wuhan Virus Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly found that "Shuanghuanglian oral liquid" can inhibit new corona virus proliferation on a case led by Academician Jiang Hualing, who participated in SARS research.

The liquid contains honeysuckle, scutellarica baicalensis, and forsythia which detoxifies the body providing broad spectrum antiviral and bacteriostatic properties. In 2003 Zup Jianping's team from the Shanghai INstitute confirmed it had anti SARS corona virus effect. Also effective against flu strains:

H7N9, H1N1, H5N1, MERS.

REMARKS: Use natural substances first. Thumbs up for the Chinese scientists.

gina - 2/2/2020 at 09:17 PM

Cocktail of Flu, HIV drugs appears to helps to fight Corona virus: Thai Doctors.

By Panu Wongcha-um

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thai doctors have seen success in treating severe cases of the new coronavirus with combination of medications for flu and HIV, with initial results showing vast improvement 48 hours after applying the treatment, they said on Sunday.

The drug treatment includes a mixture of anti-HIV drugs lopinavir and ritonavir, in combination with flu drug oseltamivir in large doses.

"This is not the cure, but the patient's condition has vastly improved. From testing positive for 10 days under our care, after applying this combination of medicine the test result became negative within 48 hours," Dr. Kriangska Atipornwanich, a lung specialist at Rajavithi, told reporters.

"This is not the cure, but the patient's condition has vastly improved. From testing positive for 10 days under our care, after applying this combination of medicine the test result became negative within 48 hours," Dr. Kriangska Atipornwanich, a lung specialist at Rajavithi, told reporters.

"The outlook is good but we still have to do more study to determine that this can be a standard treatment."

Chinese health officials have already been administering the HIV and flu drugs to fight the coronavirus. The use of the three together in a cocktail seemed to improve the treatment, the Thai doctors said.

Another doctor said that a similar approach in two other patients resulted in one displaying some allergic reaction but the other showed improvement.

"We have been following international practices, but the doctor increased the dosage of one of the drugs," said Somsak Akkslim, director-general of the Medical Services Department, referring to the flu medicine Oseltamivir.

Thailand has recorded 19 cases of coronavirus. Of the Thai patients, eight have recovered and gone home while 11 are still under treatment in hospitals.

Somsak said the health ministry will meet on Monday to discuss the successful treatment in the case of the 70-year-old but said it is still too soon to say that this approach can be applied to all cases.

"Initially we will apply this approach only to severe cases," he said.

COMMENTS: One flu drug, and two HIV drugs helped 8 out of 19 patients get well, and test negative so they were able to go home. 11 More patients are still at the hospital receiving the drug cocktail. Pray for them.

gina - 2/2/2020 at 09:24 PM


Phillipines: ml st-african-swine-fever-outbreak-in-southern-province eak-deadly-bird-flu-among-chickens-hunan r-of-coronavirus/

Bird Flu H5N1,The bird flu outbreak was reported Saturday in Hunan, which borders the province of Hubei where the coronavirus broke out last month. “The outbreak occurred in a farm in the Shuangqing district of Shaoyang city,” officials said. “The farm has 7,850 chickens, and 4,500 of the chickens have died from the contagion.”

Hong Kong Medical Workers Strike as outbreak worsens cal-workers-threaten-strike-unless-border-closed-coronavirus/

They voted to strike. s-vote-to-strike-as-outbreak-worsens h-brits/

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gina - 2/2/2020 at 09:34 PM nk/index.html

Wuhan officials estimate about 5 million people had left the city for the annual Lunar New Year holiday before authorities canceled all outbound flights, trains and buses in an unprecedented lockdown on January 23.
Many of them are migrant workers or university students returning to their hometowns for new year family reunions. Others are holidaymakers taking advantage of the long annual break.

China only declared that the coronavirus could be transmitted from person to person on January 20, following a sudden jump in confirmed cases. Until then, authorities had said the outbreak was "preventable and controllable."

Remarks: 5 MILLION people left Wuhan BEFORE authorities cancelled all outbound flights etc. Where are those people now. How many were infected and how many did they infect? The world has not seen the height of this yet. Even the researchers have said one infected person statistically can infect 2.6 others, or 3 or 5 others. You have 5 MILLION people who went out of the city, how many of them are carriers transmitting the disease?

AND WHY HASN'T HE US CLOSED IT'S BORDERS TO PEOPLE COMING FROM CHINA? Why are they still coming thru the airports, travelling in BIG cities (NYC has 11 million people) infecting people anywhere. Yet the government still says don't worry.

gina - 2/3/2020 at 02:00 AM

Eric Toner, M.D. of John's Hopkins Center for Health Science took part in a simulation with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and concluded that "under the right circumstances" the corona virus could kill 65 Million people in 18 months. -of-a-coronavirus-outbreak-says-the-cats-already-out-of-the-bag-and-chinas- efforts-to-contain-the-disease-unlikely-to-be-effective-2020-01-24 hina-is-too-late-coronavirus-is-out-of-control-video

The Spanish flu killed 20 to 60 million in 1918.

He thinks the Chinese efforts to contain the disease are "unlikely to be effective".

Market Watch

He is not alone in his assessment of the possible death toll.

Yesterday a top Hong Kong medical official predicted the coronavirus could infect more than 60 per cent of the global population if containment methods fail.

Professor Gabriel Leung, chair of public health medicine in the city, said on Tuesday even if the coronavirus kills just 1 per cent of sufferers, it could still wipe out as many as 45 million people. -global-population-controlled.html t-beginning-outside-China-says-expert.html ction-could-reach-60-of-worlds-population

In the UK that translates to 400,000 people could die from it. h-brits/ 66.html

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gina - 2/4/2020 at 10:50 PM

Tuesday 2-4

CNN reported 20,000 confirmed cases in China.

China is going above and beyond in their response. Even making negative pressure ambulances, and they converted some exhibition centers into makeshift locations for sick people. Their response has been phenomenal but this is a very virulent virus. It has also been noted when a patient gets well, and people have, they can be re-infected their antibodies will not be enough to prevent that.

More later.

gina - 2/7/2020 at 01:04 AM

28, 353 confirmed cases.

565 deaths.

gina - 2/9/2020 at 02:46 AM

Saturday 2-8-20

Confirmed cases 34,800
Deaths 805

28 countries.

New cases at Contamines-Mointjoie ski resort, Chamonix, France.

John Edmunds Professor London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine said modeling done showed ten times more cases than is being reported and the number may be higher than that.

There are 40 cases in Singapore from people arriving from China.
Hong Kong, 161 cases from arrivals from China. 148 quarantined at home, 11 at hotels. 2 at quarantine camp. [per]

Fears 1.2 billion could be effected if the virus gets to Africa.

In Wuhan, Chen Qiushi, citizens journalist and human rights lawyer raised concerns about supplies shortages in hospitals and has disappeared since Thursday. China does not allow its citizens to criticize the government they consider it a misdemeanor and causes problems with social order.

gina - 2/9/2020 at 03:26 AM

Extended coverage on the Ski Resort in France.

The effected were 3 British nationals, totalling 4 adults and one child. It is a cluster grouping of several cases around one original case, a British national staying in Haute Savoie returning on Jan 24 from Singapore where he was Jan 20 thru 23.

There were 9 people hospitalized, 3 Brits in Grenoble, 2 others in St.Etienne Hospital. 4 at Croix Rousse Hospital in Lyon - 2 proven cases and 2 other relatives

2 schools CM1 and St. Gervais closed per Mayor of St. Gervais, Jean Marc Peillex.

Full info at
Let Dauphine Libere


Scroll down to find option to read in English.

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gina - 2/9/2020 at 03:45 AM


Has reported 20 people from the cruise ship Diamond Princess off Yokohama, Japan testing positive, 3700 others confined to quarters.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reports 1 confirmed case on the Westerdam cruise ship that is heading to Japan.

Hong Kong. 3600 confirmed cases the World Dream cruise ship.

While in China, there is a shortage of 2250 medical personnel in Hubei per Deputy Provincial Director Yang Yunyan. I hate to say his name, don't want him to disappear and be punished.

BGI group genome sequencing company in south China opened lab in Wuhan to test 10,000 people per day.

Shanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacture Co. Is running 24 hours a day making 80 000 masks per day. [Per Global Times China].

China makes 50 per cent of the world's masks, so in this huge crisis they have to deal with their needs there plus supply the world. Not easy.

The Drs. are working schedules worse than our interns. Dr. Zhang Quiping who is stepmother to Dr. Chen Bo, Director of Outpatient Department of Wuhan Lung Hospital, worked for more than 10 days seeing more than 300 patients per day. She ate in a hospital office, rested in a duty room, rotated shifts with other Dr.'s taking only a few hours off each day. Had no extra clothes washes and dries what she wears. Not sure if she got any extra clothes. They believe they must do all they can.

Can the US and other nations ask what we can do? Even just send clean, sterile clothes to the Dr.'s and nurses?

Good news on the supply front.

World Health Organization [WHO] Director Tedros Adhanom-Ghebreyesus announced at their meeting in Geneva today the WHO is sending testing kits masks gloves respirators and gloves to every effected region. Michael Ryan Executive Director for the WHO program said the supply chain is not just made up of producers but also the producers of raw materials wholesalers and retailers.

Update on Medical Personnel

The third group of medical teams headed out from Second Xiangya Hospital of Central Southern University today.
The first group of medical teams headed out from Third Xiangya Hospital of Central Southern University today.
From People's Daily in China.

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gina - 2/9/2020 at 04:11 AM

There is a beautiful video from a 24 year old nurse in Wuhan who was diagnosed with the virus, followed Dr.'s orders, used Oseltamavir and another local drug, self quarantined for 11 days, is well. Beautiful lady, encouraging story, 1,722 people have been cured.


Scroll to her video. Nurse Jia Na is an inspiration.

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gina - 2/9/2020 at 05:23 AM

You know I don't give praise unless it is deserved.

Firstly though

There are some people in our government who want to suppress news coming out of China, yep I got that nasty 404 page when the government wants to deny access to information, on one of the English translated websites of a paper coming out of China. That is what our government does. I don't even want to say did something get out of Ft. Detrick and end up in China and the guilty ones now worry they won't be able to say it began in China? The coincidence of it happening during flu season should make anyone wonder. Why might they do that? Trade deals, particularly 5G and the companies involved, remember the US going after Huwei, it's only the beginning. Toyota has 21 manufacturing plants in China, Kia also has plants, car parts may be delayed because of the situation in China but that is just an unplanned thing. The 5G technology is HUGE financially.
If you think we wouldn't, read some of what our government has done over the years.

Read Rogue State the book by William Blum.

Xi Jinping spoke with Trump Friday. Xi wants people to stay calm.

His approach is assess in a calm manner.
Adapt and adopt response measures in a reasonable way.
China carried out national mobilization, across the board deployment, and swift responses.
They adopted the most comprehensive and rigorous prevention and control measures and launched the peoples war against the epidemic.

China deserves praise for how they are handling it.

They built hospitals not FEMA concentration camps for their citizens. They truck in fresh produce and food. People can go every 2 days to get food for their households. You want to know what our government is doing, reportedly making spam yes that awful canned luncheon meat with ramen noodles and an egg like product and warehousing that for when the crops fail and the cattle die in this country due to the climate change.

See how other nations treat their people and respond to this outbreak. Look, learn.

China stay strong amidst our nasty sanctions. Can't we at least stop punishing them in that way?

[Edited on 2/9/2020 by gina]

gina - 2/11/2020 at 10:39 PM

2- 11-20

40,000 infected.
1,000 dead.

The Daily Mail reported a map was created using all phone tracking data which shows how travelers may have spread the virus fro m Wuhan to 400 cities nationwide unknowingly because symptoms had not occurred yet and Wuhan was not on lockdown. How many thousands, sit down for this one, 60 000 out of 5 million people traveled since the beginning of the outbreak before lockdown.

No I have not forgotten about Dr. Wenliang. He became sick 12-30, dieng 2-6-20. He leaves behind a four year old child AND his wife is pregnant due in September. So the baby was conceived either prior to or when he became infected. There is another case of a woman giving birth to a baby born positive with the virus, whether it was transmitted in utero or before that is not known yet.

Many have railed against the government's treatment of Dr. Wenliang for his criticism of knowledge sharing about the coronavirus but there was more. He was reportedly also interested in the protests at Tianamen Square and the arab spring in Egypt. Advocacy of those things during an epidemic would of course rile up anger from any government. Could you imagine Trump if the US was the country dealing with the epidemic instead of China and people wanted a Pelosi spring? If millions of people protested during an epidemic the results would be catastrophic, tragic resulting in the loss of lives due to not being able to contain the disease.

I will try to have a decent epitaph for Dr. Wenliang forthcoming.

The US government has opened more military sites including Ft. Hamilton and Ft. Dix to send people to if they become sick. There are 11 more sites. The hospitals are full with flu cases, no more room in metro NY. If you get sick here you will be contained at a military facility. Experts have said the proliferation of the disease should stop by May. But that does not mean it is over. Next fall, there may be more, and the virus is already mutating. If you have antibodies against it they will not be strong enough to guarantee safety from being re-infected.

[Edited on 2/11/2020 by gina]

Jerry - 2/12/2020 at 07:15 PM

Gina, if you think the US is suppressing info about the coronavirus spread, read what is possibly an exposed cover-up from China. terrifying-coronavirus-statistics

Images show what could be the actual coronavirus infection figure at 154,203, and the death toll at 24,589 on the "Epidemic Situation Tracker".

gina - 2/13/2020 at 09:13 PM

Clarification, the confirmed case numbers that most media has been receiving have seemed low to some researchers. The reason is the numbers reported from Wuhan are only from the Hubei province.

The province currently has 48,206 active case, but al Jazeera reports an aggregate total of 60,000 cases nationwide. However Fox news says the 60,000 number is cases across 26 countries. We have seen the map with cases in other countries. There are not 10,000 plus cases in other countries, so the 60,000 number must be for all of China and other countries combined. There are 50 million people in China, 60,000 cases out of 50 million people is credible. North Korea denies any cases, many do not believe that. China is doing a great job in managing and containing the virus as well as curing people. The 769 who receive the generic Remdesivir should begin to start getting well. It just takes time.

[Per Al Jazeera].

There are some amazing innovations being done in Bitan Ditan where President Xi Jinping visited on Monday, including implementing usage of artificially intelligent robots in the hospital doing everything from sanitizing to taking temperatures, communicating with patients, running real time radiologic scans on their lungs. Info is video linked conferences via 5G telecommunications to the Dr.s and scientists in Wuhan and elswhere.

[Edited on 2/13/2020 by gina]

gina - 2/13/2020 at 09:38 PM

I also want to say during this time of flu and hacking [ here in NY] seems like a lot of people have that hack. The cough that just stays there. I had it bad myself last week. It was like allergies on top of a hacking cough. Still have a little hack. Antibiotics would not do me any good. The cure? God's medicines. Oregano [from Spain must be Meditteranean], ginger, garlic. ALL of those have antiseptic properties. Lemons, vinegar.

If you don't want to cook go to a Chinese or Thai restaurant, get spicy food. Jalopenas, Chile powder or paprika will also help you.

If you have the flu your immunity is down. Antibiotics are for bacteria. Flu is viral, but if you do not clear up the goop in your lungs, you will risk infection and subsequent sepsis.

Green tea, echinacea, grapefruitseed-extract, goldenseal, and that oregano capsules or liquid extract.

And at this time of misery for many please remember to patronize your local Chinese restaurants. They have been feeding you for years and want to continue. There is no correlation between them and the corona virus. It is safe.

gina - 2/15/2020 at 01:45 AM


Firstly it has been estimated by Dr. Gabriel Leung [] that within 3 months time, 60 per cent of the population on the earth can be effected by the corona virus. He managed the SARS epidemic as well as swine flu outbreak of 2009. This was reported on 2-11 by Mia Jankowitz for Business Insider. ction-could-reach-60-of-worlds-population

Now today there is a second wave of flu starting. David Weber, Infectious Disease specialist with University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill says we have not even peaked for flu yet. 26 million got sick, 250, 000 were hospitalized and 14,000 died from influenza and the season has not peaked yet. t-cdc-says.html lu-hits-us-kids/ar-BB100Dr7

Yesterday, the Military Times reports they are preparing for Corona virus pandemic. Yep, the "p" word. North com received an Executive Order by the Joint Staff approved by Defense Secretary Mark Esper to "implement the Department of Defense Global Campaign Plan for Pandemic Influenza and Infectious Diseases order 3551-13".

They plan for "response, isolation, quarantine, restriction of movement and community based intervention. "

So flu and/or corona pandemic preparations. pping-for-coronavirus-pandemic/

[Edited on 2/15/2020 by gina]

gina - 2/15/2020 at 02:10 AM

I understand the seriousness of what is to come. We need to comprehend that we have an extended FLU season started in December will last until May, and now a secondary threat coming along.

If you are sick, do you have a fever? If so go to a Doctor, tell him all your symptoms, use whatever meds he tells you to use. If you do not have a fever, self quarantine yourself at home until you are better. I took time off from work two weeks ago, I had a hacking cough. My solution was found in spicy foods from Chinese restaurants. If you are wary, you can add herbs and spices to your own food.

With regards to coughs, there are two types, productive and non productive. A productive cough will bring up any mucus you have so you can spit it out. An unproductive cough is a dry cough. If you have a dry cough moisturize the air with a cool mist humidifier, take an expectorant like Guifenesin you have to get rid of the mucus or it can get infected and then you can get pneumonia.

Have warm liquids, soup, broth, tea.

State and federal governments should make it easy for sick people to self quarantine at home, with guaranteed job protections much like the Family Medical Leave act protections. In the competitive world we live in, people are scared to take time off because businesses are cut throat and will fire you. Their main concern is their money and the work has to get done, you are just a peon and they will pee on you and give your job to someone else. They do not care, they have no loyalty. It's all about the money.

We cannot have sick people who are contagious all over the subways, busses, trains, or epidemic and pandemics will follow. The governments have to step up and help out the workers.

[Edited on 2/15/2020 by gina]

gina - 2/15/2020 at 06:56 PM

There are also students from other countries trapped in Wuhan due to the lockdown. Pakistan has established a means of communication for them to contact their families. ies-of-trapped-students-in-wuhan/

[Edited on 2/15/2020 by gina]

HIGHWAY61REVISITED - 2/15/2020 at 09:51 PM

We all have opinions about this. Nobody, not even in the media, mentions the source. It is widely thought that this started in a meat market. China has an appalling record when it comes to animal welfare. There is a high probability that this outbreak was caused buy eating Pangolin's. This is an animal that is being trafficked and slaughtered to the brink of extinction for its scales and meat. Snakes, bats and many other wild animals are being killed. The world should have woken up after the Sars virus. Nothing seems to have been learned. Sadly I doubt it ever will be.

gina - 2/19/2020 at 09:39 PM

They keep saying they think it is from bats and people want to eat them because it boosts their immunity. They don't eat them because they are poor, it is a delicacy. They eat all kinds of wild animals it is disgusting.

Today's count is 73,000 confirmed cases.

1,873 deaths.

But, as Chun Chang [Market Watch] pointed out they are winning the war on this because this week the number of new cases dropped from 5090 down to 1886

AND recoveries are up from 1081 to 1701.

They know what they are doing. They have contained the virus successfully and are treating people in the best ways possible. Xi Jinping has down an incredible job.

gina - 2/26/2020 at 12:42 AM

San Francisco has a state of emergency now. ml

Americans should prepare for significant disruptions if the virus hits their areas? Well you can't say they didn't warn you. 4.html

Not a question of IF but a question of WHEN per CDC.

"Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said on a call with reporters Tuesday. “We expect we will see community spread in this country,” Messonnier said, referring to person-to-person transmission of the virus. “It is not a matter of if, but a question of when, this will exactly happen.” 02.html

In the White House, there has been some discussion about whether to declare a national emergency under the Stafford Act to deal with the coronavirus, two people familiar with the discussions said. It’s one possible tool but hasn’t yet been seriously considered, another person close to the matter said.

The Stafford Act is intended for sudden, urgent emergencies. It would nationalize the response, put the Federal Emergency Management Agency in charge of it and enable access to direct federal assistance and use the disaster relief fund. White House communications staff declined to comment on the possibility.

Comment: Put FEMA in charge? 851 camps available. Oh whippin' post. Why can't they take it as seriously as other countries who close their borders to people from China? The Chins (that's what you call the people from China) are not black, there won't be any black lives matter protesters saying we are persecuting black people not letting more into the country, until/unless the African nations become pandemic and we say, NO people from these countries may not come here. Remember how that went over with Islamic peoples from certain nations when the refugee crisis came about?

This is a very serious time.

gina - 2/26/2020 at 12:51 AM

This was the prediction from a Harvard epidemiologist.

Harvard University epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch is predicting the coronavirus "will ultimately not be containable" and, within a year, will infect somewhere between 40 and 70 percent of humanity, The Atlantic reports. But don't be too alarmed. Many of those people, Lipsitch clarifies, won't have severe illnesses or even show symptoms at all, which is already the case for many people who have tested positive for the virus.

That's precisely why he doesn't think the virus can be stopped. 282.htm

The Atlantic reports Lipsitch is definitely not alone in his prediction. There's an emerging consensus that the outbreak will eventually morph into a new seasonal disease, which, per The Atlantic, could one day turn "cold and flu season" into "cold and flu and COVID-19 season." Read more at The Atlantic.

The Harvard epidemiology professor Marc Lipsitch is exacting in his diction, even for an epidemiologist. Twice in our conversation he started to say something, then paused and said, “Actually, let me start again.” So it’s striking when one of the points he wanted to get exactly right was this: “I think the likely outcome is that it will ultimately not be containable.”

On Friday, Chinese scientists reported in the medical journal JAMA an apparent case of asymptomatic spread of the virus, from a patient with a normal chest CT scan. The researchers concluded with stolid understatement that if this finding is not a bizarre abnormality, “the prevention of COVID-19 infection would prove challenging.”

On Saturday, Politico reported that the White House is preparing to ask Congress for $1 billion in emergency funding for a coronavirus response. This request, if it materialized, would come in the same month in which President Donald Trump released a new budget proposal that would cut key elements of pandemic preparedness—funding for the CDC, the NIH, and foreign aid.

COMMENTS: But not everybody will die, like the flu, some will get better, some will not have severe symptoms. The virus can be spread 19 days after someone becomes contagious. The person spreading it may not even be sick or get sick, but others will.

So imagine your subways, busses, trains, planes, boats, any confined space with lots of people some of whom are sick. Two researchers are making masks that will kill the virus. Production is two years away. They found that salt will cut through the molecule so that it cannot remain virulent and infect you. I have their names and contact info. I will stay on top of it.

gina - 2/26/2020 at 03:20 AM

The virus has been found in Iran. The Deputy Health Minister, Iraj-Harirchio and another person, a member of Parliament, Mahmoud Sadeghi have it.

What would happen here if a congressional member got it or a White House staffer? Would Washington go on lockdown?

First cases reported today in Afghanistan and also Iraq, Kuwait. Bahrain, Oman, Algeria. Croatia, Romania, Spain.

South Korea has 1146 cases, there are reports that the Shin Cheongi Church of Jesus 215,000 members are being tested. They say the church is a cult so they are harassing them singling them out.

Zhong Nanshan who discovered SARS says the incubation period can be up to 24 days for the coronavirus. The bats carry 40 different coronaviruses-

[Edited on 2/26/2020 by gina]

[Edited on 2/26/2020 by gina]

gina - 2/26/2020 at 10:35 PM

The case in Afghanistan and Pakistan originated in Iran.
12 died 61 infected in Iran. Ground zero there is Qom. health-ministry

1 confirmed case in Herat.
3 suspected cases in Farah, Ghor. 15M allocated nationwide to response. Public Health Minister Ferozuddin Feroz. “The Ministry of Finance allocated around $15 million to the Ministry of Public Health, while another ten million is in a state of reserve if the unwanted incidents escalate and get out of control,” ases-linked-to-outbreak-in-iran/

Authorities have installed tight monitoring mechanisms at airports, seaports and overland routes for travelers from with neighboring China which hosts around 30,000 Pakistanis, mostly students.

Moreover, some 10,000 Chinese nationals are also based in Pakistan, mostly working on infrastructure development and power plant construction projects that Beijing is funding and building under its global Belt and Road Initiative.

Pakistan confirms two cases. achi/

Yayha Jaffri, 22, has a history of travel to Iran where he is believed to have contracted the virus, according to the Sindh Health Department. He travelled from Iran to Karachi along with his family. navirus-govt-says-no-need-to-panic

"I can confirm first two cases of coronavirus in Pakistan. Both cases are being taken care of according to clinical standard protocols & both of them are stable," said Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Health Dr Zafar Mirza via a tweet on Wednesday evening. One case in Karachi, Sindh, and one in the tribal areas. The 22-year-old male patient travelled to Iran where he acquired COVID-19, Media Coordinator to the Health and Population Welfare Minister Meeran Yousuf said in a statement, days after Pakistan closed its land border with Iran, where 19 people have died from the virus.

The patient travelled from Iran to Karachi by plane on February 20. He and his family have been placed in quarantine and the Health Dept. is in the process of examining all the passengers that he travelled with, the statement added. Speaking to Dawn NewsTV, Yousuf said the man had started showing symptoms while he was in Iran. His tests were carried out today at the Aga Khan University Hospital which turned out positive.

gina - 2/26/2020 at 10:45 PM

As you may be aware many of our pharmaceuticals come from China. Here is a list of shortages. How worried should you be? If this virus really does become a pandemic, depends on how countries handle it. Try to find natural ways to deal with your problems.

gina - 2/26/2020 at 11:09 PM

Don't want to start a panic but part of being prepared is well being prepared. Those of us along the coastlines know during hurricane season it is a good idea to stock up on some non perishable supplies just in case. Well in an epidemic, pandemic, quarantine situation you may not be able to go out for things you normally do. I suggest getting yourself some freeze dried meals, some call them MRE's (meals ready to eat) they are freeze dried, you just re-hydrate them with water and heat them and you have food. Look at some prepper guidelines as to other things you might need and try to secure them just in case of a quarantine near you. The freeze dried food stays good for 25 years.

If the conspiracy theorists revolution comes, or the grid goes down, there is a hurricane, quarantine event you are ready.

There are things happening planet wide, apocalyptic things. Each one in and of itself doesn't disrupt your life, but once some of them get into full swing, things will change. Example, Bahrain has a locust infestation. The locusts eat all the crops, the livestock have nothing to eat, they die, resulting in meat shortages. Our midwest is slated to go thru significant climate change, big droughts are expected. The crops need water. Even if they have water, if locusts come there, no more crops. Edgar Cayce predicted it years ago, he said the heartland of the US would become like the dustbowl of the 1920's and Saskatchewan would be the place tasked with feeding most of the world. If you have a house, put up a greenhouse, if you have land, farm and freeze dry your own food.

There are other horrible things coming, you cannot bear them now, so just do what you can while living your life and for the future plan to get away from the coastlines for the east that means be west of Interstate 81 or be prepared to drown. I don't care if you can swim, or you are a great surfer, could you handle a 300 foot wave? Nuff said for now. If I get info. that an event like that is imminent, yes I will warn you, but be advised it is not IF it is WHEN.

gina - 2/27/2020 at 08:46 PM

President Trump just put Mike Pence in charge of handling the coronavirus in the US, and Pence will report back to him on it. now-report-infections-and-in-2-cases-source-is-a-mystery/ar-BB10s9IP?li

Pence takes control of national health messaging.

The White House on Thursday directed the government’s health officials and scientists to clear all coronavirus statements and public appearance with the office of Vice President Mike Pence, according to several officials familiar with the new approach.

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, one of the country’s leading experts on viruses and the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infections Diseases, told associates that the White House had instructed him not to say anything else without clearance.

President Trump selected Mr. Pence on Wednesday to coordinate the government’s response to the virus. In turn, Mr. Pence said on Thursday that he had selected Dr. Deborah L. Birx, who directs U.S. efforts against H.I.V. and AIDS, to serve as the Coronavirus Response Coordinator for the White House.

In announcing Mr. Pence’s coronavirus responsibilities, Mr. Trump said, “Mike is going to be in charge, and Mike will report back to me.” Mr. Pence says it will be Ms. Birx. Meanwhile, Alex M. Azar II, the health and human services secretary, remains the chairman of the government’s coronavirus task force — whose meeting Thursday Mr. Pence is scheduled to lead.

The virus can be deadly, but so far, most often isn’t.

The new coronavirus has sown fear and anxiety, with more than 81,000 cases and nearly 3,000 deaths.

gina - 2/27/2020 at 08:58 PM


Following San Francisco's delcaration, now Orange County has declared a state of emergency due to the coronavirus, reports Fox 11 out of Los Angeles: A Korean Air flight attendant tested positive for the virus while at LAX [airport].

CBS News out of Los Angeles is now reporting a Korean Air flight attendant has tested positive for the coronavirus after working the LAX flight route, spanning “several flights” out of LAX.

Before being diagnosed with the coronavirus, she worked:

– A flight from Tel Aviv, Israel to Seoul, South Korea
– Multiple flights from Seoul to LAX ing-lax-flights-diagnosed-with-coronavirus/

The 24-year-old was diagnosed Tuesday in southern Seoul, according to the Korea Joongang Daily newspaper.

The flight attendant had worked flights between LAX and Seoul–Incheon International Airport on Feb. 19 and 20, according to South Korean media outlets.

The woman also serviced a flight from Tel Aviv, Israel, to Seoul on Feb. 15, South Korea’s Center for Disease Control said. She may have contracted the virus from a South Korean church group who were on a pilgrimage to Israel, the Yonghap News Agency reports. rgency-over-coronavirus

More than 8,000 people are currently under self-quarantine in California. Apparently, almost none of them have been tested at all. ine-for-coronavirus.html

The CDC has only tested 426 people in the entire country, including the 185 from California.

2-26-20 Yesterday ads-germany-switzerland-croatia-iraq-spain-algeria-austria-and-brazil-while -cases

Coronavirus spreads to Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Iraq, Spain, Algeria, Austria and Brazil while cases explode in Italy by 45% in one day. An infection is now suspected in Brazil, which would make it the first South American nation to confirm a coronavirus infection, bringing the virus to a whole new continent. According to Brazil’s Health Ministry, one test of a local patient has reportedly come back positive. A second confirmation test is necessary to make the diagnosis “official.”

COMMENTS: We are entering the apocalypse that's what's going on. Plagues is one of the punishments to come on the earth. The corona virus may not be so bad right now. 18 months, next flu season is another matter.

[Edited on 2/27/2020 by gina]

gina - 2/28/2020 at 10:18 PM

FRIDAY 2-28-20 Mexico has confirmed two coronavirus cases. 0228134156264.html

Mexico's government said on Friday it had detected the first cases of coronavirus infection in two men who had recently travelled to Italy, making the country the second in Latin America to register the virus.

A 35-year-old man who showed positive in an initial test in Mexico City went through a second test that turned up positive results early on Friday, Deputy Health Minister Hugo Lopez-Gatell Ramirez told reporters.

His case is connected to the second case in the northern state of Sinaloa, Lopez-Gatell told a news conference alongside President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

COMMENT: He is in the northern state of Sinaloa, where the Guzman drug cartel operates. If any of the people who process the drugs that come to the US are infected, you can have quite a problem in a short amount of time. In addition, any of those migrants who want to cross the border can also become infected bringing it with them across the border.

Meanwhile, the Dominican Republic refused to allow a cruise ship headed towards the island to dock at its port amid worries over the virus.

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines said in an emailed statement that it had reported "a small number of influenza-like cases on board. Our medical team has now advised that they are all feeling better. No guests or crew are, or have been, displaying symptoms that are considered to be consistent with those of coronavirus."

Chain - 2/28/2020 at 11:59 PM

Given the United States may eventually have a pandemic on its hands, it probably wasn't a good idea to fire the professionals within the CDC tasked with coping with such emergencies....Another brilliant call by our stable genius president.

gina - 2/29/2020 at 02:40 AM

An Israeli company, MIGAL, has a vaccine for the coronavirus. It will be ready in 90 days to achieve the safety approvals for use. Guess where the company is. GALILEE. There's more. They had been researching something else when they hit the breakthrough AND it happened after a massive group of people prayed at the wailing wall.

Chen Katz is the leader of the biotech team. David Zigdan is their CEO.


They did an interview in Jerusalem Post also.

The company has a Facebook page at migal.research ill-have-coronavirus-vaccine-619101

[Edited on 2/29/2020 by gina]

gina - 2/29/2020 at 06:42 PM

2-29-20 SATURDAY

Selenium Deficiencies and Coronavirus avirus-is-selenium-the-answer/?fbclid=IwAR2VGxbt161b-GZPOFhKY4qmrW9ok2E5F-3 klkp5l0hEhb4nDSpHGJBLBMY

The data presented here demonstrate that a dietary deficiency of the nutritionally essential trace element Se increases the lung pathology caused by the influenza virus in mice. Under our conditions, mice fed a diet adequate in Se develop only a relatively mild inflammatory response when infected with influenza A/Bangkok/1/79. However, the inflammation is much more severe in Se-deprived mice. The increased severity of the inflammation is reflected in the increased number of inflammatory cells obtained by BAL as well as the higher pathology score.

These results complement earlier research that showed that Se deficiency induced myocarditis in mice infected with a benign strain of Coxsackie virus. Work by others has indicated that supplementation with Se may be of some benefit in individuals infected with HIV. Taken together, these studies emphasize the general importance of good nutrition in fighting infections and suggest that Se may be of particular benefit against a variety of viral diseases.
Selenium deficiency, which is the main regulator of selenoprotein expression, has been associated with the pathogenicity of several viruses. In addition, several selenoprotein members, including glutathione peroxidases (GPX), thioredoxin reductases (TXNRD) seemed important in different models of viral replication

The recommended daily intake of selenium in adults is between 50 and 70 micrograms per day.

Influenza virus-laden sneeze → Healthy, Se-adequate host inhales influenza virus → Virus infects lung epithelium → Induces ROS (inflammation) → Chemoattracts GPx1 → Stimulates host proinflammatory chemokines → Induces dendritic cell activity, including polypeptide C1q [7] → Primes viral antigen-specific T cells → ↑ anti-inflammatory interferon-gamma (IFN-&#947 and antibody immunoglobulin G (IgG) neutralization of viral antigen → inhibits virus replication and clears virus from host.

Your average Doctor gets SIX hours in nutrition in medical school. Take your health into your own hands. Get educated, get decent food and nutrients or supplement it.

[Edited on 2/29/2020 by gina]

gina - 2/29/2020 at 09:06 PM

Vaccines Updates

Coronaviruses without preventive vaccines are the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV), and the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19 disease in humans.

As of February 29, 2020, the US Food and Drug Administration has not approved any preventive or therapeutic vaccines for use against the SARS, MERS or the SARS-CoV-2 coronaviruses.

Coronavirus Vaccine Candidates Conducting Human Clinical Trials:
INO-4700 MERS-CoV is a DNA plasmid vaccine that expresses the MERS CoV spike (S) glycoprotein. Inovio expects to advance INO-4700 into a Phase 2 field study in the Middle East and Africa where outbreaks have been observed, with full funding from CEPI. On January 6, 2020, the company says this is the most advanced vaccine candidate for MERS. The Wistar Institute announced January 23, 2019, that they are part of the Inovio team. Wistar brings the experience and suitability of its DNA technology platform to rapidly translate a vaccine against an emerging virus.

GLS-5300 MERS-CoV Vaccine - The GLS-5300 MERS-CoV product is a DNA vaccine candidate, which allows for rapid design and production in response to emerging infectious diseases. Underscoring the potential for rapid deployment of DNA vaccines, GLS-5300 was advanced into the clinic within nine months of preclinical vaccine candidate selection. GLS-5300 was co-developed by GeneOne Life Science Inc. and Inovio

Pharmaceuticals. GLS-5300 is administered intramuscularly using the CELLECTRA® delivery device. A July 24, 2019, Phase 1 first-in-human clinical trial. Initial findings from the trial were published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases.

ChAdOx1 MERS-CoV Vaccine - ChAdOx1 MERS is a vaccine candidate to treat Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV). The ChAdOx1 MERS vaccine consists of the replication-deficient simian adenovirus vector ChAdOx1, containing the MERS Spike protein antigen. The first-in-human trial is now being conducted in Oxford in UK healthy adult volunteers. The vaccine will be administered intramuscularly. This is an open-label, dose-escalation phase 1b trial to assess the safety and immunogenicity of the candidate ChAdOx1 MERS vaccine in healthy Middle Eastern adult volunteers aged 18-50.

MVA MERS (Modified Vaccinia virus Ankara) is a vaccine candidate that contains the full-length spike gene of MERS-CoV. MVA MERS vaccines are produced with tPA, but either the mH5 or F11 promoter driving expression of the spike gene. In this phase I first-in-human clinical trial, healthy volunteers in two different dose cohorts will be vaccinated twice with the candidate vaccine MVA-MERS-S. A subgroup will additionally receive a late booster vaccination. A second phase 1b study is a two-center study in approximately 160 healthy adults aged 18-55 years. The study is to assess the safety and immunogenicity of MVA-MERS-S_DF-1. The study is not yet recruiting.

SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Development News: February 2020

February 28, 2020 - Altimmune, Inc. announced the advancement of a novel single-dose, intranasal vaccine using Altimmune’s proprietary technology to protect against COVID-19, the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Altimmune has completed the design and synthesis of the vaccine and is now advancing it toward animal testing and manufacturing.

February 27, 2020 - Generex Receives Contract from Chinese Partners to Develop a COVID-19 Vaccine Using Ii-Key Peptide Vaccines. The vaccine candidate could be available for human clinical trials within 90 days. “Our subsidiary NuGenerex Immuno-Oncology has developed Ii-Key peptide vaccines against several potentially pandemic viruses, including bird flu, swine, flu, HIV and a previous coronavirus, SARS.

February 27, 2020 - MIGAL’s researchers announced they have developed an effective vaccine against avian coronavirus Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV), to be adopted soon and create a human vaccine against COVID-19 disease. Dr. Chen Katz, MIGAL’s Biotechnology Group Leader, commented, “The scientific framework for the vaccine is based on a new protein expression vector, which forms and secretes a chimeric soluble protein that delivers the viral antigen into mucosal tissues by self-activated endocytosis (a cellular process in which substances are brought into a cell by surrounding the material with cell membrane, forming a vesicle containing the ingested material), causing the body to form antibodies against the virus. In pre-clinical (IN-VIVO) trials, MIGAL’s researchers have demonstrated that the oral vaccination induces high-levels of specific anti-IBV antibodies.

February 26, 2020 - Novavax, Inc. announced progress in its efforts to develop a novel vaccine to protect against coronavirus disease COVID-19. Novavax has produced and is currently assessing multiple nanoparticle vaccine candidates in animal models prior to identifying an optimal vaccine candidate for human testing, which is expected to begin by the end of spring 2020.

February 26, 2020 - Tonix Pharmaceuticals Announces Research Collaboration with Southern Research to Develop a Potential Vaccine to Protect Against New Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Based on Horsepox Virus (TNX-1800).

February 25, 2020 - Dyadic International, Inc. announced today that they are collaborating with The Israel Institute for Biological Research ("IIBR"), a governmental research institute established to provide the State of Israel with scientific responses to chemical and biological threats. IIBR will explore the potential of Dyadic's industrially proven C1 gene expression platform to express gene sequences and targets developed by IIBR into both an rVaccine candidate and monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) that may help combat the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus).

February 24, 2020 - Moderna, Inc. announced that it has released the first batch of mRNA-1273, the Company’s vaccine against the novel coronavirus, for human use. Vials of mRNA-1273 have been shipped to the NIAID, a part of the NIH to be used in the planned Phase 1 study in the U.S.

February 24, 2020 - Clover and GSK announce research collaboration to evaluate the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine candidate with the pandemic adjuvant system.

February 21, 2020 - A University of Queensland research team has met a key milestone in their fast-tracked research to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease COVID-19. Researchers said the early research had gone ‘as expected’ and the material created had the properties which allowed the team to proceed with vaccine development. The work in the lab shows the feasibility of using UQ’s ‘molecular clamp’ technology to engineer a vaccine candidate that could be more readily recognized by the immune system, triggering a protective immune response. The next stage is to produce this on a larger scale needed for additional testing, to determine its effectiveness against the virus.

February 20, 2020 - Houston-based Greffex Inc., scientists have completed the coronavirus vaccine candidate and should now move to animal testing by the necessary government agencies. In September 2019, Greffex received an $18.9 million contract from the National Institute of Health's National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases to develop new treatments for infectious threats, according to a news release. With the development of this Greffex Vector Platform, we overcame two obstacles: interference by viral genes and contamination by helper viruses. We have been using our flexible vector to investigate and develop the production of gene therapy vectors and specific immune suppression products.

February 19, 2020 - Researchers from The University of Texas at Austin and the National Institutes of Health have made a critical breakthrough toward developing a vaccine for the 2019 novel coronavirus by creating the first 3D atomic-scale map of the part of the virus that attaches to and infects human cells.

February 18, 2020 - The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response announced today its engagement of Sanofi Pasteur to use its recombinant DNA platform to produce a recombinant 2019 novel coronavirus vaccine to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infections.

February 13, 2020 – Israel based Vaxil announce it has successfully identified a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine candidate based on unique and patent-protected signal peptide technology, utilizing Vaxil’s proprietary VaxHitTM bioinformatics platform. The Vaccine Candidate’s design is also based on successful in vivo experiments testing a tuberculosis signal peptide vaccine.

February 13, 2020 - Codagenix, Inc. announced a collaboration with the Serum Institute of India, Ltd. to rapidly co-develop a live-attenuated vaccine against the emergent coronavirus. The company says a live-attenuated vaccine has multiple advantages, including mounting an immune response to multiple antigens of the virus and the ability to scale for mass production. Codagenix uses viral deoptimization to synthesize "rationally designed," live-attenuated vaccines. Codagenix's technology allows for the rapid generation of multiple vaccine candidates against emerging viruses, starting with only the digital sequence of the viral genome.

February 11, 2020 - Johnson & Johnson announced that it's Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies will further expedite its investigational coronavirus vaccine program through expanded collaboration with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, part of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

February 10, 2020 - Moderna said 'the first clinical batch of mRNA-1273, including fill and finishing of vials, was completed on February 7, 2020. This mRNA vaccine was designed and manufactured in 25 days and is undergoing analytical testing prior to release to the NIH for use in their planned Phase 1 clinical trial in the USA. mRNA-1273 is an mRNA vaccine candidate encoding for the viral Spike (S) protein. The S protein complex is necessary for membrane fusion and host cell infection and has been the target of vaccines against the coronaviruses responsible for Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Previously, Moderna announced in an SEC filing on January 21, 2020, they are working with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), and the Vaccine Research Center a new collaboration to develop an mRNA vaccine against the novel coronavirus.

February 7, 2020 - Applied DNA Sciences Subsidiary, LineaRx, and Takis Biotech Collaborate for Development of a Linear DNA Vaccine Candidate Against Wuhan Coronavirus 2019-nCoV. Expanded Joint Development Agreement Serves as Basis for Preclinical Linear DNA Vaccine; Linear DNA Platform Will be the Production Framework.

February 6, 2020 - Generex Biotechnology announced that the company is working with third-party groups and government agencies to reactivate the previously robust research and development to generate Ii-Key peptide vaccines against pandemic viruses. The patented NuGenerex Immuno-Oncology (Formerly Antigen Express) Ii-Key technology uses synthetic peptides that mimic essential protein regions from a virus that is chemically linked to the 4-amino acid Ii-Key to ensure robust immune system activation.

February 5, 2020 - Imperial College London Professor Shattock announced that his team could move towards trials on animals as early as next week and then onto humans within a matter of months. “We have successfully generated our novel coronavirus vaccine candidate in the lab – just 14 days from getting the genetic sequence to generating the candidate in the lab. This will go into the first animal experiments on February 10th. "If this work is successful, and if we secure further funding, the vaccine could enter into clinical studies (with human participants) in early Summer 2020.”

February 3, 2020 - iBio, Inc. and Beijing CC-Pharming Ltd. announced their collaboration to develop and test a new 2019-nCoV vaccine to be manufactured using iBio’s FastPharming System™. Originally built in 2010 with funding from the Defense

Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), part of the U.S. Department of Defense, iBio’s FastPharming Facility was part of the “Blue Angel” initiative to establish facilities capable of rapid delivery of medical countermeasures in response to a disease pandemic.

February 3, 2020 - GSK announced a new collaboration with CEPI aimed at helping the global effort to develop a vaccine for the 2019-nCoV virus. GSK will make its established pandemic vaccine adjuvant platform technology available to enhance the development of an effective vaccine against 2019-nCoV.

February 3, 2020 - The UK Government’s Department of Health and Social Care announced an additional £20 million funding to CEPI to further our mission to advance vaccines against epidemic threats. The funding comes amid the rapid global spread of the outbreak of a novel coronavirus, 2019-nCoV. The funding was announced by UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock to support our work to develop a wide range of vaccine candidates and platform technologies against emerging infectious diseases. The UK Government says it is also in initial stages of talks between NIHR and UKRI regarding plans to run a rapid research call to support the global response to 2019-nCoV.

February 3, 2020 - Vaxart Oral Vaccine Enters 2019-nCoV Development Competition. The oral vaccine platform may offer potential advantages when developing coronavirus vaccines. Vaxart recently published results from an influenza challenge study, which demonstrated that its oral tablet vaccine primarily protects through mucosal immunity, which is a potential key factor when targeting mucosal pathogens, such as this new coronavirus. Per the press release, Vaxart plans to develop vaccine candidates based on the published genome of the 2019-nCoV and evaluate the same in preclinical studies for the ability to generate both mucosal and systemic immune responses.

January 2020 Vaccine Development News Articles

January 27, 2020 – GeoVax Labs, Inc. together with BravoVax, a vaccine developer in Wuhan, China, announced the signing of a Letter of Intent to jointly develop a vaccine against the new coronavirus. Under the collaboration, GeoVax will use its MVA-VLP vaccine platform and expertise to design and construct the vaccine candidate using genetic sequences from the ongoing coronavirus outbreak originating in Wuhan, China. BravoVax will provide further development, including testing and manufacturing support, as well as direct interactions with Chinese public health and regulatory authorities.

CureVac and CEPI partner to develop a rapid-response coronavirus vaccine development platform targeting the 2019-nCoV. Vaccine development effort receives up to $8.3 million in funds.

Inovio Pharmaceuticals announced the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations has awarded Inovio a grant of up to $9 million to develop a vaccine against the recently emerged strain of coronavirus (2019-nCoV). The latest grant was aimed at funding development of Inovio’s INO-4800, through phase 1 human testing.

On January 30, 2020, Beijing Advaccine Biotechnology Co. announced a collaboration with Pennsylvania-based Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to advance the development in China of the INO-4800 vaccine candidate, which is targeted against the novel coronavirus named 2019-nCoV.

Novavax, Inc. had developed a vaccine for MERS in 2013. Its successful history with coronavirus makes the company a potential winner in case of an outbreak caused by the new coronavirus. The company has also started developing a vaccine for the same.

MERS-CoV RBD Vaccine candidate (RBD219-N1) - Baylor College of Medicine's MERS vaccine development started in 2011 with support from the NIAID/NIH and in partnership with the New York Blood Center, The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and Immune Design, a therapeutic vaccine product development company. The group has successfully manufactured, under cGMP, the first receptor binding protein antigen against SARS-CoV, the SARS-CoV RBD Vaccine. Like the SARS-CoV RBD Vaccine, the comparative advantage of the MERS-CoV RBD Vaccine is its efficacy in terms of eliciting protective neutralizing antibodies together with its safety in terms of maximal reduction of eosinophilic immune enhancement. NIH - Optimization of the Production Process and Characterization of the Yeast-Expressed SARS-CoV Recombinant Receptor-Binding Domain (RBD219-N1), a SARS Vaccine Candidate.

The University of Saskatchewan’s Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization-International Vaccine Centre, also known as VIDO-InterVac, has received permission from the Public Health Agency of Canada to focus on the 2019-nCoV threat.

The University of Queensland has been commissioned to fast-track a vaccine to help control the new coronavirus outbreak. Queensland is one of three groups commissioned to develop a vaccine against the virus, known as nCoV-2019, by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations. Paul Young, head of Queensland’s School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, said the university had developed a new way to rapidly generate vaccines from analyses of viruses’ genetic sequence information. He said the team hoped to develop a vaccine in the next six months for distribution to first responders, helping to prevent medics from becoming infected and accelerating the disease’s spread. Dr. Keith Chappell, from UQ’s School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences and the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, said the key to the speedy development of this potential vaccine was the 'molecular clamp' technology, invented by UQ scientists and patented by UniQuest.
Aethlon Medical Inc. is the developer of the patented Aethlon Hemopurifier, a clinical-stage immunotherapeutic device that removes exosomes and life-threatening viruses from the human circulatory system. The U.S. HHS has established an initiative to support platform technology medical countermeasures with broad-spectrum capabilities. Based on preclinical studies and human treatment experiences, the Aethlon Hemopurifier® defines this initiative. To date, Hemopurifier therapy has been administered to individuals infected with the Ebola virus, Hepatitis C virus, and HIV. In the case of Ebola, a remarkable response to a single administration of Hemopurifier therapy, a comatose physician with multiple organ failures at the time.

Real-time COVID-19 outbreak news is available at

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2-29-20 .html

Governments around the world have been using quarantines to reduce the spread of the virus, and health officials are using the best virus-fighting treatments they have on hand. But longer-term, researchers are racing to develop vaccines and other types of antiviral treatments that are specific to COVID-19. That’s where the 3-D map, published today by the journal Science, comes into play.

UW’s Institute for Protein Design has been at the forefront of protein engineering to fight disease. The institute’s technique looks at the 3-D structure of proteins, and then creates molecular “locks” and “keys” that fit onto those proteins — either to facilitate a molecular interaction or gum up the works and head off an interaction.
For COVID-19, the institute is looking for ways to gum up the works.

Researchers at the institute has already reported some success in developing a “Flu Glue” that binds itself to a protein on the outer coat of an influenza virus known as hemagglutinin or influenza HA. The newly released map could help them create similar mini-proteins for COVID-19. Institute director David Baker said the authors of the Science study have already emailed him the coordinates for the COVID-19 map.

The bulk of the research was done by the study’s principal authors, Daniel Wrapp and Nianshuang Wang of UT-Austin. Just two weeks after receiving the genome sequence of the virus from Chinese researchers, the team designed and produced samples of their stabilized spike protein. It took another 12 days to reconstruct the 3-D protein map and send the research to Science. One of the key technologies behind the effort is cryogenic electron microscopy, or cryo-EM, which makes it possible to produce 3-D models of cellular structures, molecules and viruses. UT-Austin has a state-of-the-art cryo-EM facility at its Sauer Structural Biology Laboratory.

“We ended up being the first ones in part due to the infrastructure at the Sauer Lab,” McLellan said. “It highlights the importance of funding basic research facilities.” In addition to facilitating the development of vaccines and synthetic antiviral mini-proteins, the 3-D map could help researchers come up with ways to isolate naturally occurring antibodies from COVID-19 patients who survive the disease. Like the mini-proteins, those antibodies could be used to treat an infection soon after exposure.

Authors of the study published by Science, “Cryo-EM Structure of the 2019-nCoV Spike in the Prefusion Conformation,” include Wrapp, Wang and McLellan as well as Kizzmekia Corbett, Jory Goldsmith, Ching-Lin Hsieh, Olubukola Abiona and Barney Graham.


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Chuck Schumer is leading the fight to make sure NY gets FEMA money for Coronavirus. oronavirus-expected/ n-bipartisan-plan-for-coronavirus-funding/ar-BB10DTLP

Senator Schumer proposed an 8.5 billion plan and he expects that the final agreed-upon number will be close to $8 billion. "Within the next week we'll be able to do our own testing and we're working with the proper authorities," said Dr. Dwayne Breining, Executive Director, Northwell Health Labs.

The hospital says they've already spent $5 million in preparation of having to test for the coronavirus in the Long Island area.

REMARKS: They KNOW it is just a matter of time. With over 11 million living in NYC, I don't know how many on Long Island, I think it is 3 or more million, and commuting, once it hits, it will spread.

gina - 3/2/2020 at 09:07 PM

NYC Doctor has to plead to get test kits. est-for-coronavirus/

“I still have to make my case, plead to test people. This is not good. We know that there are 88 cases in the United States. There are going to be hundreds by [the] middle of the week. There’s going to be thousands by next week. And this is a testing issue.”

McCarthy said the 39-year-old Manhattan woman who tested positive after returning from Iran “is only the 32nd test we’ve done in this state.”

“That is a national scandal,” he said.

“We’ve seen one case in New York, [but] I’ll bet there are hundreds,” he added. “I’ll bet there are thousands in the United States. The longer we wait to get testing up and running, the worse this is going to be.” ker-traveled-iran-isolated-at-home

gina - 3/2/2020 at 09:10 PM

WASHINGTON STATE Postal Worker tests positive ngton-state-positive-coronavirus-test-20200302-2wpd7lyx7fhf7hruvyn43bgczm-s tory.html

USPS confirmed a woman who works at a package sorting facility in Federal Way, Wash., tested positive. She is recovering at home and the facility is being cleaned. The USPS said the woman would have had interactions and contact with her fellow employees but would not have handled packages that are sent to customers.

COMMENTS: What if she was a carrier infecting hundreds of people along her route? This is an example of how this thing can spread from places you would not even think about. Anyone, anywhere can be infected and spread it to countless others.

gina - 3/2/2020 at 09:19 PM

Dr. Deena Grayson predicts a surge in cases in the next three weeks.

Dr. Dena Grayson issued a warning on Twitter that the United States could be facing a "massive surge" in coronavirus cases. COVID-19 will impact "every single state, very likely and very very soon," she predicted.

REMARKS: Reportedly the price to test for COVID-19, the coronavirus is $3500. Who pays for this? How can insurers absorb the costs if massive amounts of people get sick? What about people with big co-pay/deductibles under our current health care system?

If you self quarantine, who pays for your lost wages, how do your bills get paid?
Lisa Johnson Finch
South Korea tests 65000! UK tests 8000! USA tests 500?? We ALL found out about the virus at the same time. Incompetence or coverup?

Pence is in charge of handling coronavirus, does he have an answer for this? 04.html
He went to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he said he was placed in a closed-off room. Nurses in protective white suits sprayed some kind of disinfectant smoke under the door before entering, Azcue said. Then hospital staff members told him he’d need a CT scan to screen for coronavirus, but Azcue said he asked for a flu test first.

“This will be out of my pocket,” Azcue, who has a very limited insurance plan, recalled saying. “Let’s start with the blood test, and if I test positive, just discharge me.”

But two weeks later, Azcue got unwelcome news in the form of a notice from his insurance company about a claim for $3,270.

Hospital officials at Jackson told the Miami Herald that, based on his insurance, Azcue would only be responsible for $1,400 of that bill, but Azcue said he heard from his insurer that he would also have to provide additional documentation: three years of medical records to prove that the flu he got didn’t relate to a preexisting condition.

How can they expect normal citizens to contribute to eliminating the potential risk of person-to-person spread if hospitals are waiting to charge us $3,270 for a simple blood test and a nasal swab?” he said.

[People will not go get tested, they will just tough it out and infect other people. They cannot afford the costs associated with getting tested or quarantined].

In the US, more than 90 people have tested positive for coronavirus and two people have died, as of Monday.

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Florida has tested 15 people for coronavirus, is monitoring 150 more, per VP Mike Pence.


A Manatee County resident and a Hillsborough County resident have tested “presumptively positive” for COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, according to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office. These are the first two cases to be reported in Florida.

The governor’s office announced late Sunday that DeSantis and other state officials would be holding a news conference Monday morning in Tampa and Monday afternoon in Miami.

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Genetic analysis says the virus doubles every six days. fections-022607597.html

gina - 3/5/2020 at 08:47 PM

The latest figures from Johns Hopkins University show more than 96,000 reported cases of the coronavirus in at least 70 countries, with more than 3,300 deaths globally. So far, more than 53,000 people have recovered.

TRUMP THINKS PEOPLE WITH CORONAVIRUS WHO DO NOT HAVE IT REALLY BADLY CAN GO TO WORK. (what about spreading it to other people who will get it and not have such a mild outcome? Maybe our President needs some clarity).

Trump says people with coronavirus can still go to work. -to-go-to-work/vi-BB10MPan says-thousands-coronavirus-could-go-work-and-get

"A lot of people will have this and it's very mild. They'll get better very rapidly," Trump told Fox's Sean Hannity. "They don't even see a doctor, they don't even call a doctor. You never hear about those people."
"So you can't put them down in the category of the overall population in terms of this corona flu and/or virus," Trump continued. "So you just can't do that. So, if, you know, we have thousands or hundreds of thousands of people that get better just by, you know, sitting around and even going to work. Some of them go to work, but they get better." -173043335.html?.tsrc=csv
8 billion funding bill approved by the Senate. (the house approved 8.5B) l

• New modeling from The Australian National University looks at seven scenarios of how the outbreak might affect the world's wealth, ranging from low severity to high severity.

• In the low-severity model — or best-case scenario of the seven — ANU researchers estimate a global GDP loss of $2.4 trillion, with an estimated death toll of 15 million. [Professor McKibbons modelling of the economic impact of the 2002 – 2003 SARS and 2006 flu pandemics].

The findings provide important information about a range of possible economic costs of the disease in 20 countries and four regions, including the OECD and Asia. The paper examines six economic sectors including manufacturing, energy and mining.

In a high-severity scenario, the estimate
ed loss to GDP in Australia in 2020 is $US103 billion, with many deaths.

Under the same scenario, the global economic outlook is dire:

• China’s loss to GDP in 2020 is estimated at $US1.6 trillion.
• In the United States, the figure is $US1.7 trillion.
• Japan’s estimated loss to GDP is $US549 billion.
• In India loss to GDP in 2020 is estimated at $US567 billion.

Link to the paper.

file:///C:/Users/Techno-24/Downloads/The%20Global%20Macroeconomic%20Impacts %20of%20COVID-19%20Seven%20Scenarios.pdf


China will use Roche Holding AG Arthritis drug Tocilizumab (Actemra) for patients with serious lung damage and increased levels of Interleukin 2. 5.html

Chinese researchers recently registered a 3-month clinical trial for Actemra that will recruit 188 coronavirus patients and take place from Feb. 10 to May 10, according to records shown on China's clinical trials registration database.

Roche could not be immediately reached for comment. The firm said on Monday it donated 14 million yuan ($2.02 million) worth of Actemra during February.

REMARKS: Best case scenario 15 million deaths. That is staggering. The situation in the southern hemisphere will worsen soon because their seasons are in reverse of ours. So as we start spring, they start winter and the virus thrives in the cold.

gina - 3/5/2020 at 08:52 PM

Pence will speak to the cruise ship industry on Saturday.

Congress (the full house) met this morning at 9:15 am for a briefing on the coronavirus. inistration-to-create-central-coronavirusgov-website-for-trusted-health-and -safety-information

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Gary Peters, Ranking Member of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, today urged the Trump Administration to launch a centralized federal website – “” – to provide trusted information to the American people about the Coronavirus outbreak. In a letter addressed to Vice President Mike Pence, who has been appointed to lead the U.S. response to the epidemic, Peters argued that challenges finding clear, reliable information about the virus could contribute to its continued spread and undermine public health. Peters personally delivered the letter to the Vice President at a Coronavirus briefing for Senators in the Senate this afternoon.

“I have heard from public health and safety professionals in Michigan that the flood of mixed messaging and misinformation circulating about the Coronavirus has undermined the government’s ability to communicate effectively with the American people,” said Senator Peters. “That’s why I’m calling on the Trump Administration to launch A centralized website would allow the federal government to deliver timely, trusted, and much-needed guidance to public health officials, health care providers, and the public to better contain the spread of Coronavirus in Michigan and across the country.”

Next countries vulnerable to pandemic. outbreak-045834558.html

The list has been made by WHO on the basis of volume of traffic between China and weak health surveillance and treatment systems.

The countries included on the list are Algeria, Angola, Cote d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

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LeglizHemp - 3/6/2020 at 09:08 AM

Corona Virus Song

gina - 3/9/2020 at 07:27 PM

While some of the world dismisses the seriousness of the coronavirus, others are beginning to get the idea.

In US 96 M worst case scenario will be infected in US 500,000 deaths. (We have 320 Million people in the US so almost one third of our entire population could be infected. r-us-coronavirus-outbreak-2020-3
A doctor has advised hospitals to prepare for up 96 million coronavirus infections and 500,000 potential deaths as a worst-case scenario for the potential extent of the outbreak, leaked documents reveal.
The documents, obtained by Business Insider, come from a presentation made during a webinar hosted by the American Hospital Association (AHA).

Dr James Lawler, a professor at the University of Nebraska Medical Centre, shared a series of slides with attendees about what his "best guess" was when estimating how the outbreak could impact hospitals and health officials. His webinar, titled "What healthcare leaders need to know: Preparing for the COVID-19", was presented on 26 February. He estimated 96 million could become infected, and of those people 480,000 could die from the coronavirus based on how the virus might spread.

Comments: Lawler was a member of the Homeland Security Council for George W Bush and member of National Security Council under Barak Obama’s administration. Well even if 96 Million get infected, if only half a million die, that's still pretty good odds right? [that's for the glass is half full folks].

Mandatory quarantine for 16M in the north till April 3rd. 5e6421f3c5b6670e72f922ea

US oms-before-tipping-point-of-dying-expert/
US MAP OF WHERE CASES ARE LOCATED. Update: Connecticut now has two cases.

From 3-5-20 rus-to-infect-up-to-40-of-Tehran-s-population-within-next-two-weeks.html

Up to 40 percent of Tehran’s population could be infected with the coronavirus within the coming two weeks, according to an infectious disease specialist and member of Iran’s national influenza committee.
Iran reported on Thursday 15 new deaths from the virus and 591 fresh cases in the past 24 hours, bringing the death toll to 107 dead and 3,513 cases of infection.

The Iranian capital has a population of more than nine million.

3-3-20 ve-coronavirus-Deputy-Speaker.html

3-4-20 s-affected-almost-all-Iranian-provinces-Rouhani.html


ISRAEL yahu-announces-14-day-quarantine-for-all-overseas-arrivals-.html

Placing everyone who comes to Israel in quarantine for 14 days.
Netanyahu announced the 14-day quarantine on Monday after consultations with Cabinet ministers and senior health officials. “After a day of difficult discussions, we have taken a decision. All those coming to Israel from abroad will be placed in isolation for 14 days,” Netanyahu said in a video broadcast on his Twitter account. “This is a difficult decision, but it’s necessary to protect public health. Public health comes before everything else,” he said.

REMARKS: Now why don't we do that? Oh too many travelers, too much profiling, logistics. That's why we will end up effed.

gina - 3/9/2020 at 07:34 PM

NY/NJ 3-9-20

Breaking news (1 MINUTE AGO)

NEWS: Rick Cotton, head of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which runs NY’s airports, has tested positive for the new coronavirus, @NYGovCuomo announced.

UPDATE: There are additional confirmed cases of #Coronavirus in NYS, bringing total to 142.

Westchester: 98
NYC: 19
Nassau: 17
Rockland: 4
Saratoga: 2
Suffolk: 1
Ulster: 1

Remarks: This is bad.

gina - 3/9/2020 at 07:51 PM

Senator Ted Cruz self quarantines after coming in contact with an infected person. uarantine-cpac

But for Trump it's business as usual, campaign rallies etc. -response

His Grandfather died from the Spanish Flu, what is it that he doesn't get? It's like after 9-11-01 when New Yorkers were told to just go about living their lives, even though on 9-29-01 a man was apprehended at the Grehound Bus terminal in Philadelphia with a suitcase full of C-4 explosives and NYC subway maps. Just go about living your lives and hope your number isn't up that day, whaddaya gonna do worry about drowing in a blown up subway tunnel, odds are you won't.

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NYC Physicians Assistant attended a conference in Times Square before becoming ill. How many people were in contact with her or whoever brought the virus there infecting others? d-positive-coronavirus-warns-threat-serious.html

A physician's assistant who became New Jersey's first case of coronavirus has spoken out about the disease from his hospital bed and warns others to take the threat seriously.

James Cai, 32, fell ill last weekend while attending a medical conference at a hotel in Times Square.

He has been hospitalized since Tuesday at the Hackensack University Medical Center in Hackensack, New Jersey. So far, 13 people have been tested for COVID-19 in New Jersey. The other 11 cases have come back negative.

'Every day is getting worse,' Cai said Monday during an interview with CBS, adding that 'it happened so quick'.

'A lot of people say it’s OK, don’t wear masks. I don’t believe that,' Cai said.

Cai, who works and lives in Manhattan and Fort Lee, New Jersey, said the virus is not one to be taken lightly.

Meanwhile Trump says risk is low. e-death-toll-accuse-media-Dems-inflaming-coronavirus-crisis.html

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gina - 3/9/2020 at 08:10 PM

No checks at airports coming into the US from countries with big infections numbers? e-death-toll-accuse-media-Dems-inflaming-coronavirus-crisis.html

OriginalGoober - 3/10/2020 at 12:58 AM

Co-vid nineteen
No we cant dance together
No we cant talk at all
Please take me along when you slide on down

WaitinForRain - 3/10/2020 at 02:43 AM

Why aren't you off on FB peddling conspiracy theories like
"Nobody has died and it's just part of a big gubmint plot
to take over the world."

Or how about poking the anti vaxxers who if course have
Superior Immunity and won't get CoronaVirus

Really why do you hang around a music site?

Buzz off to some other part of the internet
They'll think you're one of THEM

goldtop - 3/10/2020 at 03:35 AM

so several GOP members were exposed at CPAC...I wonder if God is trying cleanse the haters...Hey I know its a stretch but it works for them...

BIGV - 3/10/2020 at 03:55 AM

Sars in 2004
Avian Flu 2008
Swine Flu 2010
Mers 2012
Ebola 2014
Zika 2016
Ebola again 2018
Corona 2020

gina - 3/10/2020 at 09:58 PM

Why aren't you off on FB peddling conspiracy theories like
"Nobody has died and it's just part of a big gubmint plot
to take over the world."

Or how about poking the anti vaxxers who if course have
Superior Immunity and won't get CoronaVirus

Really why do you hang around a music site?

Buzz off to some other part of the internet
They'll think you're one of THEM

To quote an enlightened man, "opinions are like **** s, everybody's got one" thanks for yours, sorry you don't like mine. This is a political and current events area of a place we've all been for quite awhile. But you are right that I should start a news site.

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gina - 3/11/2020 at 07:39 PM

3-11-20 Updates

Firstly, there will be more cases and some people will die. Trump has pointed out that flu kills more people than this will [statistically]. People do have to calm down somewhat, just pay attention, keep up to date, gather credible info. and make good decisions. I now think he is NOT uninformed, he is taking the approach that Xi Jinping took, be calm, assess the situation and provide solutions to it. He doesn't want to start an Alex Jones tweet storm rant.

In 2008 NYC made plans in 2008 for any mass infection like Sars, Flu or anything else. The containment going on now in New Rochelle is addressing a specific area they know people were infected in. There may community quarantines that occur.

NYC Contingency plan for biological outbreaks ological-outbreaks-includes-mobile-refrigerator-units-for-dead-bodies-and-m ass-graves-dug-by-inmates/ar-BB10ZSZX

The plan was developed by the city's late chief medical examiner, Charles Hirsch, in 2008, in response to concerns that Bird Flu would cause the next pandemic influenza. But as Hirsch states in the report, the plan can be used to tackle "other biological outbreaks" that cause mass fatalities. f

Washington State had the same number of cases as New York. They anticipate that number can go to 64,000 people infected.

Washington State is preparing for 64,000 cases l

The range from which one person can infect others is larger than previously thought. People on a bus in China were infected from one person 14.5 feet away from them.

How One man spread coronavirus to NINE other people on his bus in China irus-NINE-people-bus.html
Scientists find the deadly virus can travel more than double the safe distance and linger in the air for over 30 minutes. 14.7 feet away from the infected traveler others were infected.

National Guard deployed to New Rochelle containment area. -to-new-rochelle-establishes-containment-center-to-stem-coronavirus.html

Three TSA agents at Mineta San Jose International Airport test positive.

Germany creates drive thru for testing.

Merkel warns up to 70% of Germans likely to contract virus
They are giving 1 Billion Euros for virus research and equipment “our solidarity, our reason, and our hearts are being put to the test. My wish is that we pass the test”. Angela Merkel said.

CONGRESS wants to use Spocks greeting Live Long and Prosper instead of handshakes. ds-to-congress/

Prince Charles is using Namaste eeting-at-princes-trust-award/ar-BB113rTp

I like the peace sign which is internationally known and recognized, and is also part of the original Christian greeting ‘peace be with you’.

Trump to limit virus info., to classify some of it, hysteria will not help anyone. l
Attendees at the meetings included HHS Secretary Alex Azar and his chief of staff Brian Harrison, the officials said. Azar and Harrison resisted the classification of the meetings, the sources said.

And yes sadly now there are cases on Long Island.

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gina - 3/11/2020 at 07:45 PM

What you can do is stay informed. Get yourself some supplies in case your community does quarantine, you will not have time to do it if this happens. Consider relocating to a region with less people if you are in or near a large city, less people means less chance of infection, or less people infected because round two will start in the fall regardless of when this season ends, now they are saying May.

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gina - 3/13/2020 at 08:20 PM

3-13-20 Blog 09137.html
Italy’s nightmare offers a chilling preview of what’s coming.

Connecticut w-covid-19/
Connecticut Chief epidemiologist said 10 to 20% population could contract coronavirus over the next month. Connecticuts population is 3.75 million people so that would be 375,300 and 714,600 infected.
But the state epidemiologist, Dr. Matthew Cartter, said he expects a rapid spread that could sicken between 10% and 20% of the state’s 3.5 million residents in the next month or two as its moves north and east from a foothold in Fairfield County, though state officials still hope Connecticut’s aggressive measures will flatten the growth curve.

OHIO -100000-people-in-state-have-coronavirus
Amy Action Ohio Health Dept. says 1% of state likely infected, 117,000 could already be infected. 6 cases so far.

Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton said at a press conference alongside Gov. Mike DeWine (R) that given that the virus is spreading in the community in Ohio, she estimates at least 1 percent of the population in the state has the virus.
"We know now, just the fact of community spread, says that at least 1 percent, at the very least, 1 percent of our population is carrying this virus in Ohio today," Acton said. "We have 11.7 million people. So the math is over 100,000. So that just gives you a sense of how this virus spreads and is spreading quickly."

gina - 3/13/2020 at 08:24 PM

WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON? Some of the Chinese believe that the coronavirus is a US bioweapon that was unleashed in Wuhan in October when 300 Athletes from the U.S. Military attended the 7th Military world games in Wuhan. Some patients previously diagnosed with the flu were found to have the coronavirus. -army/
A conspiracy theory linking the US Army to the coronavirus now as official Chinese endorsement. China Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian says 300 athletes from the US military in October attended the 7th military World Games in Wuhan. Some patients previously diagnosed with the flu were found to have the coronavirus.

Lijian Zhao twitter

Global Research Montreal

REMARKS: There are many countries with bioweapons. Ours are made in Fort Detrick. Why does the world need to have stockpiles of biological terror-death weapons?

Update 3-21-20 heard something very disturbing that China has crossed pigs with monkeys in genetic research. Interspecies breeding results in zoonotic diseases. This practice should be globally banned to prevent pandemics. We do not have to accuse them just put a global ban against the practice. Do it through the U.N.

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MartinD28 - 3/13/2020 at 09:12 PM

This from Falwell Jr. It's right up there with Hannity's explanation. Have these people no shame? l

During 'Fox & Friends' interview, Jerry Falwell Jr. suggests the Coronavirus is a plot to hurt Trump and says Liberty University will continue to hold in-person classes

BrerRabbit - 3/13/2020 at 09:33 PM

During 'Fox & Friends' interview, Jerry Falwell Jr. suggests the Coronavirus is a plot to hurt Trump and says Liberty University will continue to hold in-person classes

They are complete and total idiots, and @sswipes to boot. Makes no difference if their pretend-university is open or not, they arem't learning anything there anyway. Then again, it is true that boxes of rocks can't catch cold or flu.

They are throwbacks, beneath contempt. Their only possible value is to teach us a lesson in "Love Thine Enemy" which I am dismayed to report I am failing.

BrerRabbit - 3/13/2020 at 10:39 PM

Co-vid nineteen
No we cant dance together
No we cant talk at all
Please take me along when you slide on down

lol. good one

Apologies to McKinley Morganfield:

Corona, Corona
You been on my mind
Corona, Corona
You been on my mind
I'm sittin' down thinking of you
I just can't keep from crying

Corona, Corona
Come from across the sea
Corona, Corona
Come from across the sea
It ain't no love letter
It don't care about me

Stephen - 3/14/2020 at 03:25 AM

Throw tomatoes at me if you like, but imo the wholesale across the board closures of sports seasons, events, outdoor concerts, basically everything under the sun, is an overreaction of sorts & suggestive of succumbing to a panic

even ski areas up here are closing b/c of it, altho one, Jay Peak, is located on the border, has an indoor water park, hockey rink, convention hall, concerts (ABB tribute band Peacheaters played there recently), is a popular resort w/condos, guests from everywhere etc - so I suppose they feel they have to
- oh & also the best terrain Anywhere - w/my ski vaca coming next week....

If the measures being taken prove to be effective, thank heaven - w/all the canceled events it will have come at a cost of literally billions of dollars, & hopefully minimal panic & loss of life

I fail to understand the mad rush on toilet paper in response to the virus situation - the hand sanitizers I understand but not that - no need to explain, just coronavirus stinks, this too will pass & good wknd folks

[Edited on 3/14/2020 by Stephen]

MartinD28 - 3/14/2020 at 12:11 PM

is an overreaction of sorts

your boy declared a national emergency after firing the pandemic team because "they weren't needed", but go ahead and direct your frustration at the innocent people for worrying.

True, but most impressive has been Trump tweeting about about Obama / Biden and swine flu response. Isn't that more important, more relevant, and more current than addressing the Coronavirus pandemic? He always reverts back to competing against Obama at every possible means.

Stephen - 3/14/2020 at 12:50 PM

To clarify, am concerned 1st & 4most about containing the spread of this virus & ultimately curing it
I can at the same time be disappointed by the closure of the ski area w/a clear conscience - the two aren’t incongruous - am not directing frustration at anyone, just frustrated by not being able to ski in prime spring conditions at my favorite hill - there are other places, not as much fun tho

So far only 2 ski areas have closed, have to believe more will follow

Stephen - 3/14/2020 at 01:30 PM

Trump/politics/defending/insulting/finger pointing.......
the farthest things from my mind
Hope your wknd improves, it’s early yet - I should be rounding up to ski, but no

[Edited on 3/14/2020 by Stephen]

cyclone88 - 3/14/2020 at 03:20 PM

Throw tomatoes at me if you like, but imo the wholesale across the board closures of sports seasons, events, outdoor concerts, basically everything under the sun, is an overreaction of sorts & suggestive of succumbing to a panic

Trump resisted declaring a national emergency against every world, national, state, & individual expert opinion for as long as he dared & even during that speech, he provide incorrect info, and then turned to SHAKE HANDS w/guests in the Rose Garden until one of them had enough sense & guts to say no. His refusal to be tested despite known contacts (& unknown incidents) is bizarre unless he wants his MAGAs to also refuse or is afraid if he's positive, the world will learn he's not superhuman.

We know reduced contact works to contain the virus. It's the only proven effective measure absent a vaccine & a guarantee that everyone accurately reports contact. Maybe, if we'd had tests & started testing back in early February, the need to shut down schools, pro sports, religious events, and anything that draws a crowd wouldn't be critical now, but that didn't happen. Colleges w/no control over where their students go for spring break would be seriously remiss in remaining open w/communal living & dining. Pro sports have a similar problem - no idea where spectators have been & worse, the players themselves now have the virus. Disney probably should've closed its massive parks weeks ago but didn't. There's no other course to take at this point.

Hospitals have to limit visitors & continue to monitor the health of their employees to protect their patients. I get emails every day re increasingly restrictive practices, including cancellation of all non-essential diagnostics & procedures. Why anyone would visit a nursing home where the most vulnerable populations live just seems callous to me.

Lots of us are disappointed over canceled spring vacations, uncertainty about summer plans, and even watching streamed sports events. I think we're reasonable to be pensive about personal finances.

We lost time we couldn't afford pretending the virus was a democratic hoax, a foreign problem, and a skeletal CDC & WH epidemiological staff would suffice. We're behind. The only way to catch up is to shut down for a while.

I think a lot of Boomers have a false sense of security because we're fit, exercise, & think young. True, we're not the >60 that our parents were, but we're really not 40. Evidence-based medicine cites 60 as the flash point if for no other reason than immune systems decrease w/age. Sure, there are the SuperElderly >80 & even 40 somethings w/medical conditions who are more vulnerable. Maybe there's a more palatable word - even senior sounds better than elderly - but let's not pretend precautions don't apply to us.

[Edited on 3/14/2020 by cyclone88]

gina - 3/17/2020 at 01:57 AM

Things are bad here in NY metro area.

More later over the next few days to a week.

There may be at any later or sooner point lockdowns of NYC or counties, towns as numbers go up.

Statewide we have 729 cases. NYC 329. Long Island 172, Westchester 220.

There is no toilet paper or water in the stores. When they get more it is sold out in 10 minutes. Shelves for food are empty stores closing by 8 pm. Gyms closed till crisis over. Restaurants only allowed to do takeout or delivery service. Schools, libraries closed
I saw convenience stores dark at 3 pm.

Trump told CNBC 3 hours ago this could stretch into July or August. We have 19 million people in NY only 53,000 hospital beds, 3200 people already in the icu beds. The Governor, Andrew Cuomo, wants the Army Corps of Engineers to build temporary hospitals like China did. He and Trump are at odds.

Nationally 1.9 million test can be done this week.

gina - 3/17/2020 at 02:23 AM

The press conferences are held at least daily but twice a day lately and probably for the next week at least.

Just look up
Remarks by President Trump, Vice President Pence and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Press Conference.

Links will come up also videos.

gina - 3/18/2020 at 12:21 AM

NYC will be able to test 5,000 people a week by the end of this week. Recent reports say the virus will not peak here for 45 more days.

The President/Congressional plan to give people a big tax rebate check is to help offset the possible 20% unemployment that may happen as a result of the coronavirus and businesses shutting down.

Reports from CNBC put the possible US death rates to come between 500,000 and 5 million.

Stephen - 3/18/2020 at 09:29 PM

Those projected U.S. death-rate numbers are intimidating - if they pan out, where will we be as they hit 100,000, then 1M -

In limbo that’s where - which is about where we are right now - the wrong way to fight coronavirus is what we’re doing - panicking, kow-towing to it, running scared from it & shutting America down for business while avoiding all contact & preparing for mandatory face masks etc etc - in short, a great country will be a shell of its former self

I respect how lethal & contagious it is but some semblance of normalcy b4/if this thing slams full-force, isn’t a bad thing either - you can’t shake hands or hug anymore, that to me is Bad News

[Edited on 3/18/2020 by Stephen]

gina - 3/18/2020 at 11:20 PM

Here in Long Island it is already starting to feel like a third world country. Everything is starting to close and go dark. The convenience stores close their doors. All the fast food places are drive thru only. I went to get a laptop the stores have no stock they can order it and send it and they only let 15 people in the store at one time, and they will close at 6 pm not 11 pm.

I heard that the store shelves are half empty due to not getting their regular shipments they are getting less of what they ordered. I think the govt. Is holding it back for whatever reasons to discourage the hoarding or maybe they can't get enough of the things, most the stuff is imported.

We will have a lot of dead people and economic concerns because of the virus. Our standard of living is going to change, one intel guy said we have been used to abundance but that will be no more. Have to prioritize and figure out what is really important. The days of excess are over.

NYC coronavirus is expected to peak in 45 days from now. So it's going to get worse for awhile.


[Edited on 3/18/2020 by gina]

2112 - 3/19/2020 at 12:26 AM

The press conferences are held at least daily but twice a day lately and probably for the next week at least.

Just look up
Remarks by President Trump, Vice President Pence and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Press Conference.

Links will come up also videos.

The remarks from Trump from a couple weeks ago were a lot more entertaining. It was a lot more fun when this was all a hoax and they already had it shut down. Given that, why would anyone care what Trump has to say?

BIGV - 3/19/2020 at 12:49 AM

It was a lot more fun when this was all a hoax

Never thought it was a "hoax", blown way out of proportion by the media?.. Most certainly, everyday, all day with the masses having ears glued to the idiot box, radio & social media, just waiting for the next administered dose of paranoia that will send them to the grocer to stand in line in the hopes that there is enough toilet paper for all.

MartinD28 - 3/19/2020 at 01:16 AM

Both Trump & State Run TV, FOX held the line that Coronavirus was a hoax. The onus is on them squarely for denials and lies at the biggest level and misleading the public. Now that reality has set in, they can't deny facts & numbers. Trump is now the hero who will save us from a pandemic. How quickly a hoax morphs into a pandemic.

"After repeatedly dismissing the coronavirus pandemic as a liberal hoax designed to bring down the president, Fox News appears to have finally woken up to reality. On Tuesday, the network joined others in practicing on-air social distancing, telling viewers that such measures were crucial to curbing the spread of infections." s/

Can anyone really take Trump seriously.

Trump calls coronavirus Democrats' 'new hoax'
“Now the Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus,” Trump said at a rally on Friday. rats-new-hoax-n1145721

gina - 3/19/2020 at 01:36 AM

Don Jr. Had said a little while back that the virus was a ploy by Democrats to criticize how Don Sr. Is handling it to manipulate the election. There have been comparisons and criticisms of Trump which I think are unfair. This should not be politicized it is a medical pandemic. When the bodies start piling up then people will scream why didn't he do more. He waited too long. He is trying to handle it in a calm rational manner. Xi Jinping handled it cool, calm, effectively with finesse and fortitude. He is a great role model in this crisis. Trump will not scream like Alex Jones. He has a great team on the Coronavirus Task Force and is probably the best Project Manager we could have. He wants to succeed, he needs to win and that is what we need right now. A winner.

gina - 3/19/2020 at 02:12 AM

Two Congressional members are positive for coronavirus.

Rep. Ben McAdams Utah

Rep. Mario-Diaz Balartart Florida Miami
The Miami Mayor Francis Suarez is also positive.

Brian Monahan, M.D. is the Attending Physician for Congress members.

The media is not unscathed either. Seth Doane and five other CBS reporters tested positive. Seth was on assignment in Rome. Italy.

2112 - 3/19/2020 at 04:07 AM

Sorry, but when you have plenty of warning and go from calling it a hoax to an emergency in a couple weeks, you deserve to be roasted. Not having the testing kits on hand when you have plenty of warning is criminal and will likely cost lives. Remember the Grand Princess cruise ship? Half the people who had symptoms and have been in quarantine for over a week still had not been tested as of 2 days ago. Every other country has test kits. South Korea performs more tests in a single day than we have ever done. This is inexcusable. I'm not playing politics here. While Trump and his supporters are pulling out false narratives from the Swin Flu (who is playing politics now?), our response continues to be slow because we actually have no idea how many cases we have.

MartinD28 - 3/19/2020 at 11:53 AM

Don Jr. Had said a little while back that the virus was a ploy by Democrats to criticize how Don Sr. Is handling it to manipulate the election. There have been comparisons and criticisms of Trump which I think are unfair. This should not be politicized it is a medical pandemic. When the bodies start piling up then people will scream why didn't he do more. He waited too long. He is trying to handle it in a calm rational manner. Xi Jinping handled it cool, calm, effectively with finesse and fortitude. He is a great role model in this crisis. Trump will not scream like Alex Jones. He has a great team on the Coronavirus Task Force and is probably the best Project Manager we could have. He wants to succeed, he needs to win and that is what we need right now. A winner.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Don Jr. is a true Phi Beta Kappa. 90% of time he goes on TV he shows the idiot he is. I saw him recently speak of challenging Hunter Biden to a debate. No doubt the country wants to see that.

A couple weeks ago Don Jr. suggested that people add to ther 401K's. His timing was impeccable. That would have done nothing but degredation in value. Maybe we use his analysis as a contrarian indicator of investing. This guy gets a pulpit and air time because of prez daddy. Have heard mention of Don Jr. running for prez for 2024. We had the Bushes; now the GOP can get on board with the Trumps.

cyclone88 - 3/19/2020 at 12:31 PM

Have heard mention of Don Jr. running for prez for 2024. We had the Bushes; now the GOP can get on board with the Trumps.

Hadn't heard that one. Ivanka is the one I've heard touted as POTUS material. Jared would make a great First Spouse.

gina - 3/20/2020 at 01:06 AM

The Governor of California says within weeks 25.5 million people will have coronavirus. He also worries about the 60,000 homeless people contracting it.

The Navy has orders from Defense Secretary Esper and the USN ship Mercy will be sent to the west coast.

The USN ship Comfort will arrive in NY April 24.

Both ships each have 1000 beds, 12 operating rooms and 1200 Doctors.

They will Not be treating coronavirus patients but other patients.

Vaccines underway at Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi and Regeneron is doing exciting research using SARS CO-V2 they isolated antibodies from coronavirus patients who recovered and are going thru them to find the best two to make a vaccine cocktail. They are also using Kervaza a rheumatoid arthritis medication to treat the severe immune response that happens in the lungs.

When the virus goes in the lungs your body reacts with an inflammatory response. This response causes small blood vessels to leak fluids. The fluids fill up the alveoli which are sacs. The blood does not get proper oxygen exchange. Then you need a ventilator to get oxygen into your lungs and then the blood where it goes to your organs.

The lack of oxygen can cause many problems including brain damage. You have probably heard if someone has a heart attack and dies not get CPR and oxygen for 2 minutes they are brain damaged. That is true. This is why it is so serious.

People think this is just like the flu. It can be mild for some or it can kill you really quickly.

I am not optimistic about the number of cases NY will have as we are on par with California.

I don't care that they say do not wear a mask. Any protection is better than none.

And Long Island still has a severe toilet paper shortage.

[Edited on 3/20/2020 by gina]

gina - 3/20/2020 at 01:20 AM

The emergency money checks from the gov said to be $1200 per adult and $500 per child. Coming soon. Our overhead traffic indicators on our highways say Save Lives Stay Home Flatten the Curve.

The curve is where the virus spikes and lots more people get infected.

The next 8 weeks you will see the big numbers and be scared.

It is coming.

[Edited on 3/20/2020 by gina]

gina - 3/20/2020 at 01:29 AM

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garceti
Just issued an emergency order called Safer at Home ordering people to stay in their homes immediately limiting all non essential movement.

[Edited on 3/20/2020 by gina]

gina - 3/20/2020 at 10:10 PM

4000 cases in New York City now, 7000 statewide. Governor Cuomo issued an Executive Order today all non essential workers stay home as of Monday. All non essential businesses close by 8 pm Sunday night.

I am in a health care business which has stayed open so far we shall see next week the outcome of the Executive Order.

I scored two Entemann's cakes and some water over the last two days. I feel better now.

I still have a bunch of things to do before everything other than supermarkets, pharmacies and gas stations close. Yep everything gonna close for 8 weeks or more. Dominos is hiring 100,000 people to deliver and make pizza, Walmart hiring 100,000 also.

piacere - 3/20/2020 at 10:55 PM

Hi gina. Hope you're OK.

Yeah, I got the last Entenmanns chocolate chip crumb cake in the store yesterday.

playallnite - 3/21/2020 at 03:06 AM

One can spin it, twist it or come up with every hyperbole in the world. However, what American saw today on full display is an incompetent who lacks intellect, intelligence, the inability to comprehend complex issues and the inability to articulate any policy or on any subject without reverting to non-factual bamboozle BS. Go figure.

BrerRabbit - 3/21/2020 at 04:13 AM

. . .what American saw today on full display is an incompetent. . .

That is true but way too kindly put. The guy can't even formulate a sentence. He is severely mentally disabled - this is not hate or insult, just sad ugly truth.

gina - 3/21/2020 at 08:45 AM

Francis Collins, National Institutes of Health Director says 70,000 cases can be diagnosed by the end of next week.

NY has received the FEMA Major Disaster area designation. This is usually done for bad hurricanes or other severe destructive weather events. I shudder to think what hurricane season could do to this country.

Also heard some intel that we should start expecting the restricted movements for at least 12 weeks at this point could be longer. The virus will be most contagious and spread in the next 8 weeks so it is crucial to try to avoid people who can spread it unknowingly.

gina - 3/21/2020 at 08:55 AM

Per Katie Miller, Vice President Pence's Press Secretary, a staffer in his office tested positive. Neither Pence nor Trump were exposed to the staffer.

gina - 3/21/2020 at 02:10 PM

New York's Governor Cuomo issued an Executive Order effective Sunday night 8 p.m. 100 percent of non essential businesses must close. Fines, they will be closed down if found out and enforcement

What are Essential Services?

Https:// tml

Remarks: I feel better now. Though I heard a show with an intel person who said IF this disease becomes airborne, meaning you don't need a specific host to host transmission like someone coughing or sneezing or carrying it on their hands and you touch the same thing they did becoming exposed, IF it is lasting long enough in the air infecting people without a direct host to host transmission THEN martial law and military containment would be likely.

So for now, limit your goings out, wash your hands, get sleep, eat right and relax. We can handle this. It will be okay.

[Edited on 3/21/2020 by gina]

[Edited on 3/21/2020 by gina]

tcatanesi - 3/21/2020 at 03:12 PM

“President Donald Trump ignored reports from US intelligence agencies starting in January that warned of the scale and intensity of the coronavirus outbreak in China, The Washington Post reported Friday.”

tcatanesi - 3/21/2020 at 03:15 PM

'Intelligence agencies depicted the nature and global spread of the virus and China's apparent downplaying of its severity, as well as the potential need for government measures to contain it -- while Trump opted to dismiss or simply not address their seriousness."

tcatanesi - 3/21/2020 at 03:16 PM

"Donald Trump may not have been expecting this, but a lot of other people in the government were -- they just couldn't get him to do anything about it," the official noted to the Post. "The system was blinking red."

MartinD28 - 3/21/2020 at 08:38 PM

"Donald Trump may not have been expecting this, but a lot of other people in the government were -- they just couldn't get him to do anything about it," the official noted to the Post. "The system was blinking red."

This is exactly what you would expect of him. This type of news interferes with the perception he wants us to believe and also is a negative for the stock market. Negatives impact his reelection goals. He'd rather cover it up than be proactive and actually worry about the health of the American people. Only a self serving idiot would believe that he could cover it up but for so long, and now see where we are. We could have been weeks further ahead of the curve as opposed to playing catch up.

gina - 3/22/2020 at 02:55 PM

Yes we could have been a little further ahead than we are now. Trump did not see creating panic or overreacting to the problem. We all thought the epicenter being in China and them closing everything down quickly would mitigate the global spread sufficiently that we would not be facing what we are now. However, when it became obvious the virulence of the disease and how rapidly communicable this is actions were taken appropriately. The Coronavirus Task Force is top notch, transparent and trustworthy. They are not covering anything up. Trump allocated the resources to NYC that were requested by Governor Cuomo. The National Guard are in NYC to build temporary field hospitals. They are also in Stony Brook building a temporary hospital there and are looking at SUNY Old Westbury College as another location. They will use college dorms for extra space in other colleges. The US Navy ship Comfort arrives 4-24 and will dock off Jones Beach. Things are being done.

There has been criticism of President Trump for saying "Chinese Virus". I want to straighten this out. It is SARS-CoV-2 that causes Covid-19. There are 39 known coronaviruses.

Https:// ml

Maybe we should call it SARS-CoV-2/Covid-19.

Meanwhile there has just been a global alert from France from the head of Emergency Services, Philippe Juvin, telling us that patients walk into the hospital and two hours later are asphyxiated [needing ventilators].

Https:// top-going-out-stay-at-home-says-French-doctor.html

Not sure why link is not working but if you go to the main site go to the world section and you can find it there.

[Edited on 3/22/2020 by gina]

[Edited on 3/22/2020 by gina]

gina - 3/22/2020 at 03:58 PM

Not trying to be flippant but now we have a scientific way to determine how long our stash will last in the pandemic.


Reported by CNN.

gina - 3/22/2020 at 05:57 PM

We are expected to hit peak cases in NYC and metro areas in 21 to 26 days. We see more cases being reported because we are testing more people. If they were not tested they would still be positive you just would not know about them. We did 45,437 tests here in NY. We found 10,356 cases. So yes we have identified more cases than California or Washington state. Our Governor said that 54% of our new cases in NY are in the 18 to 49 year old age range. This is not just elderly people getting sick.

We have 6000 ventilators we need 30,000 in NYC metro area. He is working on that.

We have 50,000 hospital beds, we need 75,000. He is working on that too.

NYC Presbyterian Hospital has 300 confirmed patients, 200 more awaiting results. Normally the hospital uses 4000 masks per day. They need 40,000 per day. The Governor is working on this even paying $4 for masks that used to cost 80 cents. He is reconfiguring factories in this state to make masks here. Presbyterian estimates needing 700 to 939 icu beds.

Mayor Bill DeBlasio has said in 10 days hospitals run out of essential equipment, and that April will be worse than May and May will be worse than April.

The Chairman of Presbyterian Department of Surgery, Craig Smith M.D. has been quite honest about the situation and even poignantly compared our struggle to Balto running the supplies to Nome, which started the modern day Iditarod sled race.

NY will prevail in this better than anyplace else.


See his 3/20 update letter to colleagues and 3/21 update

There is also Governor Cuomo's 3/21 press conference with tons of info on what he is doing.


[Edited on 3/22/2020 by gina]

gina - 3/22/2020 at 06:05 PM

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has tested positive but has no symptoms. He is on the Senate Intelligence Committee and is self


[Edited on 3/22/2020 by gina]

[Edited on 3/22/2020 by gina]

gina - 3/22/2020 at 06:36 PM

A respiratory Doctor explains what happens to the lungs when the virus goes there. Only 1 in 6 will get seriously ill.

Https:// eoples-lungs-when-they-get-covid-19

gina - 3/22/2020 at 11:20 PM

German Chancellor Angela Merkel self quarantining because her Doctor has the virus. Ironically he visited her Friday to give her the pneumonia vaccine. She was seen Saturday shopping buying wine and toilet paper.

Https:// ne/

gina - 3/22/2020 at 11:40 PM

Pakistan estimates 20 Million cases by June if aggressive measures not taken.


Sindh province on lockdown.

Remarks: What happens to our troops in Afghanistan if 20 million people in Pakistan are sick, with people crossing the borders?
There are already people sick with the virus, confirmed positive in Khyber Pahtunkwa.

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gina - 3/23/2020 at 12:57 AM

Afghanistan has 40 cases per Public Health Minister Ferozuddin Feroz. New cases 3 in Herat, 2 in Farah, 1 in Ghor.

Dr. Ahmad Rashid Totakhil met with President Ghani there will be a plan drafted for the release of prisoners and detainees to stop the spread of the virus. EXCEPT THE TALIBAN. "The Taliban and those who have committed crimes against national security are not included ".

A spokesman for the Attorney General Jamshid Rasuli said it will be conducted transparently.

Afghan forces killed 50 Taliban today.

A draft of the plan will be released tomorrow Monday 3-23-20.

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gina - 3/23/2020 at 01:12 AM

Palestine is not immune to the virus. Israel reportedly told them to use socks to make masks due to the global mask shortage.

Muslim women will fair better than others due to their hijabs and burkas.

People here and abroad could use socks, bandanas anything to cover your mouth and nose.

gina - 3/23/2020 at 04:37 PM


Dr. Jacob Glanville in San Francisco is 3 or 4 weeks away from having an antibody to the coronavirus that will neutralize the virus in 20 minutes. Antibodies not a vaccine. He took 5 proteins from the Sars 2002 virus is tweeking them [mutating them] to recognize Covid-19 then the antibodies will neutralize it. In anyone. The military will verify it, clinical trials begin in July, and the treatment can be given to patients in September.

Https:// virus

gina - 3/23/2020 at 04:49 PM

If you haven't been you should be reading the New York Post. Tons of great info there.


There's a 12 year old girl in Atlanta fighting for her life on a respirator, no prior medical problems. The coronavirus is so infectious/contagious it can kill you in a couple of days. Just from a sneeze or a cough you can catch it.

There is a secret service agent infected.

We need the antibodies we have no time to wait for a vaccine too many people will die. Regeneron and Dr. Glanville's research is so important. India has locked down 100 million people. This thing is worldwide.

Https:// s-200125070959786.html

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gina - 3/23/2020 at 06:46 PM

While those who think outside the box working to create antibodies for infected patients, the pharmaceutical companies working on vaccines have some news too.

Vaccines would be given to healthy people to prevent the virus.

Antibodies would be given to those already sick. That is the difference.

Moderna one of the companies working on vaccines created the first batch of vaccines that will be used on 45 healthy people. The first patient to receive the first vaccine received it in Seattle. .html

gina - 3/24/2020 at 08:26 PM

The Numbers in NY.

25 665 cases totally throughout the state.
210 deaths

12,000 cases
131 deaths

Long Island
1180 Suffolk 17 deaths - the District Attorney Tim Sini tested positive.

2869 Nassau 10 deaths - 24 police tested positive.

4000 cases

As more people are tested the numbers will go up. But also the virus is believed to be infecting people and doubling the cases over a 3 day time frame. If this continues this way the numbers will be BIG soon. How big? Our Governor says he asked the federal government for 30,000 ventilators they offerred 400. FEMA is sent 2,000 and will send 2,000 more tomorrow. Not enough.

We have 53,000 hospital beds, we need 110,000.
We have 3,000 i.c.u. beds, we need 18,000 to 37,000.

He is working on creating temporary hospitals each takes 10 days to complete. We only have 300 people working on it daily. Wuhan had 700 people working on theirs so theirs went up faster.

The worst time is 14 to 21 days away. The Governor has warned what you see happen in NY will be a vision of the future for other states. We are just the first, you will be next.

Https:// andrew-cuomo-hospitals

Https:// olice-officer/6021346/

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gina - 3/24/2020 at 10:07 PM


Dr. David Alland and his team at Rutgers are working on a test that gives results in 45 minutes. The test called CEPHEID runs on a GeneXpert instrument. The test runs on a cartridge on the GeneXpert platform. There are 5,000 of these instruments in the US, 23,000 in the rest of the world. Emergency FDA approval was obtained to begin shipping the tests out as early as Monday. Three hospitals have access in New Jersey. His lab at Rutgers, University Hospital at Newark and Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick.

For now only labs with clearance by the govt for high level research will be able to do the test, but the government can issue waivers to other labs.

Dr. Alland is the Chief of Infectious Disease, Director of the Center for Emerging Pathogens, Director of the Biocontainment Labs at Rutgers NJ Medical School.

He is known for his work on drug resistant mycobacterium, particularly tuberculosis.

His team on the coronavirus includes
Padmapriya Banada, M.D.
Sukalyani Banik, M.D.
At the Rutgers Biomedical Health Sciences Institute for Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases.

Reported by Rebecca Jeverett for NJ Advance Media and also by Bob Makin for My Central

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gina - 3/26/2020 at 08:44 PM


Yesterday there was a significant disruption to internet service. I was told NY, FL, Puerto Rico had overwhelmed the system. There are still problems look at or

I will not get into this now but this summer there may be more disruptions due to incoming space debris.

Highlights of today include restaurant owner Stratis Morfogen offering to feed local hospital workers in lower Manhattan. His Brooklyn Chop House which serves beef, chicken and Chinese food is feeding 40 staff at Presbyterian Lower Manhattan hospital. Even janitors get a plate each night. 35 other hospitals asked him for food so he said yes to Lenox Hill, Elmhurst in Queens, Weill Cornell. He asks other restaurants to follow his lead.

Bill and Hillary sent pizzas to a hospital.

The Four Seasons luxury 5 star luxury hotel on 57th Street, as well as the St. Regis will offer free housing to medical workers, the St. Regis will offer housing for non critically I'll patients. The Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn will offer free lodging to medical workers and Air BnB will host medical workers.

Today's numbers are 37,258 infected
5,327 hospitalized
1,290 on ventilators
1,517 treated and released.

52,000 medical professionals answered Governor Cuomo's call to come out of retirement and help.

8,600 mental health professionals also volunteered.

New York will rise to the occasion no matter what you throw at us. It's just how we are.

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gina - 3/27/2020 at 01:11 AM

In his press conference today the Governor said he wants to have a 1,000 bed overflow temporary hospital for all the boroughs of NYC [Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staren Island] and also Suffolk County, Rockland and Westchester counties.

Dyson is helping to make 10,000 ventilators for the U.K. patients. [Reuters]

Ford Motor Company also making masks and vents.

The vacuum cleaner companies can pitch in.

What about washing machine or HVAC companies? Can they help?
If their equipment could do it. They should.

What about air conditioning companies?

Companies that make diving equipment?

This is an all hands on deck needed problem.

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gina - 3/27/2020 at 08:53 PM

Friday 3-27

Today I am just going to give you the reality of what lies ahead. 00847.html

That's right a new report warns that the coronavirus pandemic will overwhelm US hospitals and coukd kill 81,000 by July.

US deaths 38,000 to 162,000 by July, 200,000 to 2.2 Million by end of year.

It will start in April. Different weeks for different states. It peaks at different times for different states. April 6 starts peaking here.


Original article
Https:// -could-be-overwhelmed-second-week-april-demand-icu

I have read Dr.'s who say it is NOT a bioterror weapon they know it is from bats and pangolins. Sylvia Browne a psychic who passed away wrote a book in 2008 and said a lung condition pandemic would happen in 2020. She said it will go away but come back ten years later. Whatever is learned from this we need to remember for the future.

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gina - 3/27/2020 at 09:26 PM

NY forges on. While he is dealing with a pandemic, our Governor also has to deliver a budget by April 1st for the people of the State of New York and he will. During his press conference yesterday he said since he does not know what will be coming from Washington he will adjust the numbers downward and then do quarterly adjustments.

He gets the job done.

The coronavirus situation is bad. Elmhurst Hospital has 45 of 63 ventilators being used. When patients go on a vent they are on them for anywhere from 11 to 21 or 30 days. They are critically-ill. Dr. Mitchell Katz, head of the Health and Hospitals Corporation that operates public hospitals like Elmhurst said plans are underway to convert many of the areas into i.c.u. beds for the patients so they do not have to be transferred elsewhere. The Governor will allow patients to be transferred upstate if the city hospitals and overflow hospitals he is building are beyond capacity. This will not be like Italy. He's already working on this.

NYC has 560,000 undocumented immigrants, 20,000 in the areas near Elmhurst Hospital.

There are more neighborhoods in Brooklyn, the Bronx with this situation.

One Doctor at Columbia today said in 4 hours she saw 20 patients, 16 tested positive. [Dara Cass, Emergency Medicine].

It's a city wide, statewide crisis. The Governor asks for more ventilators because we are expected to have the most cases here, thus the greatest need. We have 19.5 million people in New York and an anticipated death toll by August 4 of 10,243.

We need the most because we have and will have the most people needing them.


Daily press conferences on what is happening here.

Javits temporary hospital opens Monday.
62,000 retired medical workers coming to work.
10,100 mental health professionals on board.

Jet Blue will fly medical professionals here for FREE if they want to help.

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gina - 3/27/2020 at 10:05 PM

Why is it some people get the virus and recover and others are at death's door. We were told there are two strains, the L being the mild strain. It turns out there are EIGHT strains circling the world.

Https:// tml


The UK, France, Italy were hit with a very deadly strain.

gina - 3/28/2020 at 03:00 AM

There is something worse than the coronavirus that is coming because of the virus. Firstly the estimates of the death projections may be low. The virus spreads 15X faster than the flu. The 2017 flu infected 74 to 90 million people, 88,000 died. So what can we expect from the coronavirus? Possibly 200,000 to 300,000 deaths. The warm weather is coming. People's behavior will change, just like Spring Break in Florida they will not take it seriously and keep 6 feet away from each other. Even this is not the worst of what is coming.

The virus spread due to travel. To prevent it worsening, there will need to be an identification system used worldwide so that people are accountable for their health and trackable. Nobody wants to get sick right? They want to know if fellow travelers at the airports etc are sick. If they are they should not be able to fly. But it's not just the airplanes. China already did it there was an app on the phones that would send info on people's whereabouts to police as well as tell them if they could continue at the metro train station. If it said no and they continue police were dispatched to arrest the person. If you were scanned and had a fever that info was related electronically to police and health authorities. Even if you were okay but you were heading to an area that was quarantined the app on the phone would tell you that you were not authorized to go there. So if you did not know it was quarantined it protected your health and stopped you from going to an infectious area. I saw the app in Chinese newspapers. No one objected to it.

What is going to happen is the United Nations is working on unified identification system to identify all people worldwide. Your personal info. Including medical status will be in this. They are looking at bracelets since people reject the rfid chip implants but it will be used the same way. If you do not accept and use the one world global identification you cannot travel or get things you need.

It will be rolled out to the people as a safeguard for their health in this pandemic. People will accept and demand it. They want to be safe from infected people. Later it will be used by the beast, the anti-Christ and the one world order to control buying things you need, selling for businesses etc. It will run on the 5G-technology and artificial intelligence developed.

The virus is real not man created, but man is seizing on the opportunity to sell fear to the people to get them to accept this.

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piacere - 3/28/2020 at 09:16 AM

gina, dear woman, you're either an incredibly fast typist or you have a lot of time on your hands.

God bless you. Be safe.

gina - 3/28/2020 at 09:01 PM

Yes I type in the mid to high 70's. Thank you for the well wishes. I am glad Little Rhody will escape the brunt of this pandemic if the prognosticators are correct. For NY it's another 9-11 type event, people will pull through or if not they go home to God. He calls people home when he feels they have done enough. There is nothing else he needs them to do. How or when people die does not matter, these bodies are temporary garments for your soul. When you die you leave this old trenchcoat of a body behind and soar free to the light, in the light and with the light. So do not cry for the departed, they are at peace among the Angel's and God.

While you are here just do what you can and live each day.

gina - 3/28/2020 at 09:13 PM

Now we hear there is a condom shortage due to the lockdown in Malaysia.

Https:// 14905514.html

Malaysia Karex Bhd makes 2 in every 5 condoms. They have 3 factories were closed for more than a week. There is already a shortfall of 100 million condoms. The factory restarted Friday with 50% staff. India and China are the other major manufacturers.

REMARKS: The US cannot even make it's own condoms? I though they were made in North Carolina. We need to lower the sanctions on China because we are just being squeezed too hard. Is this shortage why Trump is so hot for people to get back to work? People have too much time on their hands. Uh huh.

[Edited on 3/28/2020 by gina]

piacere - 3/29/2020 at 09:27 AM

Yes I type in the mid to high 70's. Thank you for the well wishes. I am glad Little Rhody will escape the brunt of this pandemic if the prognosticators are correct. For NY it's another 9-11 type event, people will pull through or if not they go home to God. He calls people home when he feels they have done enough. There is nothing else he needs them to do. How or when people die does not matter, these bodies are temporary garments for your soul. When you die you leave this old trenchcoat of a body behind and soar free to the light, in the light and with the light. So do not cry for the departed, they are at peace among the Angel's and God.

While you are here just do what you can and live each day.

"He calls people home when He feels they have done enough".

Spot on.

Stephen - 3/29/2020 at 11:32 AM

How or when people die does not matter, these bodies are temporary garments for your soul. When you die you leave this old trenchcoat of a body behind and soar free to the light, in the light and with the light. So do not cry for the departed, they are at peace among the Angel's and God.

While you are here just do what you can and live each day.

X2 - beautifully said

gina - 3/29/2020 at 04:01 PM


Yes the numbers are worse today and will be for the foreseeable future. What matters and what determines how this unfolds is what we all do. Social distancing and staying home matter. A new study by Rowland's alma mater, M.I.T. determined a sneeze can travel 23 to 27 feet with droplets remaining in the air for hours. Someone comes by later, breathes and ingests it. They believe if you do nothing, 2.5 people get infected within 5 days, those people infect others and within 30 days 406 people are infected just from the original seeze.

If you social distance only 1.5 people are infected in 5 days, and 15 people in 30 days. This with the 6 feet social distancing.

Remember you can be exposed, carry the virus, not show any symptoms or get sick and still pass it on to others. That's the problem with this virus.

Https:// tres-avoid-coronavirus-risk.html

gina - 3/29/2020 at 04:09 PM

How are New Yorkers doing? The faint at heart are trying to escape, but some places like Rhode Island are having none of that. Lock your doors, turn off the lights so they don't know anybody's home isn't enough. Rhode Island has National Guard going door to door looking for wayward New Yorkers. 'I hear you knockin' but you can't come in' just will not do in these times.

Https:// in-search-of-fleeing-new-yorkers/amp

UPDATE: 45 mins. Ago per New York's Governor, Rhode Island has rescinded this order.

[Edited on 3/29/2020 by gina]

gina - 3/29/2020 at 04:17 PM

Even though it is already hot in Florida some New Yorkers just have a hankering to go southbound to Florida. They know there is a significant revenue, tourism link between NY and themselves but they don't really want escapees either. They have set up checkpoints along major incoming roads telling New Yorkers they have to go to quarantine for two weeks or face 60 days jail time.

Https:// oints-screen-travelers-new-york-new-jersey-connecticut.html

It's necessary folks.

gina - 3/29/2020 at 04:28 PM

The USN Comfort arrives in NY this week. Our crunch/crisis time starts April 6 and the worst time is 14 to 21 days from now. Trump will see the boat off from Virginia.

You folks can and should look on the chart at the


Site to see the worst times for increased cases in your area and stay home as much as possible and do the 6 foot social distancing. We do it here even on line at the supermarkets. Some stores put up plexiglass barriers between consumers and cashiers and they would like you to stand behind that. They also spray down the little shelf where you put your handbags. The convenience store put crates between the counter and the customer to distance them from cashiers. We're using the drive-thrus at the banks. You adapt. We are supposed to be home by 8 pm. People are. You change your routine that's how you cope.

Being a Monday morning quarterback saying what this person should've done doesn't help anybody in a pandemic. Remember be here now is the best position take. Deal with what is. Deal with 24 hours at a time. That's it.

[Edited on 3/29/2020 by gina]

gina - 3/29/2020 at 05:27 PM

CANADA update

There are reports that Justin Trudeau's wife, Sophie is feeling much better. She became positive while she was in London on official business. Very good news of her recovering.

Updates on Canada here: tml

gina - 3/29/2020 at 09:30 PM

Northcom- sent some essential staff to underground bunkers at facilities such as Cheyenne Mountain. Just precaution for continuity of Pentagon DOD activities, continuity of government if an asteroid or something else ominous comes in?


gina - 3/29/2020 at 10:08 PM

New York City expects 900 police officers positive for coronavirus by tomorrow, Monday.

Https:// irus-by-monday-commissioner-says/

NYPD knows it and has already told detectives they may have to help their quarantined brothers by being beat cops in hard pressed neighborhoods that require coverage.

[Edited on 3/29/2020 by gina]

gina - 3/31/2020 at 11:20 PM


Dr. Jacob Glanville in San Francisco is 3 or 4 weeks away from having an antibody to the coronavirus that will neutralize the virus in 20 minutes. Antibodies not a vaccine. He took 5 proteins from the Sars 2002 virus is tweeking them [mutating them] to recognize Covid-19 then the antibodies will neutralize it. In anyone. The military will verify it, clinical trials begin in July, and the treatment can be given to patients in September.

Https:// virus


Dr. Glanville and his team in California did it. He finished the antibodies.

Https:// scientist-makes-breakthrough-on-covid-19-cure

gina - 4/2/2020 at 12:13 AM


Benson and Hedges and it's subsidiary British American Tobacco has come up with a vaccine. No this is no April Fool's day joke. They found the corona antigen in tobacco plants AND it is being done here in the US at the Kentucky Bio Processing. They will make 3 million doses.

Https:// orking-covid-19-vaccine-using-tobacco-leaves.html

Remarks: God did create the plants and the Indians just use the leaves in their pure form. It was everyone else putting harmful chemicals in the cigarettes giving people cancers and disease.

gina - 4/2/2020 at 12:31 AM


From New York Governor Andrew Cuomo press conference today.

We have 8,000 more cases since yesterday totalling 83,712.
New Jersey has 18,606.

He related that if a person goes on the ventilator there is only a 20% chance they will come off it. Covid-19 just destroys their lungs.

He looks. At model projections uses the McKinsey model.

Bill Gates's foundation uses the IHME model which says this wave of coronavirus will last till July not May. Nationwide this model predicts 93,000 deaths, 16,000 for New York.

From Mayor Bill DeBlasio's press conference today. He is going week by week. By Sunday 4/5 New York City will have enough face shields, goggles, gloves for the week of 4/6 this will be enough for all hospitals and first responders.

We will need resupply of these items for the week after next week. We are going week by week folks.

3.3 million N95 masks
2.1 million surgical masks
100,000 isolation gowns

Ventilators needed:

400 more ventilators by Sunday 4/5

For the week of 4/6 to 4/12
Minima 2500 to 3000 more vents.

For the entire month of April we need 15,000 vents
20,000 beds will become i.c.u. beds
We will need to build out 65,000 more hospital beds by end of April.

[Edited on 4/2/2020 by gina]

gina - 4/2/2020 at 01:27 AM

NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio called upon former Police Commissioner Jimmy O'Neill to lead his Task Force with regards to the supply chain and personnel. He wants seamlessness how supplies came into the system and get where they need to go. He wants to be able to know at any given hour what any hospital needs and get them the supplies. A police Commissioner has tactical and mobilization skills. He will get it done.

The Mayor is also working with Pete Gaynor from the FEMA administration.

The NYC Emergency Command Center is in Brooklyn.

Mitch Katz from the Health and Hospital Public Health System is also on board.

All the hospitals, public, private, independent will work as one unified group against the coronavirus.

His press conferences are at


[Edited on 4/2/2020 by gina]

nebish - 4/2/2020 at 03:54 PM

1 million masks coming from China to Boston on the New England Patriots team plane. ard-the-new-england-patriots-plane-11585821600?mod=hp_lead_pos4

gina - 4/2/2020 at 10:22 PM

Thanks nebbish. I'm not subscribed to WSJ but other articles have details from that article that are amazing what they all went thru

And out of 9 million masks since only 1.2 million fit on the plane most of those going to Boston, they will give NY 300,000 from what fit on the plane. The rest are coming soon in another shipment. And the Kraft family paid 2 million dollars half the cost of the masks.

We have to call a truce between the Boston vs NY sports rivalry now. This is just incredible.

Https:// raft/amp

[Edited on 4/2/2020 by gina]

[Edited on 4/2/2020 by gina]

gina - 4/2/2020 at 10:50 PM

Disney theme parks donating 1 million masks to California, New York and Florida as well as ponchos in lieu of protective gowns.

Https:// 100366.html

It's a small world after all.

[Edited on 4/2/2020 by gina]

gina - 4/2/2020 at 11:14 PM

You probably heard FEMA ordered 100,000 body bags. They only have 50,000 stockpiled. They think there could be 100,000 to 200,000 deaths. NY is expected to suffer 16,000 deaths. Yesterday we had 83,712 cases, today 93,480. Overnight 10,000 more cases. Tomorrow or Saturday we will probably have over 100,000 cases.

The other big number states New Jersey, Michigan, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and the states with 2,000 cases will increase their cases. If NY will have 16,000 deaths, the rest of the country has to make up the conservative number from Bill Gates's foundation of 93,000 total deaths.

This is not just a NY, NJ, California, Florida, Washington state problem.

Everyone needs to do social distancing be no closer than 6 feet from someone else.

Stay or go home as much as possible. The virus is in the air, on surfaces everywhere.

gina - 4/4/2020 at 12:38 AM

4-3-20 Friday

From NYC Mayor DeBlasio

We will need 85,000 more beds for April/May for a total of 100,000 beds.

Jared Kushner is sending 200,000 N95 masks.

For April/May we need 15,000 ventilators. Of that total number we need 2500 to 3000 for next week.

NY and NJ Governors each passed Executive Orders requiring other hospitals in the states to release ventilators they are not using. The National Guard will collect them from NYS hospitals. Gov. Cuomo said later on we will either return them or buy new ones to give back to the hospitals.

Also any other businesses including construction and manufacturing have to hand over their supplies, any business that resists the NYPD and Sheriffs offices will use their capacity to get these supplies turned over to the Health and Hospital Services.

Staffing needs
125,000 more clinical staff needed.

They will be paid even if they are just volunteers [doctors, nurses, dietitians]

Re: ventilators he said there are 10,000 in the federal stockpile, 2,000 in the state stockpile.

He would like a NYC Reserve Corp and the state to have one.
Fema coordinated with General Milley helping us.

Number of cases now 102,863
Deaths 2,935

Javits center has 2500 beds and will be run by Fema as a Covid-19 only hospital.


He emphasized we have to see work as a National Community. We are on "crisis footing". Don't sit on the sidelines help us now and we will help the other effected communities once our crisis levels off.

[Edited on 4/4/2020 by gina]

gina - 4/4/2020 at 01:01 AM

From Governor Cuomo's press conference

He mentioned that since the feds will run the Javits field hospital they will have to find the ventilators for it since it will be federally run. They will need 300 vents per day. He expressed that the federal stockpile is not enough for all the places that need them or will need them. The states have to move vents around within their states and help other states when their states -apex has passed. 21 days from now NY will be on the other side of the curve. "Help the place that has the crisis then re-deploy to the next situation". "New York will be there for any community that needs us" but right now we need the most help, our crisis is like a war. He and DeBlasio both emphasized no state can do this alone, we have to help each other.

There is no point to blaming anyone about the ventilator shortage. We need them now, send them, we will reimburse other states and return them or buy you more. We just have no more time. People will die without them. If you have them and are not using all of them, send them here. Hospitals stockpile them for 4 or 5 months, we will replace them before 5 months. If we don't get some now it will be a death sentence to these people next week and the week after for 21 days.

He did pass the state budget at 3 am and he spoke with Nancy Pelosi and is working with her on programs he needs for the state to be included in the next phase of the Stimulus plan. He said she has "unparalleled credibility and competence". He has known her for 30 years.

Long Island has close to 20,000 cases now. Send those vents.


gina - 4/4/2020 at 01:22 AM

And from Trump's press conference which can be found in many places including his Twitter page


Alex Azar said that Medicare and Medicaid will pay for Covid-19 treatment for people who do not have insurance and not charge the patient the difference, so they are not looking at expanding Obamacare as it is known.

He touched upon the Strategic National Stockpile of ventilators. The federal government has to be able to allocate them all over the country so they cannot all go to one state. NY wanted 37,000. They cannot do that. What do they tell Florida, Michigan, California or Seattle or Louisiana or the southern states whose numbers are climbing? Too bad the Yankees beat you to it? They cannot do it even if they had the 37,000 which is highly doubtful.

Mail in voting came up. Pelosi wants this. Trump is against this. He wants Voter identification cards with your picture on it and you vote at the polls.

Reporters asked and complained about when are people getting their $1200 stimulus checks. He said the money will go to the states to disburse it. I thought the Treasury sent them electronically.

Tariffs came up, he said he is not doing it but could in regards to the oil situation between Russia and Saudi Arabia but he thinks they and the markets will work it out without him doing that.

Stephanie Grisham, Press Secretary alluded that Trump had a meeting today with Executives from the Oil and Gas Industry for a roundtable.


gina - 4/4/2020 at 04:04 AM

A bariatric surgeon explains what happens to and in your lungs with Coronavirus.


How Covid-19 Kills I'm a Surgeon and Why We Can't Save You

Duc C. Vuong, M.D.

Comments: Now I understand.

[Edited on 4/4/2020 by gina]

[Edited on 4/4/2020 by gina]

gina - 4/4/2020 at 10:36 PM

4-4-20 Saturday

Researchers in China found a new chronic mutation in a person who had non severe symptoms who had a prolonged ability to infect others beyond the 14 day timeframes. He was contagious for 49 yes forty nine days. He kept having a high viral load that normally is seen in patients with severe symptoms. He was treated with a plasma transfusion of antibodies and two days later he tested negative.

Findings published March 27 in

Reported in Yahoo and South China Morning Post.

Https:// contagious-for-49-days/

Https:// tients-mild-symptoms-long-illness-may-point

Army Medical University in Chongqing No 967
Hospital PLA, Dalian and General Hospital of PLA General Theatre in Wuhan.

[Edited on 4/4/2020 by gina]

gina - 4/4/2020 at 11:08 PM

Researchers discovered a mutation in the virus not found in animal hosts but likely to have occurred during repeated small cluster infections in humans. They believe that while the virus may have originated in animals it jumped from animals to humans years maybe even decades ago.

The study is on Nature Medicine March 17

Study by:

Kristian Andersen, Scripps Research Institute, California
Andrew Rambout, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Ian Lipkin, Columbia University, New York
Edward Holmes, University of Sydney, Australia
Robert Garry, Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana

Https:// n-could-have-been-spreading-humans-decades

gina - 4/4/2020 at 11:34 PM

Hong Kong Microbiologist proves serum from recovered Covid-19 hamsters binds to the ACE-2 host receptor cell and helps infected hamsters recover. Hamsters have similar respiratory systems to humans.

Dr. Vuong [I put up his video] said it is the ACE-2 -angiotension converting enzyme host receptor cell that is involved in this.
Dr. Yuen Kwok-Yung from the University of Hong Kong proved that by day 4 the infected hamster had hemorrhaging in the lungs, damage to the trachea and intestines but after receiving serum from a recovered hamster he started getting well. What's more if you injected the serum in a healthy hamster then infected him the viral load after infection was reduced 10 times.

So the serum from recovered patients might be able to be used in healthy people too so if they get sick they will not get severely sick.

Https:// navirus-hamsters-may-show-path-toward

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gina - 4/4/2020 at 11:52 PM

The President emphasizes we have to get the country open again, people need to work. He gets criticized for so much. Maybe he knows things you don't. I read an article today that described how we as a nation could face food shortages. 32 percent of our vegetables are imported along with 55 percent of the fruits. It is not simply fixed because of a contagion all over the country the migrants can't cross the border to come and work and migrate to the different farms as they usually do. The world has virus concerns and its citizens are also on lockdown. Those empty shelves you see at the stores may not be due to just selfish people hoarding.

Https:// s-coronavirus-disrupts-their-work/ar-BB11Xwii?li=BBnbfcN

[Edited on 4/5/2020 by gina]

gina - 4/5/2020 at 12:06 AM

What about those stimulus checks?

Washington Post says the following dates for release.

Adjusted gross incomes determines release date so those worse off get relief soonest.

Adjusted gross incomes up to $10,000 will go out 4-24-20
Adjusted gross incomes up to $20,000 will go out 5-1-20
Adjusted gross incomes up to $40,000 will go out 5-15-20
Last group goes out on 9-11-20.

gina - 4/5/2020 at 12:28 AM

From Trump's press conference today 4-4-20

180,000 N95 masks ordered from 3M. FEMA and HHS will monitor and send data on utilization rates from health care facilities nationwide.

Fema, HHS and DOD will have new criteria in 24 hours as to allocations.

1,000 military Doctors, Nurses professional staff heading to NY.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper will elaborate on the use of the military tomorrow and Monday.

There are 29 million doses of hydroxychlorquin in the National Strategic Stockpile and more ordered.

Gilead pharmaceuticals is in their Phase 3 clinical trial of 1,000 patients with Remdesivir.

Small Business Loans to help with payroll and keeping staff paid 1200 lenders. Started Friday that first day 28,000 loans were handled, Chase and Bank of America participating in program.

The State Dept. Successfully brought 40,000 Americans home from 75 countries. Good job Mike Pompeo.

Dr. Han said the Red Cross is working on the antibody plasma program.

As to the possible second wave it was said that we will need to "test, identify, isolate, and perform contact tracing" to contain and "vanquish the virus".

They said the deaths we see today are from people infected 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Pence said 4400 vents going to NY.
209 went to New Jersey.
100 vents went to Massachusetts
309 vents went to Detroit.

[Edited on 4/5/2020 by gina]

gina - 4/5/2020 at 09:23 PM

4-5-20 Sunday

Firstly George W. Bush had it right in 2005. "If we wait to prepare for a pandemic to appear it will be too late".

Https:// 0555--abc-news-topstories.html

Book: The Great Influenza - John Barry 2005

"It happens every 100 years".

gina - 4/5/2020 at 09:34 PM

Brooklyn, New York Emergency Room Doctor tasked with opening a Covid-19 unit realizes "we are treating the wrong disease". He says the Covid-19 patients do not have pneumonia which all the Doctors are treating with ventilators to prevent them from going into Acute Respiratory Distress [ARDS]. In pneumonia patients their muscles tire out and their lungs are filled with fluid and they cannot breathe. These Covid-19 patients do not have that. These patients are oxygen deprived like people with high altitude sickness. The ventilator the way it us being used is making them worse, damaging their lungs and killing them.

The patients need the vents but not with the force and thrust that a pneumonia patient needs. He begs for the protocols to be changed.

Cameron Kyle Siddell
Maimonides Hospital Brooklyn

The video links no longer work. The branch of government that censors/scrubs public information seems to be at it again. The point of the video is in his hospital and he set up the Covid-19 unit there a week ago, the patients they have seen did not have pneumonia findings. They had something else.

So, are we seeing and dealing with more than one disease at a time?
If so what are THEY dealing with?

Has the disease they are seeing mutated presenting a different set of symptoms?

These questions need answers STAT because the situation can be occurring all over NY and the nation.

P.S. To the unmentionable people, thank you for the videos. I love Carol Burnett. Truce accepted.

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[Edited on 4/6/2020 by gina]

gina - 4/5/2020 at 09:55 PM

I was going to put something else up from an upper level expert from the National Academy of Sciences on Emerging and Infectious Diseases but this has not been released from the White House Task Force so I will be respectful of their medical team.

I will say you need to be masked if you are going anyplace. You don't need to be coughed on or sneezed on to catch this.

Another news source covertly says there will not just one more wave of this virus but 3 or 4. Even Dr. Fauci said it can become seasonal like the flu. The covert news source says the death toll from this first wave will likely be anywhere from 300,000 to 500,000 people nationwide.

[Edited on 4/5/2020 by gina]

gina - 4/6/2020 at 02:34 AM

The timing is unreal. A Pastor I follow pointed out that Passover occurs this week into next week. NYC's worst contagion time is this week and next week. In Exodus the people who were leaving Egypt were told everyone would be struck down, all the first born children unless they marked the sides and top of their doors. God and his angels would protect those people nothing would happen to them when he passed over the land that night and struck down the Egyptians, but they had to stay inside their homes. Exodus chapter 12

What we are now told at Passover, everyone not just Jews has to stay inside their homes to be safe or they can be struck down by this plague.

Coincidence or does God want to save his people? In the Bible in Ezekiel 37:19 God wanted to unite the tribes of Judah and Israel into one people so Passover will be a lasting ordinance for all people, no more of this well the Christian's celebrate his ascension and rising on the 3rd day. All people will celebrate the same festivals once he establishes HIS reign upon all the people of the earth.

The Muslims will be protecting and go out to fight next to side by side with Jesus when he returns to fight the antiChrist.

We are in perilous times but in the end it works out and we have peace and no more plagues or evil on the earth.

This was promised. For now if you die from a plague, you are martyred, blessed and favored. Wear your masks, stay home as they ask you to and contemplate the world to come. No you do not have to become a Jew to be one of God's people or have benefits during Passover.

[Edited on 4/6/2020 by gina]

gina - 4/7/2020 at 11:48 PM

I redacted the prior post. It is not time for this yet. What I will say is that the virus was not happenstance. It is the first thing that happened which will bring about worldwide governmental changes. [ No Trump is not involved in the evil one world government elite and their plans].

Our government will re-open, Trump is dedicated to this happening and even in his press conference today said he will ask Congress for another 250 Billion stimulus for small business loans so they can remain afloat and re-open when we are able to. There have been 500,000 small business loans submitted for $70 billion.

There are 10 drugs being used in clinical trials and 2 vaccines in the works. Georgia and Rhode Island are using the rapid test from Abbott Labs. Abbott is highly reliable.

Trump is also looking at why blacks are getting sick at a rate of 3 or 4x other races. Hope's to have answers in a few days. I have an answer, Dr. Siddell from Maimonides said patients they were seeing were oxygen deprived not going into pneumonia. I say that Blacks have a higher percentage of sickle cell anemia where cells are oxygen starved perhaps this virus or a variant is utilizing some of the responses or DNA in a way sickle cell anemia does. I'm not Dr. House but something in the bodies of blacks is making them more susceptible or better hosts. I suggest looking into oxygen deprivation diseases and anemia or hemorrhagic diseases.

There are 1500 hydroxychlorquin trials going on in NYC patients right now.

From Gov. Cuomo's conference today.

Infected 138,836
Deaths 5,489
We hired 7,000 new staff and have 90,000 beds plus 2500 at Javits and 500 on the USN Comfort.
So total 93,000 beds.

He is coordinating with NJ and CT to provide a unified tri-state approach. We will all go back to work at the same time. We need the FDA to approve and help bring to scale an antibody test that measures IgG an antibody that shows if you had the disease and resolved it. A test measuring for IgM shows if you are currently infected.

Everybody has antibodies, IgG, IgA, IgD, IgE, and IgM. Different antibodies are elevated in different diseases.

Gov.Cuomo wants testing done on people so we will know if they have immunity or are carriers or still sick. I fully agree. The tri-state area will set the standard doing this in unison since all people here travel between states. It makes sense.

He said people will say "you can't save everyone" some will die but we must be able to say

Yes to the question of "are you saving everyone you can save?" And we are doing that.

He has left no stone unturned in the 37 days NY has been fighting. The rest is in God's hands.

[Edited on 4/7/2020 by gina]

gina - 4/9/2020 at 01:07 AM

Firstly applause to Dr. Cameron Kyle Siddell. The conscience driven Dr. promoted to head up the Covid unit at Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn who believes the patients are being treated with this mistaken belief that all Covid patients will progress to ARDS and thus hospital protocols nationwide are to ventilate them to prevent this but the vents may be damaging their lungs and possibly even quickening their deaths. In a patient with ARDS they need a vent their muscles no longer work so they cannot breathe due to pneumonia. In Covid patients their respiratory muscles work . Ventilators do the work for muscles that do not work, but the covid patients muscles DO work they are just oxygen starved because covid causes a massive cytokine/inflammatory response. The treatment for covid should be stop the inflammatory response. Use dexamethasone and use a nasal cannula with moist air going in their nose.

If I was sick and home I would use major glucocorticoids, like prednisone or dexamethasone or triamcinolone and possibly Voltaren to stop the inflammation then boost my immunity with my herbs and Atkins protocol disease vitamin regimen.

Dr. Paul Marik, Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School agrees with the premise of stopping the Cytokine storm. Then use high flow nasal cannula therapy. He uses high dose Vitamin C and Dexamethasone.

Update the dose for the Vitamin C being done in clinical trials here is 50 mgs/kg of body weight infused every 6 hrs. Over 96 hours. Oral Vitamin C cannot raise the serum plasma levels enough to have the beneficial effects of the intravenous Vit. C. Research also being done at The Cleveland Clinic, University of Kentucky, Emory University, Medical College of Milwaukee.

As for Dr. Siddell he stepped down from the Covid unit and went back to the Emergency Room where he can help his patients rather than using a nationwide one size fits all protocol that is hurting and injuring lungs in patients nationwide.

Https:// gs-are-too-high

Jason Cai, the Physician Assistant and first NJ patient who was infected in Times Square after attending a medical conference agreed with Dr. Siddell's opinion. "Muscles in the lungs of ARDS patients do not work properly. Muscles in Covid patients DO work properly". Basically it is the patients cytokine storm and the vents that are killing these patients.

[Edited on 4/13/2020 by gina]

gina - 4/9/2020 at 01:25 AM

Short update tonight

NY 149,316
Deaths 6268

NJ 47,427
Deaths 275

Gov. Cuomo is having Dr. Havidan Rodriguez NYS Dept of Health along with Northwell Health start more testing in minority communities NOW to find out why more minorities are infected and dieing.

He has extended unemployment due to covid another 13 weeks to a total of 39 weeks and is issuing an immediate additional $600 to help poor people.

He said "The poorest people always pay the highest price", Why?

From the White House Task Force Meeting

There are 4 clinical studies currently being done on hydroxychlorquin. Dr. Fauci said Drs. Can use a medication as an "off label" medication.

Dr. Birx has/had a conference call with the hospitals that have the 2,000 Abbott Labs testing machines with 1 million test kits to find out when they can be online. She will also be on a call with Pence and the CEO's of those hospitals where the machines are located on Thursday. So far there are 18,000 machines across the country, we purchased 2,000 more and have tested 1.9 million people. The goal is to test every health care worker for starters and later people who need it.

Today is Wednesday and tomorrow those CEO's will be in the Task Force Board Room and better have answers.

[I did miss the first part of both press conferences today but I know everyone is working way beyond what should be expected of them.]

We still have a severe paper shortage here as well as water and white bread. If this paper shortage continues bears may not be the only ones sitting in the woods. I will warn people though if you have to go in the woods you need to dig a hole 5 feet down to bury waste so it does not impact animals who live there. Water run off can contaminate the soil. You need a small army shovel to dig a hole to bury solid waste.

[Edited on 4/9/2020 by gina]

gina - 4/9/2020 at 01:59 AM


Updates from Mayor DeBlasio

The NAVY arrived and are working at Elmhurst, [Queens]
Bellevue [Manhattan]
Woodhull [Brooklyn]
Kings County [Brooklyn]

The AIR FORCE arrived and are working at:
Lincoln [Bronx]
Jacobi [Bronx]
Queens [Flushing]

Failure not an option.

Tuesday the city delivered
3 million masks
2.1 million gloves
1.2 million N-95 masks
100,000 pairs protective eyewear
61,000 gloves

We still need 9 million surgical gowns to get thru April. We have a lot of hospitals in the city.

The New York Roadrunners Club donated $100,000 to provide meals for front line health care workers. 10,000 front line health care workers will get meals because of this generosity. They will get fed.

gina - 4/10/2020 at 12:40 AM

4-9-20 Thursday

Engineers say incredible mothers are donating breast pumps to use as coronavirus ventilators

Brandi and Grant Gerstner, Alex Scott, Rachel LaBatt reversed 2 valves to bypass the circuit board to control the inhale to exhale ratio, volume of air and respiratory rate in four hours creating a $300 prototype.

Https:// h-breast-pumps-220210835.html


gina - 4/10/2020 at 12:48 AM

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals may have data from clinical trials on KEVZARA, rheumatoid arthritis drug blocks IL-6 [Interleukin 6] responsible for the cytokine storm that overwhelms coronavirus patients which leads to the coronavirus patient's own bodies killing them.

Https:// html

Will also have antibodies clinical trials by June.


[Edited on 4/10/2020 by gina]

gina - 4/10/2020 at 01:05 AM

Al Arabiya and The Hill both report Saudi Royal Family members are in isolation after 150 of them are infected. The Saudi Health Minister Tawfiq al Rabiah says they believe 10,000 to 200,000 may become infected in Saufi Arabiya. Their troubles began after trips to Europe. King Salman is in isolation outside of Jeddah, Prince Salman [MBS] on the Red Sea [probably near Sharm el Sheikh].

Putin is in isolation after his Doctor turned up Covid positive.

The virus is aerosolized in the air.

NY's increasing death rate is due to the length of time people have been on the ventilators. Once you go on one you have only a 20 per cent chance of coming off and living. People are on the ventilators for 11 to 20 days and then they die. The virus here started cranking in March so the next two weeks mass deaths should be expected.

The job of hospitals is to keep your body alive no matter what condition it is in. Those on ventilators are sedated and not even conscious. They cannot talk they have a big tube down their throat and esophagus. They are not even mentally there. They don't know what is going on.

Iran has drone footage of a mass grave drug on Hart Island where 200 coffins will be buried. [Press tv].
There are many unclaimed bodies or people cannot afford funerals so they are buried in the city cemetery on Hart Island. Prisoners from Rikers come and dig individual graves but there are so many bodies even that is becoming un-doable. There are 80 refrigerator trucks for the bodies outside the hospitals.

Https:// ndemic

Business Insider has stories about the history of the island.

This is only Round one. The next bout occurs in the fall around the beginning of flu season.

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gina - 4/11/2020 at 07:37 PM

4-11-20 Saturday

The last few days the NY Governor's Press Conference which is taped has been shortened in the taped version. The part with the charts and question and answer sections are curiously missing. Not sure what's going on up there but it should be available in it's entirety in my opinion. I listen to it after work.

Numbers gathered from elsewhere.

New York State cases 170,512
New cases 10,575
Total deaths so far 7,844
New deaths 777

New York City cases 92,384
New cases 5,356
Total deaths so far 5,429
New deaths 651

NYC has 8.6 million people with 214 hospitals

Long Island total cases 22,178
Nassau 12,024 cases
1619 hospitalized
403 in the icu

Suffolk 10,154 cases
1298 hospitalized
401 in icu

Long Island has 2.8 million people
And 23 hospitals

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gina - 4/11/2020 at 07:46 PM

Ingenuity to solve the PPE- problem is still flourishing.


Dimitri Syrkin-Nikolan talked with friends who are engineers and came up with a way to make face shields for the doctors and nurses heating sheets of acrylic to bend them attack foam and straps.

If he sends face shields AND pizzas his restaurant will become a shrine to Chicago's health care professionals.

[Edited on 4/11/2020 by gina]

gina - 4/11/2020 at 07:59 PM

While no plan has officially been adapted there are plans in the works for when the country is re-opened. Things will change and part of those changes may include unheard of surveillance to help contain, control and stop the spread of Covid or other diseases that emerge. They do not want anymore pandemics getting a foothold like this in this country.

Https:// phones-virus-infection-tracking.html

Http:// tional-state-plan-end-coronavirus-crisis/

Https:// a-road-map-to-reopening/

If you read the reports there is also one from Harvard you can see the issues, concerns that are being looked at. It is also important to KNOW that some areas will not hit their peaks till mid May or June. What seems reasonable is for an area like NY to have at least a 45 day or 90 day lockdown. Other areas with smaller numbers 45 or 60 days may be enough. But we cannot have travel from any states that are open TO states that are or who have not hit their peaks.

If NYC is over the hump by the end of May maybe we can reopen but doing it sooner you have will have people hitting to roads interstate for Memorial Day. Like the fiasco of Spring Break in Florida.

The States are going to have to close their borders till at least July to be safe from travelers.

Some states like Nevada and San Jose, California have set up rooms for homeless. San Jose built tiny houses where homeless infected people can quarantine with dignity. This also must be worked out.

Lots to consider.

[Edited on 4/11/2020 by gina]

gina - 4/12/2020 at 03:20 PM

4-12-20 Sunday

Https:// beth-easter-message-coronavirus-2020/

They are not having their big festive celebration this year. Charles and Camilla left England 3-26-20 to stay at Balmoral Castle in Scotland due to the coronavirus. The Queen's dressmaker is making scrubs for the National Health Service. This year the world steps back to save lives.

Https:// h-courtier-making-scrubs-coronavirus/

Hopefully next year we are wiser and more well prepared to stop a pandemic before it becomes a pandemic.

Enjoy Passover and Easter where you are reflect on the meaning of this time and be thankful for what you do have rather than being angry and what you cannot do.

gina - 4/13/2020 at 03:49 PM

4-13-20 Monday


New York State 190,288
Deaths 9,385

New York City
Deaths 6,182
Hospitalized 27 676

Supplies okay for this week. Need more next week.

gina - 4/13/2020 at 04:03 PM

First there is a report that the US over a ten year timespan gave China 3.7 Million dollars to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to do experiments on bats from the Yunnus caves 1 000 miles away from Wuhan. Wuhan is a Biohazard level 4 place where they do testing on pathogens that could be considered bioweapons if used for that purpose. Anthony Belloti, head of White Coat Waste Project says the research was done at Fudan University and China University of Geosciences. The lab is 20 minutes from the wet market where it is said the virus originated. The Wuhan Institue of Virology was studying coronavirus transmission.

Https:// llion-grant-wuhan-lab-experimented-coronavirus-source-bats.html

Remarks: interspecies cross experiments as well as putting animal parts/genes into people must stop. It is against the natural order of things. It is not God's way. Failure to heed his guidance results in punishments created by man.

[Edited on 4/13/2020 by gina]

gina - 4/13/2020 at 04:34 PM

Dr. Renu Mahtani from Pune, India has videos about Vitamin D deficiency and supplementation. Most people are deficient. The old standard to prevent bone loss was to maintain a blood level of 29ng/mg. To prevent disease the minimum needed is 40 ng/ml comes out to 9,000 units per day.

A blood level of 40-80 ng/ml to prevent pneumonia that's 10,000 units per day.

In the case of covid research shows 50,000 to 60,000 units for three days will give your body what it needs to get rid of viruses including coronavirus.

To boost up your immunity 60,000 units taken in one week for three months then for maintenance 60,000 units once every 15 days will help you keep healthy.

She is not the only one noticing this. Dr. Dhruv Parekh is doing ongoing research on Vitamin D deficiency in Acute Respiratory Disease Syndrome. He found increased bacterial load and cell infiltration and cell permeability in these patients. A blood level of 20ng/ml is a severe deficiency. Less than 50 ng/ml is still a deficiency..

They found Vitamin D deficiencies in 100 per cent of ARDS patients.

And before you vent patients check their thrombomodulin levels, this correlates with existing cardiac disease. For those patients you need to know this.

gina - 4/13/2020 at 04:41 PM

Another Doctor, Hooman Poor, at Mt. Sinai Hospital, NY, treating Covid-19 patients has noticed little blood clots forming in the lungs of patients he is now using Tissue Plasminogen Activator for 24 hrs along with a blood thinner. The TpA- drug is usually given to those who have had a stroke or heart attack to break up clots otherwise a clot in the brain can kill you.


[Edited on 4/13/2020 by gina]

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gina - 4/13/2020 at 04:57 PM


Neel Kashkari head of the Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis, Minnesota says there may be 18 months of rolling shutdowns with waves of flare ups and controls. He did an interview with Face the Nation.


President Trump wants an Economy Task Force. It should be interesting. Marc Cuban said he would like to be on it and he railed ag against Warren Buffett bailing out Bank of America and then making money off the tax liens from the foreclosed properties. Cuban believes as Trump does, get an equity stake if you are doing a bailout. Then Bank of America is one of the banks going to make even more money with the PPP loans to businesses from the Small Business Administration. So Buffett's 5 billion dollar deal with Bank of America will benefit him more than what he put out.

Yes Mr. President put Cuban on the Task Force. Shark Tank has been Graduate School for him.

gina - 4/14/2020 at 01:13 AM

Researcher from Cambridge, England says Covid-19 has three types, and did not necessarily start in Wuhan. It could have started no earlier than September 13 and no later than December 7tb, 2019. There are 3 types, Type A, Type B, and Type C. Type C was not found in the early type but was found in Singapore.

Type B is the type found in Wuhan from the first sample collected there 12-24-19.

The researcher is Peter Forster. He and his team unraveled the viral tree to apply mutations.



Not sure why the links do not work. You can try searching under the title
No Proof Covid19 Originated in Wuhan :

Type A - found in Wuhan. Australia and West Coast of US
Type B - found in East Asia, China, Europe, Canada and East Coast
Type C - found in Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore and North Korea

Type B underwent two mutations.

Europeans being hit with Type C not found in China.

The original strain Type A is found in bats and pangolins.

The Type B prevalent on the east coast and NYC has two strains the "L" type is the aggressive one people end up on ventilators from, and the "S" type which is the milder version people with the hack dry cough that recover in a week or two.

Vaccines will not be available right away and the virus has mutated twice in 6 months, vaccines will be hard pressed to deliver effective protection against a virus mutating like this.

[Edited on 4/14/2020 by gina]

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Stephen - 4/14/2020 at 06:42 PM

The stacking of bodies in the freezer of that Detroit hospital is a grim reminder of how impossible it is for medical providers to keep up
Bodies have been stored elsewhere too - the photos are graphic - media report said 2 people died in the hallway of the hospital
The USA has been brought to its knees by this thing - we are so vulnerable to foreign military/terrorist invasion/attack right now

[Edited on 4/14/2020 by Stephen]

gina - 4/14/2020 at 11:55 PM

The stacking of bodies in the freezer of that Detroit hospital is a grim reminder of how impossible it is for medical providers to keep up
Bodies have been stored elsewhere too - the photos are graphic - media report said 2 people died in the hallway of the hospital
The USA has been brought to its knees by this thing - we are so vulnerable to foreign military/terrorist invasion/attack right now

[Edited on 4/14/2020 by Stephen]

Well ISIS put out advice a few weeks back telling their members not to do any attacks in countries with coronavirus and they also put out prayers that the Prophet prayed against Leprosy which was a problem during the time of the Prophet and the companions. I think Iran has their hands full, and the Afghans have honored the Peace Agreement and have not shot at US and NATO forces. They are only shooting at Afghan National Army soldiers. They also released some prisoners as did President Ghani. I think we are okay for now on that front.

gina - 4/15/2020 at 12:13 AM

First there is a report that the US over a ten year timespan gave China 3.7 Million dollars to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to do experiments on bats from the Yunnus caves 1 000 miles away from Wuhan. Wuhan is a Biohazard level 4 place where they do testing on pathogens that could be considered bioweapons if used for that purpose. Anthony Belloti, head of White Coat Waste Project says the research was done at Fudan University and China University of Geosciences. The lab is 20 minutes from the wet market where it is said the virus originated. The Wuhan Institue of Virology was studying coronavirus transmission.

Https:// llion-grant-wuhan-lab-experimented-coronavirus-source-bats.html

Remarks: interspecies cross experiments as well as putting animal parts/genes into people must stop. It is against the natural order of things. It is not God's way. Failure to heed his guidance results in punishments created by man.

Disturbing update. 4-14-14

Project funded by NIH, yes the US NIH, entitled "Fatal swine Acute diarrhea syndrome caused by HKU2 related coronavirus of bat origin". Bats were captured from the caves in Yunnan along with feces. Samples taken. Scientists grew the virus in the lab injected it into 3 day old piglets. The sick piglets were killed, their intestines ground up and fed to cannibal piglets.

China says they were investigating a coronavirus outbreak on pig farms and "this study highlights the importance of highlighting coronavirus diversity and distribution in bats to mitigate future outbreaks that could threaten livestock, public health, and economic growth". The 30 million dollar lab is ten miles from the Wuhan wet market.

Other research Nov. 2017 "Discovery of a rich gene pool of bat SARS related coronaviruses provides new insights into the origin of SARS coronaviruses.

Https:// injection-pig-cannibal/

Remarks: Bats live in caves. By nature they only come out at night to feed on bugs like mosquitoes. They do not bite or bother people. Why don't we stay out of caves, leave them alone and then we do not have to worry about these cross species diseases? Just leave all the animals alone to live their lives according to their instincts.

gina - 4/15/2020 at 12:20 AM

Update Emergency Room Dr. Ends up in his own hospital fighting for his life.

Dr. Ryan Padgett, Evergreen Health Center in Kirkland, Washington state.

Actemra rheumatoid arthritis drug plus the intravenous Vitamin C and other therapies saved his life stopping the CYTOKINE STORM.

Remarks: Stop the cytokine storm to stop peoples bodies from killing the from coronavirus. The ventilators are not the one solution.

[Edited on 4/15/2020 by gina]

gina - 4/15/2020 at 12:43 AM

Tuesday 4-14-20


202,365 cases
10,834 deaths

68,824 cases
844 deaths

25,635 cases
1602 deaths

25,867 cases
844 deaths

25,450 cases
661 deaths

24,438 cases
732 deaths

21,518 cases
1013 deaths

21,367 cases
524 deaths

Louisiana and Florida are just slightly under Michigan. NY added 12,067 cases since yesterday.

The Governors are at odds with the President about opening the states. It's this way, did you want the country to be in a depression with no income being generated? Or do you want ongoing pandemic which is worse? The government needs payroll taxes from people working to pay the states for their programs. We can wait till everyone is well and states will go bankrupt. This is the reality of our situation.

How do you solve this?

[Edited on 4/15/2020 by gina]

gina - 4/17/2020 at 01:05 AM

4-16-20 Thursday

Abbott just launched a new test that can tell if you have had the virus and plans to pump out millions this month.



214,832 cases
14,636 deaths

71,030 cases
3,156 deaths

29,918 cases
1108 deaths

28,059 cases
1921 deaths

27,109 cases
890 deaths

26,894 cases
787 deaths

22,519 cases
614 deaths

Trump said the individual states will work on when they can open.
He wants states that CAN open to do so by May 1st.

He also announced his list for the economic Task Force and he DID put Marc Cuban on it. If we need the Sharks to help get good deals done, why not? All hands on deck!

gina - 4/18/2020 at 03:59 PM

Numbers 4-17-20

Cases 223,961
Deaths 14,832

Cases 75,317
Deaths 3518

Cases 32,181
Deaths 1245

Cases 28,314
Deaths 848

Deaths 973

Cases 25,733
Deaths 1073

Cases 23,340
Deaths 668

Cases 22,532
Deaths 1156

Cases 15,884
Deaths 294

gina - 4/18/2020 at 04:08 PM

4-18-20 Saturday


Cases 235,395
Deaths 17,131

Cases 78,467
Deaths 3840

Cases 34,402
Deaths 1404

Cases 30,023
Deaths 2227

Cases 30,031
Deaths 921

Cases 29,425
Deaths 1057

Cases 27,577
Deaths 1134

Cases 24,759
Deaths 726

Cases 23,118
Deaths 1213

Cases 16,089
Deaths 1036

Cases 18,078
Deaths 459

Some people in the mid-west states think it's just a cold reopen the country. They should come to here volunteer in the hospitals and get an education. Every day there are 10,000 to 12,000 more infected people identified and a couple thousand more dieing. The virus has not hit their states and neighborhoods yet. Here it started in February and March. They are all in for a rude awakening.

[Edited on 4/18/2020 by gina]

gina - 4/18/2020 at 04:19 PM

A story of hope and being brought back from being nearly dead from Covid-19 by use of a rare machine called ECMO - Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation. The machine oxygenated the blood outside of the body so blood does not have to transfer through damaged or lungs filled with fluid. The tubes carry blood from the body to an external artificial lung, that removes carbon dioxide and adds Oxygen. Then an artificial heart pumps the blood back into the body. It has risk and a 40 per cent mortality rate, but if you are comatose or on the brink of death it gives you a chance. This man fully recovered.

At: Honor Health Lincoln Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona under the guidance of Dr. Robert Riley - Chief of Cardiothoracics and
Dr. Anselmo Garcia - Pulmonologist and Critical Care Physician.

Https:// html

[Edited on 4/18/2020 by gina]

Stephen - 4/18/2020 at 04:32 PM

“Carnival Cruise executives knew they had a problem but kept the fun going
“Now dozens have died and the lawsuits are just beginning”

Can you imagine the uproar from outraged passengers by an announcement that all onboard events were being cancelled b/c of an possible health threat

That too would have resulted in lawsuits, over not having events & parties that had been scheduled as part of the cruise -
Just more terrible fallout

gina - 4/18/2020 at 10:10 PM

Stephen, it reminds me of Legionnaire's disease spread in hotels. The cruise ships, airplanes use recirculated air. The boats are too big, too many people on them. When one person unknowingly can infect 400 others, these massive ships are breeding grounds. How often do we hear if stomach flu on the ships? They are too big, too much room for contamination.

The industry will suffer. Maybe it's divine punishment for years of rolling ships of debauchery for guests and staff. But that is the way of the world.

I heard that post corona, there will be big economic changes including ushering in a new currency to manage the realities of the economic losses that cannot be recovered. I read recently also we may have a meat shortage due to processing plants closing. They can't do social distancing on the production lines and many of those workers are illegals, so they cannot register to get unemployment they get in stimulus etc.

A lot of economic loss with far reaching effects.

gina - 4/18/2020 at 10:11 PM

Stephen, it reminds me of Legionnaire's disease spread in hotels. The cruise ships, airplanes use recirculated air. The boats are too big, too many people on them. When one person unknowingly can infect 400 others, these massive ships are breeding grounds. How often do we hear if stomach flu on the ships? They are too big, too much room for contamination.

The industry will suffer. Maybe it's divine punishment for years of rolling ships of debauchery for guests and staff. But that is the way of the world.

I heard that post corona, there will be big economic changes including ushering in a new currency to manage the realities of the economic losses that cannot be recovered. I read recently also we may have a meat shortage due to processing plants closing. They can't do social distancing on the production lines and many of those workers are illegals, so they cannot register to get unemployment they get no stimulus etc.

A lot of economic loss with far reaching effects.

gina - 4/18/2020 at 11:10 PM

Potential housing rent relief legislation.


Very helpful if it passes for those not stuck in illegal, substandard housing with landlords who just want to lie, cheat, and steal.

gina - 4/21/2020 at 11:30 PM

Tuesday 4-21-20

Cases 253,000
Deaths 18,653

Cases 88,806
Deaths 4,520

Cases 39,643
Deaths 1,809

Cases 34,005
Deaths 1,357

Cases 33,866
Deaths 1,229

Cases 32,000
Deaths 2,468

Cases 31,508
Deaths 1,349

Cases 27,058
Deaths 823

Cases 24,523
Deaths 1,328

Cases 29,087
Deaths 520

Cases 19,815
Deaths 1,331

Cases 18,398
Deaths 774

gina - 4/21/2020 at 11:48 PM

NY Governor Cuomo met with President Trump regarding the need for testing supplies and money for the state government. The money for all state governments will be addressed in the next round of economic stimulus legislation, not right now.

The Senate passed a bill to give more money to small businesses so they can stay afloat. The House votes on it Thursday, and Trump will sign it providing the PPP loans for the Small Business Administration. [] Marco Rubio of Florida is the Chairman of that Committee.

During his meeting with President Trump, Governor Cuomo said that states should regulate the testing labs in their states and determine where tests are taken. Trump agreed.

Cuomo also said contact tracing is a state function.

He said that the federal role is to make the supply chain work for manufacturers.

He also said NY's goal is to be able to test 20,000 to 40,000 people per day.

This is reminiscent of the ventilators issue, where the Governor felt the federal government should obtain and distribute them.

It is not just NY's Governor who is concerned about the supply chain for testing materials. Maryland's Governor Larry Hogan made his own deal and obtained 500,000 tests from South Korea. His wife is a native Korean and he has diplomatic contacts. He has discussed with President Trump being able to use federal facilities due to their proximity to his state as well as their equipment and expertise and Trump is granting the access.

Https:// ces-state-of-maryland-acquires-500000-covid-19-tests-from-south-korea/

nebish - 4/22/2020 at 10:21 PM

The stacking of bodies in the freezer of that Detroit hospital is a grim reminder of how impossible it is for medical providers to keep up
Bodies have been stored elsewhere too - the photos are graphic - media report said 2 people died in the hallway of the hospital
The USA has been brought to its knees by this thing - we are so vulnerable to foreign military/terrorist invasion/attack right now

[Edited on 4/14/2020 by Stephen]

Well ISIS put out advice a few weeks back telling their members not to do any attacks in countries with coronavirus and they also put out prayers that the Prophet prayed against Leprosy which was a problem during the time of the Prophet and the companions. I think Iran has their hands full, and the Afghans have honored the Peace Agreement and have not shot at US and NATO forces. They are only shooting at Afghan National Army soldiers. They also released some prisoners as did President Ghani. I think we are okay for now on that front.


Don't worry America, our enemies love us now...

Iran's Revolutionary Guard boats (11 of them) made "dangerous and harassing" moves near 6 US warships in the Persian Gulf (first such move since 2018)

ISIS and Al Qaeda urge their followers to strike and launch attacks against America and our allies while our nations are strained and distracted

China is expanding their operations in the South China Sea, sunk Vietnamese fishing boat

US - Taliban "peace deal" is said to be near 'breaking point'.

gina - 4/24/2020 at 09:35 PM

Friday 4-24-20


Cases 271,590
Deaths 21,349

Cases 100,025
Deaths 5,426

Cases 46,023
Deaths 2,360

Cases 39,719
Deaths 1,537

Cases 39,409
Deaths 1,734

Cases 36,937
Deaths 1,608

Cases 36,255
Deaths 3,037

Cases 30,174
Deaths 1,012

Some states want to partially reopen. They may see spikes and resurrgences.
NY will partially open areas not hit hard. It will be done regionally.

In metro NY between the city. Long Island and NJ today there are 371,615 known cases and the numbers for NY grow by 10,000 each day. In a week NY will have 300,000. What do you do with 11.5 million people with a pandemic spreading that funds a big part of the state and national economy when people are not working?

gina - 4/24/2020 at 11:48 PM

Cameron Kyle Siddell, the maverick M.D. from the Emergency Room at Maimonides has a new video for professionals called

"For the medical community could Covid-19 be causing Diffusion Hypoxia?"

When I put links up somehow they do not work so search under the title on you tube.

Dr. Jason Sonners answered the questions people have been having. His video is called:

"Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy vs. Ventillator for Respiratory Virus" - HBOT USA

His findings are significant. HBOT delivers hi flow low pressure oxygen. Patients oxygenate sooner and longer.
He used 1.5 ATA [atmospheres]. 1.7 is also okay to use.

Dr. Pradeep Rangappa also has an important video called
"Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy [HBOT] in Covid-19 8th Update"

He also goes into research done in Wuhan Yangtze Shipping General Hospital by Dr. Zhang Yangling
Who tested HBOT therapy on 5 patients and found it worked better than ECMO or Ventillation. It provides rapid relief of oxygenation in the first session. By day 2 increased saturation, increased vascular capillary perfusion, increased diffusion rates, better than ECMO for tissue cell oxygenation uptake will not interfere with other treatments.

Specs He used 1.6 ATA [atmospheres] for 120 minutes.
2 ATA yields 125% blood Oxygen. That is too high.

You tube videos.

So maybe this is the answer, do no harm to these patients who do not need the vents which damage their lungs. 88 per cent of those vented die. Use the chamber and a hi flow nasal cannula to help them.

[Edited on 4/24/2020 by gina]

BrerRabbit - 4/26/2020 at 05:27 AM

coronavirus could be spreading through farts

That is why I wear a mask when reading your posts.

gina - 4/27/2020 at 06:12 PM

4-27-20 Monday


Sun. 282,143 cases 22,009 deaths
Mon. 288,045 cases 22,269 deaths
Increase 5,902 cases and 260 deaths in one day

Sun. 105,523 cases 5,938 deaths
Mon. 109,038 cases deaths 5,938
Increase 3,515 cases nobody else died yet.

You can compare the rest. When we hear of decreases it may refer to hospital admissions or intubation. What happens when people go out again as normal?

Saudi Arabia asked China for help. They did a deal for $265 million dollars. China will provide six specialized labs, including an inflatable lab, the Huo Yan laboratory enabling Saudi to conduct 60,000 tests per day testing 40 per cent of it's population. They also purchased test kits and reagents from Switzerland and South Korea.


gina - 4/27/2020 at 06:22 PM

Many places in the US have not peaked their cases yet. They may have a false sense of security not having seen a surge yet. Others have seen it and were caught off guard. Nobody wants to talk about it but if death becomes a reality you have an unforeseen big expense. The funeral homes make the bulk of their money off the caskets. The mark ups are worse than buying a new car. You do not have to pay more you can get quality caskets discounted. You deal direct with the manufacturer who delivers it to the funeral home. By law, they must accept it. You can get metal or wood.

If death comes from Covid-19 or anything else check out these these suppliers for quality caskets or urns. Don't get ripped off.

Yes it's the same company from Arkansas moved their headquarters to Indiana.



[Edited on 4/27/2020 by gina]

gina - 4/27/2020 at 06:58 PM

Doctor says coronavirus could be spreading through farts – but experts aren’t so sure

Covid-19 hangs in the air, in smog too. But I don't think the cows are the cause of global warming. There is a big problem with the food supply including meat. You've all heard about Tyson closing processing plants due to Covid-19 contaminated workers. Two sources I have gotten info from say cattle are being slaughtered because they are sick, not from Covid-19 but from other things coming into our atmosphere. Debris from meteorites carries arsenic in the ice when it hits the atmosphere and burns up the precipitation still comes thru contaminating anything outside, air, land, water, crops, livestock. Additionally, there are cosmic waves of radiation coming in dropping radiation all over. By next year when there are noticable undeniable food shortages the government will offer you an enhanced spam product. It is spam, ramen noodles and an egg substitute. It will be either that or nothing.

What can you do? If you don't know by now...

They will provide more acceptable reasons for food shortages try not to panic people.

Https:// s-food-banks-n1178731

Https:// -to-food-banks-last-month/


All the things they point out are true but even if everybody got back to work the stuff coming in from the cosmos will still poison the food supply. Can the farmers build huge solar powered greenhouses can we build huge barns for the animals the size of football stadiums for them to roam around. Something needs to be thought about and spam or hoarding jerky isn't going to solve the problems.

[Edited on 4/27/2020 by gina]

piacere - 4/28/2020 at 12:01 AM

gina, with your permission, in what little down time I have and although due to the large number of them, may take months, I'm going to compile all of your posts into a chronological history of some really entertaining, informative, caring, amusing, and occasionally the "ummm, what?" post, musings, with a glass of red wine in hand as a coping mechanism, into a book, I'm not sure though if fiction or nonfiction.

You go girl.

nebish - 4/28/2020 at 02:59 AM

I'll buy one of those books for kicks when I'm bored but I don't think I can go much more than $5 bucks paperback. Just don't print it in China...if it comes to that I'll go $10 if you have to pay more to print that fvcker here. I don't really read Gina's stuff, but I like that she is here doing it. Does that make sense?

Sang - 4/28/2020 at 04:19 AM

About as much sense as piacere's girlfriend gina does....

gina - 4/28/2020 at 09:57 PM

gina, with your permission, in what little down time I have and although due to the large number of them, may take months, I'm going to compile all of your posts into a chronological history of some really entertaining, informative, caring, amusing, and occasionally the "ummm, what?" post, musings, with a glass of red wine in hand as a coping mechanism, into a book, I'm not sure though if fiction or nonfiction.

You go girl.

I'll have to autograph it or you

gina - 4/28/2020 at 10:10 PM

Tuesday 4-28-20

Cases 295,106
961 increase from yesterday.

399 new deaths

Cases 113,956
4,918 new cases

504 new deaths

You can check the rest at the Guardian site in the uk. Just scroll down to virus map.


Yes new cases are down, deaths are down but this is far from over. One researcher said the number of people who will be infected will be 165 million in the US with 6.9 million deaths in 2020. There will be three more waves. We should start preparing for 18 more months of Covid-19 and it's related difficulties like 50% unemployment etc.

What is worse is he believes it was bioengineered. I will go back and transcribe his description of why he thinks this. It is technical. One of the things is the spikes attaching to specific receptors. That was manually put in to the sequence because of what's involved for that to occur, the spike proteins attach to specific protein receptors [3 with this virus] one of which is the GRP78 which is a glucose receptor protein, which is why diabetics will have a worse outcome. This was done deliberately.

He also says China did not do this to us. But he believes nefarious individuals in the US did it to take down the Chinese Communist Party. He says this same dark group may try something else on China June1 thru 4th. Maybe they do not want to go along with a one world government. It could be that as motivation.

For those who think we will all be well in the summer, if we are enjoy it, but don't let your guard down.

[Edited on 4/28/2020 by gina]

stormyrider - 4/29/2020 at 08:02 PM

among the many things that suck is that no visitors are allowed in the hospital

I had to tell a lady today she needs bypass surgery. She and her husband won't be able to be together until she gets discharged. She is all alone

to make matters worse she has been getting chemo for breast cancer

Rusty - 4/29/2020 at 08:58 PM

among the many things that suck is that no visitors are allowed in the hospital

I had to tell a lady today she needs bypass surgery. She and her husband won't be able to be together until she gets discharged. She is all alone

to make matters worse she has been getting chemo for breast cancer


I do not mean anything political here: in SOME cases, I just feel that the rules could be massaged a bit. Screen the husband thoroughly. Do one of those "Silkwood" showers if needed. I'm probably wrong for a million good reasons. This couple needs to be together through this.

gina - 5/4/2020 at 07:50 PM

among the many things that suck is that no visitors are allowed in the hospital

I had to tell a lady today she needs bypass surgery. She and her husband won't be able to be together until she gets discharged. She is all alone

to make matters worse she has been getting chemo for breast cancer

Covid-19 will be here for 18 months or more. Some king of accommodation has to be done for patients.

piacere - 5/4/2020 at 09:58 PM

I just read an article on yahoo news, an interview with a Laurie Garrett. Spot on...and, if you believe her, we're screwed.

stormyrider - 5/5/2020 at 03:05 PM

“I think Congress is inclined to do a lot of things but I don’t think they’re inclined to do bailouts. A bailout is different then, you know, reimbursing for the plague … It’s not fair to the Republicans because all the states that need help — they’re run by Democrats in every case,” the President said in the interview.

so - we are no longer human beings, we are no longer Americans, we are no longer citzens of the US. We are residents of a red state or blue state??? Really???

even a republican living in a blue state doesn't count.

pops42 - 5/5/2020 at 04:13 PM

among the many things that suck is that no visitors are allowed in the hospital

I had to tell a lady today she needs bypass surgery. She and her husband won't be able to be together until she gets discharged. She is all alone

to make matters worse she has been getting chemo for breast cancer

nebish - 5/5/2020 at 07:30 PM

Ohio had an estimated budget surplus after February of $200 million. After April Ohio has a budget deficit of $776 million. About a billion dollar revenue swing in just 2 months.

gina - 5/6/2020 at 11:27 PM

What till you see what Ohio, Georgia and other states do with Medicaid cuts. They already did their budget numbers over 200 million in cuts but you will not see it yet because they cannot implement it while they received federal stimulus money. Probably in the fall, definitely after election day all bets are off and the shtf.

Also there are some anamolies in the case numbers.

Yesterdays numbers for NY for instance were 321,192 cases
Same number today? Doubt it.

Deaths in NY 25,073 yesterday
25,100 today? WRONG. The Governor said we lost 232 people since yesterday.

Louisiana 29,997 cases yesterday and 29,996 today
Deaths 2,116 yesterday and 2,115 today as a total?

Is there under reporting in an effort to get the country open again?

From NY Governor's press conference Long Island just like Manhattan has 21% of the cases for the state. Brooklyn has 13%. Long Island has 72,427 cases, out of 100,000 people tested, 3,066 deaths. This is from April till now.

They set up criteria for the ten regions of the state to reopen.

1. Must have a 14 day decline in hospitalizations or under 15 new admissions.

2. Must have a 14 day decline in hospital deaths or under 5 deaths over a three day average.

3. New hospitalizations under 2 per 100,000 residents on a 3 day rolling average.

4. Share of total beds available must be at least 30 per cent.

5. Share of icu beds available must be at least 30 per cent.

6. 30 per 100,000 residents tested monthly [7 day average of new tests per day].

7. At least 30 contact tracers per 100,000 residents.

Some of the regions in the state may open in May. NOT NYC or Long Island.

Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and I think Pennsylvania decided to act as a group, so they may be doing these metrics tests also in deciding when and where to open. What is realistic for NYC? I think late August. Sure we are down to a little more than 200 people dieing daily it was 800 at peak, then in the 400's but it is still too many people every day, more than 1400 a week. We cannot open yet.

[Edited on 5/6/2020 by gina]

nebish - 5/7/2020 at 02:26 PM

Yes, big medicaid and education cuts coming due to revenue shortfalls in Ohio.

DeWine went on to announce a $775 million budget reduction in General Revenue Fund spending for the remainder of the fiscal year.

The following cuts are expected to occur over the next two months:

Medicaid: $210 million
K-12 Foundation Payment Reduction: $300 million
Other Education Budget Line Items: $55 million
Higher Education: $110 million
All other agencies: $100 million

Strange thing is we have built up a $2.7 billion dollar rainy day fund. Our Governor says he wants to save that because he expects to be using it next fiscal year and perhaps beyond.

gina - 5/16/2020 at 12:13 AM

Saving the rainy day fund is like only putting out the nice towels in the bathroom for holidays for the guests to make them think you always have a beautiful set of hand towels in your well appointed home. If Ohio needs it now they should use it now.

NY is hurting. Wall Street reopens May 26th but most the rest of the city, not yet. Long Island shutdown extended till June 13. In June I think it is extended till July. The models which have been right say July is the time for NY to reopen. Some counties upstate reopened this week. Our Governor today said if someone can have a package with Covid-19 on it set it down on a metal counter. You come in and touch that counter tomorrow and you pick up an intact virus. It is that bad.

The models show close to 35,000 deaths here before it stops in July. The daily death counts are below 200 now so it is going down.

Some people on the island here have ideas for concerts. Drive in concerts. Use venue parking lots. Have cars park 6 feet apart. Have an elevated stage and giant screens so everyone can see. Sell tickets to the event you buy a parking spot for the show. You stay in your car except for bathroom or food concession stand trucks. Line up keep your 6 feet distance. Have porta potties, hand sanitizing stations, and bathroom attendants to monitor conditions in the potties.

Instead of clapping, flash your lights, honk your horns or howl out your windows but have a mask on.

Idea from local promoter Brian Rosenberg and John Caracciolo, President, CEO of Long Island Events
He manages the Long Island Community Hospital Ampitheatre at Bald Hill in Farmingville, NY.

Could they do that at Jones Beach or the Nassau Coliseum? Why not. Anyplace with a parking lot can be made into a drive in entertainment event.

See what happens when people are stuck in their houses? They get ideas.

[Edited on 5/16/2020 by gina]

[Edited on 5/16/2020 by gina]

gina - 5/17/2020 at 05:36 PM

Gilead Pharmaceuticals is ending coronavirus clinical drug trials. They have one if the drugs that works. They were chosen by God to help save people. I know the story of their discovery of the solution. I have also kept quiet about the dirty truth about this pandemic. You remember I told you there is proof it was created in the laboratory.

Https:// ml

Somebody in Cyber-land playing games again, try these links

Https:// BN22R34Q


Https:// s-200515214322397.html

As to why certain honchos in the govt. dislike Gilead, they are from another country, and their drug stops some of the HIV impacts of Corona. The dirty truth is the researcher who created Covid-19, Shi Zhengli tweaked the HIV virus inserting amino acid sequences from HIV into the coronavirus. Three inserts including one for the Gag Capsid and the HIV GP 120 glycoprotein were inserted into the virus.

Shi Zhengli worked on it from 2010. She worked at the University of Chapel Hill, North Carolina till she achieved "gain of function" then she took samples from Ft. Detrick back to the lab in Wuhan and in 2015 it became a dark-op. Congress, and Fauci knew of the research gave the lab which created this 3.76 million dollars for ongoing research. She obtained source genomes from Thailand for the GP120-V4 insert, source genome from Kenya for the GP120-5, from India for the GP-120-V1.

Structural rearrangements created a high affinity for a chemokines co receptor like CXXR4 and CCR5.

They even inserted the finished product into a bat so it could serve as a host. The "phylogenetic tree of 28 isolated genome of 2019 N Cov including 1 from bat as a host".

Hell yes there is more.

They did 4 inserts.

Insert one. 6 amino acid residues
Insert two. 6 amino acid residues
Insert three. 12 amino acid residues
Insert four. 8 amino acid residues.

The amino acid inserts of 1,2,3 mapped to HIV-1 were part of V4,V5, and V1 domains on GP120.

The jig of lies is up. It is known, proven, deciphered what they did, where and how. Is it war crimes planning to kill millions of people with bioengineered virus unleashed on the world?

Satan and his minions advancing their new world order agenda.

What can be done? Disseminate the truth to those who are trying to save lives.

Tell the politicians and demand justice? Fuggetabout it. The alphabet agencies are all one big happy family of evil.

Our job as good people is to let other good people know the truth. God has to deal with the evil people and he will in his way and time.

[Edited on 5/17/2020 by gina]

[Edited on 5/21/2020 by gina]

gina - 5/17/2020 at 06:43 PM

Additional regarding those amino acid inserts

Insert 1
TNGTKR. Inserted at positions 71 and 76 on GP120-V4
TNGTKR inserted at positions 404 and 409 on GP120-V4

Insert 2
HKNNKS inserted at position 148 and 150 on GP120-V5
HKNNKS inserted at position 462 and 467 on GP120-V5

Insert 3
RSYL gap TPGDSSSG position 245 and 256 on GP120-V1
RTYLFNETRGNSSSG position 245 and 256

Insert 4
QTNSSILMQRNS positions 676 and 684 on HIV-1 Gag

Yes researchers have it figured out.

gina - 5/17/2020 at 07:11 PM

Https:// d-ceo-April-29

Remarks: People get better on this drug in 5 days. But power mongers on the FDA [or as Dr. Robert Atkins called them "the effin' DA]
And others want to promote things they can patent and profit from. The pharmaceutical lobby in Washington is equal to or worse than the military industrial complex in terms of power, coups on demand etc.

Use a malaria drug that doesn't work, that hydroxychlorquin. The virus has inserts from HIV 1 virus and Sars etioligies. But they play dumb about it. People with Diabetes will do badly if the contract the virus because one of the receptor proteins the GRP78 effects glucose metabolism and the virus was bioengineered to latch onto that also not just the ACE2 receptors. They bioengineered it so the virus would latch onto 4 specific receptor cells to kill as many people as possible. I hope Ft. Detrick gets hit with an asteroid and goes straight into the abyss.

nebish - 5/18/2020 at 01:20 PM

Gina, you can sound so smart and informed and then you go and say something like God picked Gilead to help save people.

gina - 5/21/2020 at 01:01 AM

He did pick Gilead. They are the first ones to make the discovery of what was going on with the virus. This occurred one or two days after a bunch of Jews were at the wailing wall praying for a cure, and Gilead's main facility where the discovery was made is in Galilee.

Lot of coincidences there or signs. I think they are signs. Considering patients get 33 per cent better on their drug Remdesivir and get better in five days, I think God helped Gilead with this.

gina - 5/21/2020 at 08:37 PM


New York
Cases 353,370
Death 22,976

New Jersey
Cases 150,399
Deaths 10,747

Cases 88,970
Deaths 6,066

Cases 63,666
Deaths 4,624

Cases 39,017
Deaths 3,529

Just with NY and NJ that's 503,709 cases and 33,723 deaths.

Add on Massachusetts and that is 593,679 cases.

Not good up here. Early on 81,000 moved out of NYC. After 2 more predicted waves and an 18 to 20 month duration the damage here economically and otherwise will be historic.

The rest of the country should learn from this. Anytime in the future it could be them.

Stephen - 5/27/2020 at 11:09 PM

Update just released
That’s how many estimated deaths have occurred in the US from the virus - with some in the medical field saying a second wave could hit this summer
2nd wave? The 1st wave is breaking over us yet

Areas of the Deep South wracked by terrible weather calamities in March (also Okla, Nshvl...) are struggling w/rebuilds b/c of coronavirus constraints
Others feel there’s light...tunnel - so who knows

gina - 5/28/2020 at 12:20 AM

I am not optimistic. The weather folks say 4 major hurricanes. By the time Covid is mostly gone it's only a couple of months till the fall and then it is flu season and probably covid wave 2. Florida issued a mandate effective 5-19-20 hotels are not to book reservations from people in NY, NJ and the areas up here hard hit till for 45 days and then if you go there they still want a two week quarantine. There are more people than any state knows that are untested and infected and infecting others. Do they have to chemtrail the country with Lysol to stop this?

I am bowled over so much going on. Then you have climate and things going on in space. One company flies planes thru the stratosphere and can reach speeds up to Mach 8. Applications include being able to refuel drones in the air so they never have to come down. The Air Force on a mission to harness microwave energy from the sun and direct it to earth for multiple possible purposes including solar power. We are going to face massive debris fields with incoming meteors, we have 45 active volcanoes going off the ash can black out the sun. The African tectonic plate has a crack in it. There's atmospheric, ocean and land changes many feel the magnetic pole shift happens next year during Passover 3-28-20.

And we are still living like refugees here, though the toilet paper situation has improved. Even Saudi Arabia felt bad and sent some, I have to say Thank You to them for that. Maybe I should save some of that for the second wave of covid.

It's just pathetic here.

gina - 5/29/2020 at 11:52 PM

It's not just the air we breathe.


Every one of the workers on one produce farm has Covid. There are 2.7 million migrant workers. Even Canada uses them.

How do you stop Covid-19 when you have modern day slaves still living like slaves on the plantations who are sick, speak no English and live in cramped quarters working in miserable conditions when the companies care more about money than anything else.

Remember I told you the government would have a food source for you? Spam with noodles and an egg substitute. We export our beef and we are getting sold Mexican beef. Why can't there be dignity in America and decent healthy food? Max Gerson cancer specialist said it, people get cancer so much here because they are starved or poisoned by the food, the air, the water.

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